Dirty Wars

Over the coming week, Exaro News are hosting panel discussions after screenings of the film ‘Dirty Wars’.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill stumbles upon a US night raid gone badly wrong in a remote corner of Afghanistan, where a witness swears to having seen American soldiers digging bullets out of the bodies of pregnant dead women. Intent on exposing the truth, Scahill is drawn into a dark and disquieting world of covert operations underpinning the ‘War on Terror’—unknown to the public, and carried out across the globe by men who do not exist on paper and may never be held to account.

An explosive and daring piece of filmmaking, Scahill and director Rowley throw open a Pandora’s box of black ops, kill lists, drone strikes, and clandestine wings of the US military, for whom the war-torn Middle East has become a lawless Wild West. In an era in which the ethics of state security grow thornier by the day, DIRTY WARS is essential viewing.


There are three events:

Sunday 1st December 2013, 3pm screening at the Greenwich Picture House with host Mark Watts.

Friday 6th December 2013, 6pm screening at the Oxford Picture House with host Nick Fielding.

Saturday 7th December 2013, 6.30pm screening at the Hackney Picture house with host John Davidson.

You can book online on the Picturehouses website or call the Box Office on 0871 902 5734 (10p a minute from a landline)

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