Cat Amongst The Pigeons.


Well, that last article about Carole Kasir certainly stirred things up.

I can understand why.

For most, the ‘Mary Moss Documents’ are the primary source of information on Elm Guest House and by challenging the credibility of Carole Kasir, whose testimony appears at first glance to be central to those documents, it might appear that I’m discrediting the documents in toto and by doing that suggesting that child abuse did not take place at Elm Guest House. Certainly, some have chosen to interpret my post that way. In fact the majority of documents are not connected to Carole Kasir’s testimony.

This is all very disappointing for me for a number of reasons. Firstly, no one appears to have paid attention to the three points that I made at the end. So, for the record; I have no doubt whatsoever that child abuse took place at Elm Guest House. Let me repeat that: ‘no doubt whatsoever’. I can not say at this stage the extent of it or exactly how organised it was but that adults sexually abused children at Elm Guest House is not in question in my own mind.

Secondly, I’m extremely disappointed by the reaction to that post by some people. They appear unable to realise that by clinging to every aspect of the popular version of events, regardless of whether they can be clearly shown to be untrue,  they risk distracting attention from credible evidence of child abuse. How does that help victims ?

The Needle has always sought to be informative and we’re going to continue to publish as much information as is possible within the constraints of the law and while respecting undertakings of confidentiality.

For me this is not about hits on a blog or popularity on Twitter, for me this is about establishing the truth and putting it in the public domain and that is what we’re going to do.


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  2. Was this the first time you’ve experienced irrational slagging from persons who profess to be outraged by something you said, slagging directed at you as a person and which never actually replies to the substance of what you said, as a result of your having expressed skepticism about the plausibility of accusatory statements made by a self-professed abuse victim or ‘expert’ or ‘whistleblower’ ? I and many other people I know have had to put up with that, for some 30+ years.
    And what was actually published in the comments – while no doubt troubling & distressing to you, seems on the milder end of the spectrum. I didn’t see anyone accusing you of being a child rapist or murderer or satanic cannibal, nor of being a professional apologist for child abusers, nor of being a secret MI5/6 misinformation propagandist, nor of being Michael Aquino in disguise…

    Please do stick to your principles as espoused;
    “…publish as much information as is possible within the constraints of the law and while respecting undertakings of confidentiality…”, “…this is not about hits on a blog or popularity on Twitter, for me this is about establishing the truth and putting it in the public domain…”
    You’ll receive respect & support from other sincere, serious researcher-advocates. And who knows – the continuing vitriol you are likely to attract, from persons who fervently hope that non-stop child abuse slander campaigns on the internet will incite a “people’s revolt” and bring The Ruling Elite to their knees – that experience might make the plethora of insincere game-players very apparent to you.

    • green

      “incincere game-players”… There is definitely an impression that some people are playing games with this issue, pushing these claims no matter how wobbly, driving up speculation, joining dots like 6 degrees of separation. Where do they think it will ultimately leave genuine victims, whether of celebs or ordinary people? Everyone knows what happened when the boy cried wolf. Perhaps they’re not bothered about the victims, as long as they get out of it what they want. There is another blog, for instance, where a case of extreme abuse that was the subject of a court case, led to a couple of prosecutions and involved several victims but no celebs, and is now the subject of a revived police investigation into dozens of further victims and other abusers within the same government-run facility, was dismissed by the blogger as “distraction”.
      People should be glad that Gojam is sticking to his principles on this. His is a high-quality informative blog.

      • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. ‘There is no such thing as a celebrity child abuse victim.’ A child does not differentiate between abuse by a so-called celebrity or an anonymous abuser. Though, it might be that a ‘celebrity’ might be easier to identify.

  3. dpack

    determining that a statement from any source is or is not true and the reason/motive for it being false if it is false is a very important step in establishing where that statement fits into the whole truth.
    the application of occams razor based on confirmed facts seems reasonable as a basis for a hypothesis but if those facts turn out to be untrue on further investigation a new hypothesis is required.
    rigorous testing of a hypothesis as further data is obtained is a tried and tested way to truth

  4. LittleME

    One of the first things to appear in BOLD in my mind when I starting reading about Elm Guest House was….THEY (Kasirs) must have known what was going on. No doubt about it

  5. Sabre

    I’m sure that some of us did heed your 3 points.
    Things must be examined dispassionately (difficult given the issue) and objectively.
    Despite having been a “fringe political activist” in the past with “a dog in the fight” , I do appreciate that real people are suffering, abused children on the one hand, unjustly accused adults on the other.
    I did some time ago offer the suggestion, accepted by you, to modestly revise your wording re the series “naming the living”.
    On balance you present a very interesting blog and appear to be trying your best to help tackle a most distressing subject.

  6. Bet the Kasir children could shed some light on all of this.

  7. gw

    Chris fay:
    “Because she always presented herself as being a victim, she was the victim in all this, she had been taken advantage of by all these nasty people. The reality was, she was a cunning, cold, calculating woman. She knew exactly what had been going on in her guest house and she was quite happy to profit from it. Now bear in mind you are talking about a small guest house, in South West London, in 1980, I know from looking at the books, and I’ve still got copies of the paying in slips and all that, that guest house was turning over about £10,000 a month.”

  8. nuggy

    there maNY people convicted of murder who i think are innocent.

    but that does not mean a murder dident happpen.

  9. nuggy

    some see this thing as a relgion that u musant qustion.

    qustioning weather some acused of crime did it is not the same as saying the crime didint hhappen.