Op Fernbridge: CPS Drop Key Charges Against Stingemore And McSweeney

I just want the survivors to know that my thoughts are with them and to remain strong.

Prosecutors are to drop key charges brought under Scotland Yard’s ‘Operation Fernbridge’ against two men accused of child abuse.

Exaro has learnt from sources close to the investigation that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is set to announce the decision at a hearing at Southwark Crown Court in three weeks.

The decision is a blow to the Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit, which is investigating historical allegations of sexual abuse of boys at Grafton Close children’s home in the London borough of Richmond, south-west London, at nearby Elm Guest House and other sites.

Detectives are understood to be furious with the CPS because it only decided in July to level the charges.

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  1. chess

    This decision is mystifying, first CPS will, then they won’t bring charges? They were sure enough in July so I wonder what pressure has been brought to make sure that they changed their decision? I can’t imagine how the abused person must feel. And so what if he was the ‘only one’ as CPS claims, how does that diminish his accusation? Does it make him of no account as far as justice is concerned? One abused kid is one too many.

  2. In the Know

    Really? Makes the proposed meetings & exchanges all the more interesting.

  3. nuggy

    just sent you an email gojam

  4. Sigh, so inevitable. We could have all predicted this.

    Fact is that more than one person alleged abuse at Elm Guest House.

    CPS have been got at, simple as. It seems to me the cops are honest and the Politician-protecting filth are higher up the chain.

    It will all come out, people are going to make sure of it, even in an election year.

  5. Edit: Hi Mary, I know it really is you. I’ve edited out the name of the person that is affected by this, I’m sure you understand why I’ve done that. He’ll know you’re thinking of him and that is all that is important.


    Gosh poor ********.. Peter already died because of this and who is going to protect ******** now? See.. bringing all this up without protection was a bad idea.. I worked 25 years voluntarily for New NAYPIC/Youth Parliament because of this story with my own resources and businesses to bring about positive changes because of what the victims all told me and how that effected me and you are all seeing the same now. People died to cover it up then, so how does the CPS surprise you now? I am angry because this is history repeating and when the police asked me for the file I said no.. I want to meet with Government.. why.. to get children rights in this country, that is why… and then when the police raided my house at 7am and went through everything I have (before I returned at 11am having been out for the night) I was so stunned.. imagine your house crawling with police.. They did not even take a statement from me. They took the evidence.. I then gave them the other boxes the next day as my friend who was storing them did not want his house raided too… I have not worked with the police as has been suggested.. all I feel everyday is watched.. robbed and threatened by a society that will not change so we have to organize and make the changes and that is with our own resources.. unless they of course take them too.. trust me not a single soul helps me and no one on this blog or anywhere will know the fear ******** will feel when those two bastards have been let free.. Keep positive as it is the answer but stop writing that you care…

  6. Those two evil bastards are going to let free.. one person was enough.. a civil action is needed and people should support him to do it.. to get his story out there.. The only person apart from me as a worker of NAYPIC who tried to help him, was Princess Diana who got him housing and helped him personally.. well that says it all doesn’t it… A class action is what is called for.. through the civil courts!!!!!

  7. cudnt agree more mary what they done to him is unforgiveable he needs so much more protection from these evil men as every other witnesses do take care mary xxx

  8. stop writing that you care mary said how true is that gojam

    • Hi James,

      I’ve blocked you on Twitter as you know.

      I’ve done this because your ‘criticisms’ have of late descended into insults and trolling.

      This is the last comment you make on this blog until you come to your senses.

  9. The problem is that if the evidence gets handed to the Police without copies being retained, it weakens the hand more and more.

    Convinced there is enough available though, especially in relation to the “Dutch venture”.

  10. gw

    Dissapointed but not disheartened. Must be very difficult for those involved – more so then it was already. The except of the letter Exaro published in the red quotation marks is important though.

