For The Attention Of The Right Reverend Bishop Paul Butler

Bishop Walker should go to the police.

Recently retired Bishop Dominic Walker should go to the police.

Dear Bishop Butler

Following last night’s Panorama programme aired on BBC 1 and in particular your contribution, I am respectfully requesting that you give your urgent attention to a very serious wrong committed by one of your colleagues over 20 years ago and do your utmost now to redress this wrong in your role as Advocate for Children and your responsibility for Safeguarding.

I quote from a chapter in a book written in 1991 by Tim Tate entitled “Children  for the Devil” Pages 340 – 341

Tim interviewed, the at the time Brighton curate, Dominic Walker,who was described as the Church of England’s ” most experienced counsellor” of victims of childhood abuse and it’s main expert on Satanism.

Dominic Walker stated :-

” The people who come to me tend to be referred from other areas. I listen to what they have to say ; usually it does comprise the same sort of details – child abuse, murder,drugs,prostitution.” I sit and talk with them quietly and individually. Quite often these people will tell me the names of those they say were involved. Sometimes they are the people who control the groups, other times they are the names of famous or highly respected people. A number of survivors independantly gave the name of a particular MP as being involved. I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories because they were seperated by some long period of time.

Have I ever passed on the information I have been given ?

No I have not.

I do not believe that would have been proper ”


He did not believe it would have been ” proper ” to pass this information on !!!!

Dominic Walker of course went on to a very successful career as Bishop of Monmouth until his recent retirement.

I would argue as a retired child protection professional and the ” source ” of MP Tom Watson’s PMQ to David Cameron on 24th October 2013, that Dominic Walker’s explanation of his behaviour beggars belief.

He was after all your Church’s  ” most experienced counsellor “.

Although I have always viewed the Catholic Church’s practice of the ” confession ” and the sancity of the priest/confessor relationship as a very misguided and dangerous practice, there was I suppose a logic to Roman Catholic’s priests holding on to such information but there is no logic, rhyme or reason to justify Dominic Walker’s approach. I would ask you to put this wrong right immediately and ensure that Dominic Walker contacts the Police as a very high priority.

It is absolutely vital that powerful people who have been abusing the most vulnerable children in our society are brought to justice and the balance of power is shifted dramatically in favour of the victim.

[Gojam Edit:From a man Tom Watson MP described as a “noble retired child protection officer”]


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  3. LJMT

    From what I know from reading some of his work Dominic Walker is most definitely on the side of the good unfallen Angels. Work in this field is very difficult and fraught. If the people abused were adamant that they did not wish to tell their stories nor bear witness, but just wished to escape and put it all behind them and especially if they feared that their true stories sounded so outlandish, and involved occult happenings so that they feared that police officers would not believe that that kind of thing happened, then what exactly would he have been able to say? How far does ” I have spoken to this person who claims person x did this but I cannot say his /her name nor provide any evidence, and they would refuse to press charges” get you precisely? i knew people who had pentagrams and dead animal heads stuck on the doorstep; the police were just nonplussed; no clue about the dark side trying to hassle Christians at all; outside their known comfort zone.

    People can be very aware that telling your story and being disbelieved sets you back a very long way in your own healing, and may stop you from getting your life back together for years or decades. He would in that case be powerless.

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  5. liz davies

    In 1994 the Metropolitan police wrote research about 40 cases of ritual abuse of children. This was the subject of parliamentary questions at the time as to when it would be published. Sadly it was never published even though it was completed by the three person ritual abuse police investigation team at Scotland Yard. It is now an X file accessible only to senior police officers. The 1994 reseacrh by anthropologist Jean LaFontaine was published instead of a report by child protection investigators. How do we make sense of that?! She said basically that ritual was about paedophiles dressing up to scare children. I did give evidence to her research but sadly didnt see evidence of it in her report. Now there’s a suprise.

    • Graeme

      Jean La Fontaine. Before Virginia Bottomley appointed her she was on an edition of the excellent Ch4 discussion programme ‘After Dark’ rubbishing any such idea that Satanic Child Abuse could exist. The moment Mrs Bottomley appointed her it was a foregone conclusion what her findings would be. Why would Mrs Bottomley appoint such a person? I’m not aware it’s something she’s ever been asked. I think she needs to.

  6. Jane Holmes

    It seems that Dominic Walker has been an exorcist in his time.

  7. Dominic Walker definitely needs to contact the Police as a very high priority. Unbelievable that he didn’t at the time. How he has lived with himself, I will never know.

  8. murunbuch

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  9. Steven Miller

    I notice the reference to a book by Tim Tate in this article. It may be useful for readers to know that Mr. Tate’s book was pulped by the publisher after a trial resulted in damages being paid out due to allegations containing serious inaccuracies.

    • Liz Davies

      A number of books have been pulped over the years and numbers of files destroyed, burnt and ‘lost’. People have been silenced and children and adults threatened and of course even worse. We now search for scraps of the truth amongst the ashes and the remnants. We do this because we believe that there are enough good people out there who really do care about the rights of children to have safe childhoods free from all forms of abuse and exploitation – people willing to try and do something to right the wrongs of the past, achieve justice for survivors and most importantly to ensure current children are protected. Without rigorous investigation, so many of the criminals we know about from the past continue to access children. Ultimately, this means we need a national police and social work multi agency investigation team – well resourced and with the skills required. Little chance of achieving this – of that I am sure after twenty years of trying to get this message across.

    • Anonymous

      Could Steven Miller please be very specific about what the ” serious inaccuracies ” were in Tim Tate’s book.
      I recently re-read this book and am very saddened by the fact that it was written in 1991 in the heyday of denial and cover up of the true extent of different forms of organised child abuse.
      With the new attitude imposed on the CPS in 2013 and the post Savile awareness that is allowing the Police the licence to re-open historical cases, this book would be viewed very differently today
      It is my understanding that the book was pulped because of the personal description of a particular Police officer which was clearly not acceptable
      I stand to be corrected but I think it is vital that Steven Miller provides the exact nature of the ” serious inaccuracies “

    • green

      By someone who says Cook and Tate were given false research:
      For comments on this by Roger Cook, see Google books “More Dangerous Ground” by Roger Cook, p. 404.
      The claim in the first link that no Satanists have been prosecuted for child abuse is apparently false:
      Private Eye has done a few articles on this subject. Can be found by Googling: satanic
      One of the PE articles says “In 1994 a government-commissioned inquiry concluded there was no evidence of ritual abuse”. Relevant article in Times Educational Supplement:

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