Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images

Leading search engine companies Google and Microsoft have agreed measures to make it harder to find child abuse images online.

As many as 100,000 search terms will now return no results that find illegal material, and will trigger warnings that child abuse imagery is illegal.

Jim Gamble
But Jim Gamble, former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) told BBC Breakfast he did not think the measures would make any difference with regard to protecting children from paedophiles.

“They don’t go on to Google to search for images. They go on to the dark corners of the internet on peer-to-peer websites,” he said.

He said search engines had already been blocking inappropriate content and the latest move was just an enhancement of what was already happening.

A better solution would be to spend £1.5m on hiring 12 child protection experts and 12 co-ordinators in each of the police regions to hunt down online predators, he added.

NSPCC chief executive officer Peter Wanless said “a concerted and sustained effort from all quarters” was needed to stay one step ahead of sex offenders that were getting ever more technologically advanced.

“This is the key child protection issue of a generation – we cannot fail,” he said.

… critics have accused the government of underfunding online child protection.
Ceop, which is now part of the National Crime Agency, has been accused of missing a recent opportunity to identify hundreds of people downloading illegal images.

Police in Toronto revealed that in 2012 they had shared hundreds of names of British people with Ceop who were alleged to be customers of a Canadian firm that sold videos of young children.

The operation to close down the business saw hundreds of people arrested in Canada and around the world – but none in Britain.

BBC News


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12 responses to “Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images

  1. Detecting and prosecuting those who buy/trade/access/create child porn is of primary importance. There might be helpful steps that technology companies could take, however. Years ago, Microsoft made a specific video format – that a lot of historic child porn had apparently been digitized with – absolutely unplayable on their computers. I’d like to see internal regulatory systems built into all webcams and digital image capturing devices including smartphones, i.e., when the device recognizes that it is focused on a naked human figure it would permanently scramble the image as it records it. That would be a terrible violation of people’s “freedom of speech” rights, I suppose, but OH WELL. If the scales hold your right to create naked human images on one side, and baby rape porn is on the other scale…your freedom and rights LOSE THE CONTEST. In my opinion.

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  3. Principle5000

    I am Totally Sickened by the Number of Sicko Sociologists and other
    Do Gooder Types Condoning Child Abuse wherever they are in the

    There is Nothing Acceptable about some Filthy Monster Stealing the
    Innocence of a Child for their Perverted Lust

    Their Victims Deserve Human Rights Not Scum like them

  4. LJMT

    Every little helps.

    While those who have been paedophiles for a time may as he says have access to dark corners of the internet, there is always merit in stopping the first foray of the unhealthily curious, or of stopping people progressing from looking at tacky stuff about 18 year olds to stuff about 15 or 14 or fewer year olds, isn’t there??

    And then there is the question of the mentally challenged or the careless who may stumble on this by mistake.

    Also I have seen ads for underage porn while accessing anti child abuse material. The site had been hacked, and at first glance you could have taken it as a “shock horror” piece of the site itself, clicked on the link and ended up being threatened with the FBI; all part of the wars on here. I didn’t click and think I managed to warn them.

    So for all these reasons I welcome this.

  5. gw

    a waste of time. I can’t believe many use google to find what they want.

    Having said that though, I once logged onto a video chatroom where pirate dvd’s were streamed (I know, I know)

    Open opening the chatroom (which I’d been on a few times before) I was redirected to a google image search which displayed photos of what was obviously child pornography. the search term was a long string of numbers and letters. As you can imagine I didn’t hang around – and reported the link to CEOP.

  6. nuggy

    any pedo useing google to find those images would be cought pretty soon anyway.

    this law actually helps them.

  7. mick

    Its a start to erase the evidence of al those paedophile blue blooded Aristocrat’s who’s names are flying around the Net sites! This new move by Cameron and google is a load of old dogshit! Its made to look like the government care about these abused children! But its all lies, it they cared? Why was the last investigation like yew tree, etc! covered up by the police. I,m still waiting for a few blue bloods to be arrested for their crime’s! Then I will believe these false statements that are in the daily papers today.

  8. nuggy

    they talk about Google like its the only search engine on the internet.

    it wont make the slightest bit of difference just a bit of pathetic grandstanding by the government and the daily mail.

  9. nuggy

    this wont stop child porn

    they will just use a different search engine

    or different code words.

    • sovereigntea

      Quite .. the kiddie fiddlers will just move elsewhere. Sting operations would be far more effective. Cameron & the Mail are engaged in political grandstanding with perhaps the covert agenda being to install a greater capacity for censorship.

      Problem – reaction – and now their pre-planned solution – censorship China style.

      Notably the BBC footage of the documantary featuring a Royal Marine stating “Al Quada does not exist” has recently been airbrushed away by the BBC “on copyright grounds”.

      Airbrushed too is Camerons record of broken promises. Recall how grammar schools were to be re-instated. The “bonfire of Quangos”, the timely EU referendum. All just lies to decieve the electorate in a rigged system of non representation whilst the UK is asset stripped and Balkanised into EU regions.

  10. Principle5000

    Perverts that on Purpose Seek In Decent Pictures of Children are Scum
    and Deserve Capital Punishment.

    Their Need’s to be a Organised Official Hunt For such Perverts as
    Child Pornography is a Crime against the Innocence of Children