Why Tom Watson is dead right to call for child abuse FBI

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Tom Watson, the MP who raised the historic child sex abuse issue that could involve politicians in the Commons, has this week called for the setting up of child abuse FBI.
In an article in the Sunday People and also on The Needleblog the MP forcibly questions why the National Crime Agency has failed to arrest any paedophile connected with an international ring or amorphous group.
Mr Watson told the Sunday People: “We’ve got an international policing operation that has netted hundreds of alleged paedophiles and the UK has failed to act on intelligence.

“This is completely unacceptable. It shows why we need a dedicated national team whose sole aim is to investigate allegations of child abuse.
“I think we need a proper team of officers who have investigative capabilities as well as powers of arrest.
“There are police officers who have been calling for it for years.”
Mr Watson’s…

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5 responses to “Why Tom Watson is dead right to call for child abuse FBI

  1. Dave

    His own party is full of the types the NCA would never have the nerve or political approval to even investigate..

  2. steve

    About time to,he seems to be the only person trying to do some thing and should be supported for his great work,top man

  3. Principle5000

    Something being Done about it is Better than People Sticking their
    Heads in the Sand

  4. eviltorypervert

    you wont catch me tom Watson.

    its time you plebs knew your place.