Op Fernbridge: Harry Kasir Released From Police Bail.

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I don’t know that I can add too much to this story other than to mention that I’ve been told that the images that Kasir was alleged to have had were Category 1, the lowest level on the SAP scale. If you have a picture of your child in the bath then in theory that is a Category 1 image but quantity and context are very important to establishing whether possession of such images is criminal.

Also, that this release from police bail without charge happened a while back.

Police have released without charge the former co-manager of a guest house at the centre of an investigation into a VIP paedophile ring…

…Detectives arrested Haroon Kasir, known as Harry, in July at an address in west London on suspicion of possession of indecent images of children.

Kasir ran Elm Guest House with his late wife Carole, for about 4 years from 1979 in Barnes. Carole died suddenly in 1990, with a coroner recording a verdict of suicide.

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  2. dpack

    no prob gojam ,clear context so as we all know what is referred to is sensible

    since i read that book in july seeking a better understanding of those times these two pages have troubled me with several questions i cant answer

    did these documents exist or were they a well informed bluff?

    if they existed do they still exist?
    to what do they refer?
    are they accurate?

    why did the county hall team members that he states had these papers react in panic ?
    why have none of those who might have read these documents or the statement in the book publicly explained what these pages refer to?

    my freudian( near) slip of remembering “safe keeping” as “for safety” is what i feel about those two pages, whatever documents mr livingstone is referring to he seems to have felt it important to state publicly that a copy had been secured.

    if the folk involved could help explain or the “brothel papers” can be tracked down they may be relevant to egh or other ugly matters.

    i know no more than i have said so asking me wont help,ask the folk who will/may know what this is about.
    my speculation on this matter is irrelevant as i dont know more than i have said and maybe /plausible/or even likely aint good enough in this matter.

    those who might know should be asked if they can provide evidence that will help to show truth.

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  4. dpack

    ps i havnt got them or seen them but the book states they existed .

  5. dpack

    in “if voting changed anything they’d abolish it” ( page281/282 paperback edition 1998) mr livingstone tells the tale of his secretary bill being snatched by “special branch”and questioned about missing cabinet papers.
    when the county hall team found out they assumed it was the “brothel papers” that were being sought and destroyed the evidence in panic apart from the copy mr livingstone sent abroad with a friend for safe keeping.
    if true that episode raises several questions including which brothel papers were important enough that ken thought of them first and that an insurance copy was required ?
    do they still exist and would now be a good time to get them out of storage?

    • Thanks dpack.

      I think that provides proper context of the papers you referred to.

    • In the Know

      ‘the county hall team’ that has answered a big question. Now I know why they went looking for a doc.

      • In the Know

        OMG more unanswered has just got clearer. I was told not to trust a GLA member by Chris F. Now I know why.

    • ex-officer

      Does Ken mean the cabinet sub committee papers of the 25.8.1982?
      Spent many hours collating and reading part two committee papers and more interestingly the ‘back up papers’ they were not sent for filing at the GLRO now the LMA!

      • ex-officer

        Panic, I should say so. In the last days the more sensitive committees eg the Police Monitoring etc decided the shredder was not fast enough. So what they did was to get up from the loading bays adjct to Jubliee Gardens some empty oil drums. These were taken up to the top floor. What happend…yep , about 12 LFB appliances attended.

      • ex-officer

        Final for today. dpak says ‘that ken thought of them first and that an insurance copy was required ?’. Come on SB&Ken is not a one way street. Gerry Adams visits to Ken @ County Hall alone. Wonder if Gerry looked up Ken in Nov when he stayed at the Holiday Inn on Kings Cross Road in November.

      • opgreenlight

        Shame. I do enjoy your teasing!

  6. In the Know

    dpack…please pass them on to Exaro if u are going to pass them anywhere.

  7. In the Know

    The problem Harry will have is when the recorded comments he made to ‘associates’ about the main man, EGH and a place up north (my phrase as I do not want to be specific) become public. No comment then? I should say so!.

  8. dpack

    im glad i wasnt an honest copper at the no comment interviews with kasir re egh it must have been very frustrating to remain professional in the face of such an obstruction of an investigation seeking the whole truth about what seems a complex and horrible case.
    as kasir seems to unable to clarify matters as to events at egh maybe the “brothel papers”referred to in mr livingstone’s book “if voting changed anything they would abolish it” would add to the data available.
    he stated one copy of the “brothel papers” was sent “abroad” for ” safe keeping”(.i nearly misquoted that as” for safety”)
    the timing of the arrest of his colleague overtly in relation to other leaked cabinet papers indicates the “brothel papers” would be contemporary with the earlier investigations of activities at egh and the panic he reports among his colleagues who had copies indicates they felt these papers were dangerous to possess beyond just having unauthorized government documents such as the ones the arresting officers stated they were looking for.
    if they were a cabinet document which he seems to imply the cabinet office records should have a copy(as should registry).
    i would expect the reports of those arresting officers should also be on file somewhere.

  9. Mark Hunt

    This is all starting to look so predictable…..