Tom Watson: Britain needs FBI-style elite crime squad to tackle child abuse intelligence failures

Tom Watson MP says it was ‘completely unacceptable’ that the National Crime Agency failed to make any arrests of suspected British paedophiles




Tom watson

Campaign: Tom Watson MP (Getty)


Britain needs an FBI-style elite crime squad to combat child abuse after intelligence services failed to act on the latest paedophile scandal, says a campaigning MP.

Hundreds of alleged paedophiles have been arrested by international cops investigating a widespread network of abuse.

But despite a list of names being passed to British authorities not a single arrest has been made in the UK.

Tom Watson MP says it was ‘completely unacceptable’ that the National Crime Agency had failed to make any arrests of suspected British paedophiles.

And he is now calling for a national task force to be set up.

Mr Watson told the Sunday People: “We’ve got an international policing operation that has netted hundreds of alleged paedophiles and the UK has failed to act on intelligence.

“This is completely unacceptable. It shows why we need a dedicated national team whose sole aim is to investigate allegations of child abuse.

“I think we need a proper team of officers who have investigative capabilities as well as powers of arrest.

“There are police officers who have been calling for it for years.”

Sunday People 17/11/13


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12 responses to “Tom Watson: Britain needs FBI-style elite crime squad to tackle child abuse intelligence failures

  1. ex-officer well said tick tock but proceed with caution. The officers now working are they going to arrest any prominent VIP figures ? That is the question being asked by many of the survivors and their supporters.

  2. ex-officer

    We need an elite crime squad? We already have one, days after day leaving no stone unturned @ Fernbridge and two arrests. Yes two! no one or nowt but yes TWO! Why spoil the glory? What we need is more community action…hold on we have that…tick, tock perhaps we will have some of the glory as well? Me personally – I will settle for a big wide smile and guess what I already have one. Tick, tock

  3. Anon

    But do we have any confidence that an Elite Crime squad will not let Elite Criminals off with more than a gentle warning?

  4. Principle5000

    It is Important having Appropriate Investigation Forces to Deal with
    Child Abuse but also Punishment for Child Abusers is Needed Suspended Sentences are Not Punishment they are Condoning Child Abuse
    Capital Punishment is Needed as Well

    Child Abuse

    Child Abuse

  5. Mudplugger

    Britain also needs an elite squad to investigate ballot-rigging and electoral malpractice – how about it, Tom ?

    What’s that you said ? “Falkirk”. Forget that, let’s have a distraction.

  6. Topsy

    I will just state the obvious, we presently live in a corruptly run country where ordinary members of the public can no longer trust the institutions that clearly lack the backbone to represent the interests of the victims of child abuse. The reverence that the Police and Judiciary currently display towards so called VIPs, Politicians etc is cowardly. We have inherited a generation of over promoted, self serving heads of these organisations/institutions who are not up to the job hence the cover ups. I fully support Tom Watson’s initiative but fear it will not be financed and will be scuppered by the same said people. We live in a country where the law is unrepresentative of those who cannot afford to use it, but will happily protect those with a big enough cheque book no matter what their activities. I hope that this will change one day but I rather doubt it.

  7. Holly De Winter

    So the difference between this and Operation Ore (Operation Avalanche in the US) is what, exactly? Hundreds of people were caught purchasing imagery of child rape and sexual abuse. Rather than allowing the police to make the obvious arrests that needed making, the PM Tony Blair himself slapped a 100-year injunction on the list of perps so that not a single one of them will be prosecuted. Must have been one very interesting list of household names, eh? It is rumoured that Rupert Murdoch has a copy if the Operation Ore list. A treasure trove such as that could be perhaps seen as his ‘security’ against his own prosecution and an incentive for the government to permit the kind of business practices he employs. One might begin to wonder if the familiar inaction this time is for a similar reason… certain names on the list May sound rather familiar to the public?

    • nuggy

      i keep hearing that an injunction was put on operation ore but i have yet to see any evidence that its true.

      • gw

        me too – one of many pieces of bollocks floating around this subject. Similar stuff was said about dunblane too – also bollocks… (incidentally reading about that was how I got interested in this sort of thing)

  8. How sad is it that,, on reading the article about the huge operation in Canada and elsewhere, that netted hundreds of suspects the first thought that came to mind was. “And I bet not one person from this country is arrested even though their full details have been handed over”…..

    The way that Fernbridge was setup was , in effect, a tacit admission that, we simply can;t trust our own colleagues within the police force, to investigate without prejudice and a secret list of names who are “untouchable”, no matter what the evidence about them might be.

    What is even more galling about this whole charade is that, whilst we can “render” people from world wide locations, seemingly on a whim and with virtually no solid evidence as terrorists and their supporters, we are still governed, judged and policed by those who are at best, guilty of turning a blind eye, worse still, using the information to further their own agendas and careers and at worst, a combination of both and are perpetrators themselves.

    is it any surprise that no-one was arrested in this country under this operation?; when a senior government minister is bankrolled by a bloke who owns a club that was illegally spying on it’s patrons and was hosting a child porn site on its’ own web pages. A child porn site that, when they claimed they had been “hacked” those in the know replied that, “It was utter tosh that it could have been hacked to such an extent without them knowing”. The same government minister who has, on half dozen occasions, lied in letters their constituents about their relationship to another famous Tory couple, both of whom, have a long history of being, at best, “political, apologists” for paedophiles and of whom, there are questions about their own activities as yet, still not satisfactorily answered.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly We do need a special squad To truck and arrest paedophiles But the government Don’t seem bothered And why should they There is no money in it for them Children can’t vote And running true to form They really don’t care about the most Vulnerable in our society So long as their families are safe That’s All that matters