Stuart Syvret On The Corrupt Jersey Judiciary

It’s always a pleasure listening to Stuart Syvret speak, he is not only knowledgeable but also eloquent. In the video below he gives some background to the action which has seen him jailed. It’s not about a few individuals making a complaint against him (not one person has sued Mr Syvret for the comments he has made on his blog) it’s about protecting “Jersey’s entrenched feudal mafia”.

I recorded the interview with Jersey citizen media site, Voice for Children, on Wednesday 16th, and wasn’t aware that the “judge” hearing this “case” was Julian Clyde-Smith.

It’s quite marvellous really – funny, in the manner of the blackest of farces – that Julian Clyde-Smith – and his equally conflicted friends, such as Philip Bailhache, William Bailhache, and the man who chose and appointed him to hear this case – Michael Birt – think Clyde-Smith can be used as a judge in any matter concerning me without inflicting greater damage and discredit on themselves.
It’s especially foolhardy of them – in one of those ways which pushes London’s protection of them well beyond any semblance of legal credibility – given that Julian Clyde-Smith is actually subject of detailed and most serious complaints of judicial corruption, of which London are aware.


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5 responses to “Stuart Syvret On The Corrupt Jersey Judiciary


    Sunny, I disagree. What we need is to multiply the number of us to be more like Stuart. It’s wishful thinking to hope others like him will be magically created. The secret is we all need to transform to be more like Stuart. Expecting a hero to do our dirty work while we merely cheer is what allows the problem to continue.

  2. Paul

    There is nothing brave about being stupid.

  3. What a really, really brave man Stuart is. What we need is to multiply him be several hundred and make them all MPs. Then victims will get JUSTICE!!! Victims and people speaking out on their behalf WILL BE HEARD!!! Call this a civilised society, whilst things like this go on. I don’t!

  4. Anon

    I have been following Stuart’s work for a while now, very brave man indeed. Check out his other interviews on YouTube to get a flavour of his intellectual prowess.

    He knows London will not intervene in Jerseys corrupt governance as the secrets Jersey hold would topple the whole Establishment. There are known (named in court) paedophiles holding high public positions in Jersey but they are untouchable.