Op Fairbank Seize Video Of Former Minister At ‘Sex Party’

I’ll try and comment on this tomorrow.

Detectives have seized video that places a former Conservative cabinet minister at one of several parties where boys were sexually abused by men.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit seized the footage under ‘Operation Fairbank’ which is scoping historical claims against politicians of child sex abuse. It is investigating additional allegations against politicians and other prominent people under ‘Operation Fernbridge’.

The unit is focusing on a series of parties in London three decades ago at which boys were supplied for sexual gratification of men.

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  2. PLEASE correct the typo at the end of your Exaro summary above. As of Dec. 14/13 1PM Mountain, it says: “…boys were supplied for sexual gratification of me.” We all know what it should read, but CT whackjobs collect screenshots of typos like this to bushwhack you with at a later date.

  3. colin

    Yes I know what you mean, there have been many lose ends have had a spring clean if it is of any use AAngirfan site has a comprehensive blog about cook some of it makes you shiver like when he was going out on parole they were putting him into a safe house next to a school in Bristol .

  4. Sabre

    Many thanks Colin, I’m popping down to William Hill’s , lest anyone is offended by my comments I’m just trying to highlight the possibility that those with most to lose are likely to start “cleaning house”

  5. colin

    Sidney Cook is alive and possibly in Wakefield jail. According to wiki as of today’s date hope this helps

    • I knew he had a stroke I think I just assumed it had been fatal.

      Will be very interesting to see if he dies in the next year. That will tell you all you need to know if he does.

  6. Sabre

    Leslie Bailey and Bill Malcolm have both been knocked off, the media propagate a romantic notion of East End Villains ridding the manor of nonces, a far more likely explanation is that weak links are being tidied away.

  7. Sabre

    Catweazle who had no redeeming features was going to “assist the police with further enquiries” until he was “nutted” in the nick.
    I believe one of the wolf pack was shot.

    If only William Hill would take the bet I believe that I could retire in February,
    The ex cabinet minister to die before Feb ( natural causes, murder, suicide ) Cooke to die before Feb see above, the cop leading the investigation to be charged with an improbable offence.

    All the above as a treble with a sizeable stake and a life of leisure for me.

  8. Let’s be very clear on this.

    If any of us had been filmed at a sex party where abuse took place and someone had accused us of abusing them, we would be named and arrested immediately.

  9. This seems generally linked to EGH but not filmed within it?

    It seems more linked to that odd report in the paper last year where an ex cop said they had evidence of men meeting at a house and garages for abuse but were told to drop it the day before they made arreats . he mentioned Cooke, savile, smith and fat tory as well.

  10. Great. This is just the start of things to come. Known paedophiles thinking they can get away with sexually assaulting kids, because they are ‘so called’ VIPs. People that do that aren’t ‘VIPs’, THEY ARE SCUM!

  11. nuggy

    i assume this unconnected to the elm guest house.

    i am i right gojam.

  12. nuggy

    i think the savile and smith link is a bit spurious.

    the tabloids cant print a story like this now without putting jimmy savile in it.

  13. dpack

    it seems there is hope of a bit more truth and justice

  14. Amsterdam again.

    Sidney Cooke again.

    Savile again.

    Smith again.

    Tory cabinet minister again.

    This should be front page news everywhere.

    • Sabre

      After Cooke was released following his conviction re Jason Swift a couple of friends of mine went to Cooke’s State provided safe house, Leman Street Police Station, to link up with the mostly women protestors.
      Arriving at Leman Street at 3am the street in front of the police station was deserted, abandoned placards littering the street, my friends drove to the rear of the Station without any particular plan in mind.
      They parked and caught a glimpse of the awning beyond the rear wall that was used to shield Cooke from the media as he exercised.
      They got that weird feeling that they were being watched, they looked to their left, a car parked parallel on the other side of the street, two plain clothes old bill flashed their ids, my friends got the message.

  15. Oh this is going to be fun and then some. he bottom line is, there is no feasible legal reason not to name the person in the video if they are not charged. The only chance of them not being named is if they are eventually charged. Expect a “convenient leak” of said person;s name in an attempt to stave off any attempt to drag them into the courts over this.

    The upshot is, whatever happens, they will now be named in public.

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