All You Need To Know About The Autumn Statement.

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  1. Morgan Villa

    I hope whatever your problems are that they are sorted, I apologise if my directness has offended

  2. wakemanclare

    do you now what i dont under stand why you wont tell me who you are and these are not alligations its the truth like i said i speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and i believe in that people should be heard and so should children

    • Anonymous

      I think you are dissecting what i have said too much i am on the side of truth. I said allegations because until they goto court and people are arrested etc that is what they are whether true or not.

      If i have caused offence i apologise, but anything typed and published can be used in court to a case and the victims detriment

      • wakemanclare

        i understand what you are saying but were i come from im tired of seeing so many little souls who have died through the system //i now what its like to be not wanted //loved //and exepted in this cruel world//and when i know my children are in the system when they are not supposed to be and i have written evidence on this and what hurts me is that my hands are tied to an extent and i feel helpless..//and my children learnt me to love ..and feel wanted but i had to wait till i was a woman to feel this and my children made feel like this i owe my children my life because if not for all my babies i would not be standing know and they are worth all the fight and strength i have to protect and prove justice so please understand

  3. Anonymous

    If truth be known i was stumped what to call myself so i came up with that, I thought that by concealing my name it shown that i was un important in this debate but aware of what was going on. I have been sickened by what has been happening it seems one operation leads to another. I am pretty certain yewtree, pallial and the initial fairbank will all cross each other. I really hope all of those abused get justice and more importantly the system has learned its lesson for our children now and in the future.

  4. wakemanclare

    and if you like saying your point of view why hide your self buit i do have an inclin who you are

  5. Anonymous

    I read this blog with intrigue and i respect what you are trying to achieve and trying to keep somekind of balance. However i do feel due to the seriousness of allegations and accusations against some of our past present and former political figures that people should refrain from political opinion or political posts, as i feel it ridicules all of the good work you and others are trying to achieve.

    To back this point up when certain political figures have had accusations levelled at them and most will inevitably believe this, a lot will also use this to back up there argument against a certain political opinion which then makes it easy for accusations to be mocked and denied. When Ian Watkins was arrested the reaction by a lot of people on twitter was hideous, accusing people of not knowing the full facts or of being small minded which in the long term now makes these people look very small minded and maybe a little to in love with there choice of idolisation. There is something wrong with our society where if we dont like what someone stands for then we are more than happy to welcome some awful life wrecking statements but then when it is someone whom is adored then the public are more reluctant to welcome them. it is an issue i am worried about within our society as this is where attack of vigalantism can originally stem from

    A socialist is not a peadophile but yet a peadophile could be a socialist a small difference and the meaning and expression are totally different. It also shows that this not some campaign with a hidden agenda at party politics but a statement that is more of a fact and not some red top headline

    All of those in society who abuse children should be exposed for what they are and treated within the justice system accordingly, this should not matter if this person is a dustman, a stadium filling rock star, a policeman, a judge, a long term unemployed or even a politician.

    These sick and evil people come in all guises and everyone should remember that, i also feel that a whitewash in this day and age would do more harm than good too many people after the Jimmy Saville affair are now too aware of what has been happening and another cover up will not work this time.

    My heart goes out to anyone who has been affected by these heinous crimes

    • In reply,

      The note was originally written by a Labour minister, the Autumn statement is by a Conservative/Lib Dem government. I can’t see how this simple post is political.

      However, it is definitely a post about the economy, which is a different matter altogether.

    • wakemanclare

      to be honest i think i now who this is //and i would not put anything on here that is not true or fact and if i get arressted i have written evidence of what i have put on here is true so get me arressted and the police then will soon know who is telling the truth ..i am in right in all im saying and i will not back down to anybody who can change the fact in the written evidence i have and my children should not even be in care and i have proof on this too

    • wakemanclare

      and those poor little souls who have lost there lives from the systems failures am we lying about that too children are at risk through the system and no way will i back down to anybody when my babies or my other children are at harm /and i now what abuse is and proffessionals letting me down and my mom gave up on me well i wont give up on all i have and i dont lie and i dont say things that sre not true so if i can get arressted for that then sorry but i will fight for my family and other familys to get justice sorry

  6. wakemanclare

    all i need to know is we need to reunite children and parents for christmas