Did Government Fund The Paedophile Information Exchange ?

Taxpayer funded ?

Taxpayer funded ?

Did previous Tory and Labour governments fund the infamous Paedophile Information Exchange?

That’s the remarkable claim made to me by a former Home Office insider this week.

PIE was established in 1974 to campaign for the age of consent to be lowered to four years old.

Many former members have been imprisoned for child abuse crimes…

…The retired insider told me that he recalled raising his concern that the Volunteer Services Unit of the Home Office was directly funding the work of PIE.

His recollection was that he raised his fears with superiors but was left in no doubt that he should drop the matter.

I’ve written to the Home Secretary asking her to initiate an inquiry.

It’s not the first time Theresa has had to investigate her own department.

Tom Watson in The Mirror


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10 responses to “Did Government Fund The Paedophile Information Exchange ?

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  2. dpack

    well put mr watson.

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  4. nuggy

    if the government had funded this group by mistake that could explain them being reluctant to investigate further.

  5. gw

    Bernard Braine MP 1978:
    “I repeat that evidence is being given by the Sexual Law Reform Society advising that there should be a reduction in the age of consent to 14. I go further. The Paedophile Information Exchange is also giving evidence. It wishes to legalise sexual behaviour between adults and a consenting child—whatever that may mean—down to the age of 4. That body is giving in evidence to the same committee. [Interruption.] If the Minister of State provokes me I shall go through the whole list and name the organisations, some of which receive Home Office grants. If he provokes me I shall go into the matter in considerable detail. There is time for me to do so. The hon. Gentleman is not on very firm ground. This is not a laughing matter. I advise the hon. Gentleman not to laugh at this.”

    I believe he is referring to H.O funding of the albany trust and in turn PIE. However this is not “direct funding” as mentioned in the article.

  6. I agree the PIE logo makes me shiver. How on earth was it tolerated and why.

    So is the implication that there was a paedo network in govt and the civil service? Surely not.

  7. Topsy

    This article also refers to the missing Dickens dossiers and an internal enquiry within the Home Office to determine if these documents were lost through incompetence or something more sinister. Good to see this is not going away so quickly, however incompetence looks the favourite here based on previous ‘internal DIY jobs’.

  8. Mark Hunt

    That PIE logo is possibly the vilest thing I have ever seen.