    No idea what CPS are playing at however

  11. and for the record if another victim of Elm Guest House and Grafton Close children’s Home contacted me this year then there are more (plus the 12 from the original investigation).. it’s just WE don’t trust the powers that be.. and at least he didn’t have to go through what ……. is going through.
    Start a support fund for a civil action, get a well established probably highly paid lawyer and practice (as this will take some work and there should be no deals made) who are not scared.. no matter what the powers that be do to their careers (not many of them lawyers or practices out there though I must say) and do a civil action.. I have the survivors numbers, emails etc.. who needs the CPS when we are the majority of people against so very few in power.. it should be common sense what to do.. send the funds to Mansfield QC or Helena Kennedy although she has retired.. anyway take a vote.. or some lawyer should step up to the plate with good credentials not the smell of cash… easy

    • Hi Mary,

      At least one person I know from your original investigation was not at EGH though he had been at Grafton. Actually, despite his name being on the list I don’t think anyone from NAYPIC ever talked to him.

      Has this new person you’ve spoken to contacted Fernbridge ?

      It’s one thing for people alleging abuse at EGH to contact you, myself, or media outlets but it’s quite another if they’ve not officially put that on record with the police.

      You wrote earlier that I shouldn’t write that I care but I do care. My first thoughts on reading about the CPS decision was for the person affected and for the other complainants in the Stingemore/McSweeney case who must be concerned at the development. I can’t be who I’m not.

  12. In the Know

    Reblogged from David Henckes wordpress as Needle does not seem to have picked it up.
    GMB says:
    December 3, 2013 at 7:11 pm
    So the Elm or 27 Rocks Lane as we knew it will remain undisturbed for another 30 years. It is obvious to those in the know why powers do not want anybody, including honest coppers and the courts potentially opening up 27. David you know I have been with this one from 2001 and what happend to me is mirrored in the treatment of a victim now, the only difference is they got a letter when I got ignored and then told to shut up by an investigator working for the IPCC. What I am prepared to do if given access to the Police again as per the conditions attached to my last face to face meeting with them is to reluctantly name to them (to and them alone) the former senior MI6 officer who explained to me he had read the paper files on the politicians who had abused children at the Elm and other places. Those files are held at Thames House the home of MI5. Asked why he had read them his reply was they were our responsiblity when they went abroad. That last point alone should be of interest to the Police bearing in mind some current lines of enquiry.

  13. I am sending a cheque to Michael Mansfield of £40 this will be sent to his chambers and simply marked ‘EGH Survivor’ at the back (the initials of ‘our dear ‘EGH Survivor’) abused whilst in the care of Richmond council… Direct action is needed

    Michael Mansfield
    81 Farringdon Street
    Greater London
    EC4A 4BL

    This will buy ‘EGH Survivor’ at least a few minutes advice re civil action in personal injuries… ‘EGH Survivor’ please call the Chambers on Tel:0207 841 6100
    I ask that all you people who care do the exact same for ever much you can.. Where there is a will there is a way

    • Sorry Mary, I’ve had to edit the initials you put up and change it to ‘EGH Survivor’. There is already too much information online about this person and he would be identified.

      Personally, I disagree with this as I think you’re jumping the gun and should wait until after Op Fernbridge have published their report. No civil action can proceed while the criminal investigation is ongoing and from my reading of the extracts of the CPS letter published by Exaro the police have separated Grafton allegations from EGH allegations and just because ‘EGH Survivor’ is not involved in the Grafton case it does not mean he will not be involved in a future EGH case.

      I understand that this is an optimistic interpretation of the available evidence but I think it’s only fair to let Fernbridge exhaust all avenues and have their say before exploring alternative routes like a civil case.

      But you do deserve the right to have your say and I’ll make sure that Michael Mansfield understands what is going on.

  14. and I know his Chamber in late Dec 13′ is sadly closing due to the “legal aid cuts” but he is a safe pair of hands and his set of 55 people is good.. so he can always pass it on to those who can do the job…

    • I agree he is a very safe pair of hands, one of the best legal minds in the country.

