Karin Ward To Freddie Starr: ‘Sue Me!’

Karin Ward

Karin Ward


A woman who faces being taken to court by Freddie Starr over her claim that  he groped her said yesterday: ‘Sue me – I haven’t  got any money.’

Karin Ward, whose testimony was pivotal in exposing Jimmy Savile, is facing a High Court defamation claim for £300,000 because she also accused comedian Starr of groping her.

The 55-year-old – who has been recovering from cancer – says Starr molested her when she was a schoolgirl in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room in 1974.

Yesterday a furious Miss Ward said she would repeat her claims on oath – and that even if he won, she had nothing worth taking.

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12 responses to “Karin Ward To Freddie Starr: ‘Sue Me!’

  1. IWTT

    Freddie Starr vows to bring Operation Yewtree ‘down on its knees’ after fourth arrest over historical sex abuse claims

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      I personally would go with Karin Ward as the truthfull one over Freddie Starr . The thing is, if an attempt to convict someone does not result in an actual conviction that does not mean that the assault did not take place .It sometimes just means that it is difficult to prove .

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  3. nuggy

    its funny hes suing her but not the makers of the program or itv.

    i mean hes got every right to sue them under the law as it stands.

    • steve

      ITV might fight it chances are she won’t and also he doesn’t know, (for sure), what they have but did not broadcast but might try to present in Court if they needed to

      • Intheknow

        Karin Ward was NOT in the ITV Exposure programme The Other side of Savile. Her claims were made in a online book and in interviews that followed the Exposure progaramme. I asume he would have no case to bring against the programme makers and ITV news.

  4. nuggy

    if you look at her age she would 16 at the time not 14.

    also i dont think gary glitter was on the same edition of clunk click as fredie star.

    • steve

      Based on the only time, (1978), I ever met Mr Saville and the reaction of Parents to him being near their children the fact that anyone at anytime allowed their Children to be alone with him is surprising at the very least and the Gary Glitter reference is odd as there wasn’t a programme of that name But then LEEDS held a Lying in State for Saville so those in power obviously liked him and saw nowt wrong

  5. roary

    Karin Ward is clearly confused. She claims that Freddie Starr groped her but did not sexually assault her, groping ( touching without consent under or over clothes) is classed as sexual assault. This is not about money this is about defamation and restoring reputation.

    The mail article intially allowed comments which were very interesting, however they have now been disabled !

    • Stephen Russell

      3 questions: (1), If as she claims she was 14 doesn’t the Law see it as more than “assault” (2), Why only suing for £300,000 the allegations will be mentioned Win/Lose or Draw in Court if he’s Prosecuted so why not Sue for as much as he can (3), Where were the Parents when she was in the Stars Dressing Room if they not with her at the time – why not?

      • Ann Onymous

        She was in a special residential school for “intelligent but troubled girls” – her parents weren’t there, and she was vulnerable.

        Karin seems very honest to me. Fakers usually over-egg the pudding whereas she is candid and objective.

  6. Stephen Russell

    I might be wrong, (usually am), but unfortunately for Karin if she loses her I think her House Insurance could suffer as it is what can/could payout