The Rev Paul Flowers


The Rev Paul Flowers had close political links to Sir Cyril Smith, the late Liberal Democrat MP accused of several child abuse offences, it was disclosed on Thursday.

The disgraced Methodist minister, who was chairman of the Co-op bank for three years, was a member of Rochdale council at the same time as Smith, who died in 2010 aged 82.

Mr Flowers also helped oversee Rochdale social services at the time of an alleged Satanic abuse scandal, the council confirmed.

It was alleged that Smith raped boys at Knowl View special school and abused boys at Cambridge House Children’s Home, a privately-run care home in the Lancashire town which closed in 1965.

Smith was never prosecuted for any crime, although the Crown Prosecution Service last year admitted that he should have been prosecuted for abusing boys in the 1960s.

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15 responses to “The Rev Paul Flowers

  1. Quoting from Paul Lewis of The Guardian, January 2006;
    “Twelve men and women who were taken as children from their parents and placed in care after social workers in Rochdale wrongly suspected they were victims of satanic abuse are suing the council”… “In a statement, Rochdale council said: “[We have] both acknowledged and apologised for the errors made in the investigation of the allegations in the 1991 case.”

    Flowers seems a reprobate; drug abuse, soliciting prostitutes, a conviction for public indecency, etc. And he’s linked to alleged heinious monster Cyril Smith – they “sat on council committees together”. But Flowers was “vice-chairman of social services committee” for Rochdale council WHILE that council’s child abuse investigation social workers were actively inciting a horrifically misguided, FRAUDULENT Satanic Abuse Cult witch-hunt, which destroyed innocent families and CAUSED GREAT HARM TO CHILDREN rather than protecting them, based on little more than the social worker’s RELIGIOUS-IDEOLOGICAL CONVICTIONS that Satanic Abuse Cults must be everywhere, and everyone. Flowers and the social services committee must have been BACKING and SUPPORTING their social workers involved in this witch-hunt. Wait a minute…I thought that corrupt reprobates and friends of alleged serial child-abusing political-social elitists (Smith) were supposed to be covering-up allegations of and squashing investigations into Satanic Cult Abuse, not supporting them…

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  3. I know it can be hard to set aside partisanship, but it appears from available evidence that UK paedophile circles maintained calculated and deliberately close ties to and within each political party over a long period. It would have been all but impossible to maintain the cover-up if any one party had been innocent of complicity with paedophile rings. It would have risked leaving the other parties utterly at the mercy of the party not implicated, and mutually assured destruction was surely the insurance they were after. I can’t help but wonder if all parties won’t be thoroughly implicated as soon as the first few high level political figures begin to talk. I’d bet the rot runs through them all, and that is the biggest reason why they’ve been protected so well. That could mean the tiny number of politicians who do press for full disclosure are very brave indeed.

  4. LJMT

    @ Sabre.
    The point is for everyone to see this issue as one that transcends party politics as:
    a) All have sickos in their midst and would benefit from a clean out .
    b) If they all agree to do so and out their own as well as the others it will get the job done a lot faster and more efficiently.
    c) If all agree to shop their own they have no one to cover for them either in the present or the future.

  5. Sabre

    How can Party Politics be avoided? A previous post alluded to the possibility of Government funding of pro paedophile organisations.
    I think that you’ll find that political parties form governments.
    Political party machines are complicit in the cover-ups, some political parties have sailed close to the wind with their equality for all sexual and cultural minorities.

  6. I just hope this was Fair Trade coke and meth.

  7. TFS

    Here you go: LostPophets front man in courts for allegedy raping a baby amongst other things.

  8. nuggy

    i wish people wouldn’t play party politics with child abuse.

    its actually pretty sick when i think about it.

  9. LJMT

    Really we should put party politics completely aside when commenting on these issues. Personally I am not interested in whether those with these inclinations are of my political or religious persuasion or whether those unveiling them share or differ from their political or religious views. Let’s not care, unite, and just unveil as many as possible as fast as possible

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  11. anon

    Surely this is not in the spirit of the omerta? Should Labour not start talking up the Monday Club and PIE?

    • Mudplugger

      That would be a too high-risk strategy for Labour, given some high-profile MPs’ historic close links to supporting organisations, e.g. NCCL etc.

  12. I see the torygraph is hard at work. There’s no doubt this Rev is corrupt but its scary how he’s associated politically with Cyril smith…then the article tries to associate the rev with the CSA perpetrated by smith. Maybe there are links…but its a shame the telegraph hasn’t got the balls to do the same with other vips.
    The big question here, is why was an obviously corrupted individual given the keys to an edifice like the Co-op? And why at a time when the Co-op was at the important transitional stage of being forced to buy toxic options by UK govt?
    This is a set up…they’ve known for ages what the rev is like, but he’s only now being pilloried because the Tories need a good run-up for their attempt at re-election.
    It stinks.

    • green

      “The big question here, is why was an obviously corrupted individual given the keys to an edifice like the Co-op?”
      Popularity? His Wikipedia entry refers to him progressing through United Cooperative’s “democratic structures”.
      He was apparently not only non-executive chairman of the co-op bank, but also of its holding company and had been a trustee of two charities. Wonder what the accounts will show. Even if the Telegraph/Tories are scoring politicial points here, it is puzzling that a bank with a “£1.5bn hole” in its finances should have been able to afford to donate money to a political party. But perhaps it isn’t unique in this respect.