    • Claire

      Hi Mary,

      I’ve been checking and Mansfield is set up again here after Tooks closed very recently as a direct result of government policies on Legal Aid. He has a v impressive cv and history of supporting the underdog and disadvantaged.

      Mansfield Chambers
      The Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC
      5 Chancery Lane
      London WC2A 1LG

      020 7406 7550

      • Claire

        it says this
        It is with great regret that Tooks Chambers has begun the process of dissolution and is no longer accepting new instructions.

        As of Friday 11th October 2013 Tooks Chambers stopped accepting new instructions and is in the process of winding up its operations. Individual barristers will continue to practise and to represent their clients in other chambers or as sole practitioners. They will be making arrangements for the continuation of their practices so that the interests of their clients will not be affected.

        Tooks Chambers will not be formally dissolved until Friday 27th December 2013 to ensure that all past work is billed and fees are collected. Our Fees Clerk is available to deal with any enquiries relating to billing or fees.

        this person operating under his new address
        have moved! I am now going to be practising from Mansfield Chambers from Monday 14 October 2014
        12 Oct 2013
        by Paul Turner
        This is an exciting piece of news, which as a direct access immigration barrister, is exciting and challenging. Following the sad demise of Tooks Chambers
        I and a number of select barristers have set up Mansfield Chambers, which is located at 5 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LG, telephone number 0207 406 7551 which will open its doors on Monday 14 October 2013 Morning.
        The set is headed up by the incomparable Michael Mansfield QC and will be at the forefront of representing those who are marginalised in and by society.

        So not formally dissolved til 27th so Im not sure if both addresses are still valid for a few more weeks or not but may be worth phoning to check

      • Claire

        £50.00 from me *raspberry*

  15. opgreenlight

    Gojam – lighten up. This is about giving ‘EGH survivor’ a show of support and a few minutes legal advice re his options. People want to help.
    Mary – I’ll match you. £40 it is.
    Claire – thanks re address. If the address Mary gave is incorrect we had better edit it.

    • Let me look into it.

    • KD

      £80.00 from me.

      Think holding fire sending until Michael confirms he’ll see him, and EGH Survivor also confirms he’ll see Michael may be wise. That aside, I’m in

      • I think that is wise.

        My primary worry is being caught in the middle of a row about money if the case doesn’t go ahead.

        As I’ve said, I think it would be better to wait.

      • opgreenlight

        It does not matter if the case does not go ahead, it is about buying EGHS some initial advice to establish whether he has a case, surely?

  16. dpack

    advice from a well respected chambers seems a good idea ,advice is not action but it helps decide on what action is best.
    fernbridge might be the best hope as things stand but researching options and planning for alternative strategies is sensible

    to invite mr mansfield for a good south indian curry and an informal chat is another possible tactic if the cheques dont work ,he is a decent chap as far as i know but he may want nowt to do with egh or the implications of another worm can ,was the last huge case 12 yrs?

    for eghs and all the other s folk it must be very harsh to be knocked back at this stage but there are many potential ways forward.

  17. Claire

    Been in contact with Mansfield Chambers. Mr Mansfield QC is engulfed with Mark Duggan now and Hillsborough inquest shortly so unfortunately unable to assist however they were helpful and another Counsel from the Chamber may be available they said. Payment was received at old address but should now be held back or retrieved until those involved set something up.

  18. KD

    Right, we need alternative suggestions for barristers of Michael Mansfield’s ilke. They must be a “public access” barrister – one who can be engaged direct, without a solicitor’s involvement first (whether they are public access barristers can be checked here – http://www.findabarrister.co.uk/search.asp )
    Alternatively a fearless rottweiler of a solicitor with a history in this area.
    Presumably will need to be London area.
    Can anyone suggest/recommend?

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