Dr Liz Davies and John Hemmings MP Support Stuart Syvret.

Dr Liz Davies and John Hemmings MP

Dr Liz Davies and John Hemmings MP

Dr Liz Davies, Reader in Child Protection at London Metropolitan University, calls for people to support Stuart Syvret. While John Hemmings MP puts down an Early Day Motion (EDM) highlighting the appalling situation in Jersey.

“Stuart has asked that UK campaigners should contact their MPs urgently to request their support of John Hemming’s early day motion.”

Stuart Syvret, former Senator in Jersey, who has consistently and courageously campaigned for the rights of children and careleavers and has exposed serious crimes against children on the island,  was jailed on Wednesday 2nd November 2011. Stuart lost his appeal on 7th November and therefore remains in prison.

The hearing was the culmination of a long legal process which began when Stuart was charged with data protection and minor motoring offences in 2009 which ended last week when he was jailed by Magistrates for failing to carry out community service for contempt of court.The charge related to a six-month period where Syvret left Jersey for the UK instead of facing trial in Jersey.But the 45-year-old yesterday vowed to bring a ‘habeas corpus’ hearing – a rare court action used to free a prisoner from illegal detention – later this week.

Please send messages of support to:

Stuart Syvret (K Wing)
HMP La Moye
Rue Baal
St Brelade

Stuart has asked that UK campaigners should contact their MPs urgently to request their support of John Hemming’s early day motion.


Mr. Hemmings EDM. (2370)
“That this House notes the imprisonment of Stuart Syvret; believes that the public authorities of the island of Jersey do not operate in a manner compliant with the requirements of the European Commission of Human Rights (ECHR), there being overt and significant overlaps and contaminations between the legislature, executive and judiciary; further notes that Her Majesty’s subjects in Jersey are not protected by effective checks and balances, and that there has been the political repression of former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power and former Senator Stuart Syvret; further notes that, notwithstanding the responsibility the Secretary of State for Justice has for good governance and Convention Rights in Jersey, the island’s authorities are permitted to repress opposition activists, and that the Secretary of State for Justice and Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor have failed to act; further notes that successive governments of the United Kingdom have committed this nation to securing real democratic freedoms and the rule of law in other jurisdictions, yet in the British enclave of Jersey on the United Kingdom’s very doorstep, ordinary powerless people are oppressed by an entrenched oligarchy; and calls on the Secretary of State for Justice to appoint an independent Commission similar to that which investigated corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to investigate the conduct of Jersey’s public administration and to urgently bring the protections of the ECHR to Her Majesty”

More at Social Work Action Network


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26 responses to “Dr Liz Davies and John Hemmings MP Support Stuart Syvret.

  1. wakemanclare

    and if people cant accept me for telling the truth then im sorry but if you cant say what you think and know what a sad world its getting

  2. wakemanclare

    i admire sir john hemming and sir james munby because they have there priorities right and id vote for them any time to take nick cleggs and david camerons place anytime ..because to rule england you do right by the law and do right by the people in it and thats how it should be

  3. wakemanclare

    i am a nobody in this world but when it comes to children //innocence and justice then im sorry i wont back down from nobody especially a so called prime minister who should do right by is country

    • Yes, a Prime Minister that should do ‘right by his country’ and ‘it’s defenceless kids’.

      • wakemanclare

        i will always fight for children because for a child to have to loose there lives in a way of my means to a system who dont care and would rather put money on a childs head thats out rageous

  4. wakemanclare

    iv got to say nick clegg and david cameron its time you hung up your boxing gloves and let somebody else have your jobs who care for england ..and who will fight for justice …they have lost the respect of neally all england so give up chaps its over for you

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  6. The rule of law is broken in Jersey the law officers control the Island they do not prosecute there friends insufficient evidence they say, but people like Stuart are tried in a secret courts for saying what they believe others including a member of government break data laws and are not even slapped on the wrist it stinks and why did those who felt aggrieved not sue stuart to clear there names ? why did government the / taxpayer foot the bill four four members of the public to take stuart before the secret court soviet russia springs to mind !!

    • Well said John. People standing up to be counted where csa is concerned, are getting ‘crucified’ and they are trying to discredit them. The amount of paedophiles out there is absolutely horrifying. Every parent and every person that cares what happens to kids needs to speak out and be heard. More child sex abuse victims can hopefully find the courage to come forward, even though so many are ‘traumatised’ for life poor things.

  7. dpack

    if this situation is not addressed and remedied by parliamentary and/or other legal means in the uk and jersey jurisdictions justice will not have been done or seen to be done.
    justice denied is no justice.

  8. nuggy

    well hes blogs still up hes bound to get more hits now.

  9. Stuart’s blog has detailed the harrowing evidence of political interference in a serial murder investigation. There is simply no way the same political “interferers” would ever allow a libel case where Stuart’s evidence would easily expose their cover-up. A libel case requires evidence testing. Jersey’s outrageous and untenable interpretation of this Data Protection Law did not permit any evidence of verity. In fact, the Court Judgement admitted that whether the allegations were true or not was not relevant. Stuart had repeatedly suggested on his blog that he be sued for libel so he could establish the truth of the evidence.

    • One law for people standing up for defenceless kids & csa victims and another for people that want to shut them up and paedos! Does our government even know what the word ‘JUSTICE’ means? I am beginning to doubt it very much!!!

    • nuggy

      i think this is going to seriously backfire on them i mean hes not going to shut up when he gets out.

    • wakemanclare

      for a proffessional to work with children and parents they have to be dedicated to there jobs and not do the corruption that they are doing //because the majority of parents and children are innocent all some people need is support not having there famillies destroyed

  10. So sorry to hear about poor Stuart, who was trying to stand up for traumatised, defenceless kids. There will come a time when there will be no where for these monsters to hide and every kid out there will have a chance to stay ‘safe’ and if ‘got at’ by these low life evil sexual deviants, will receive JUSTICE. I think its time for every DECENT human being to speak out for defenceless kids. PEOPLE THAT DON’T WANT YOU TO, NEED LOOKING AT!!!

  11. nuggy

    if his allegations are false this isnt the way to go about dealing with it.

    • GM

      I believe the Uk sentenced someone to three months for refusing to take down allegations about the mccanns. Is that any different? Should Stuart receive special treatment for some reason?

  12. James

    You obviously have no idea about the rubbish this man has been blogging about people and the fact he has been imprisoned for contempt of court. Your early day motion is as daft as it gets.

    • Why don’t you tell us O’enlightened one.

    • nuggy

      surely the normal thing to do would be to pursue a libel action not order him to shut up.

      • GM

        He blogged personal information (i.e. medical details) and was ordered to take them down. This is not libel. My medical details are true so if they appeared on-line it would not be a libel but I would expect the court to help me have them removed.

    • sovereigntea

      Hmmmm contempt of court by a magistrate that should surely have recused herself.

      Who pays James the troll ?

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