22 Years For Michael Souter

Readers will recall that this is the man that claimed that he was the victim of an huge conspiracy.

Still, the sentence  of 22 years speaks for itself.

No Judge Mental here!



A former BBC radio presenter has been jailed for 22 years for sex attacks on boys.

Michael Souter, 60, of Loddon, Norfolk, was convicted earlier this month of 19 sexual assaults on seven boys aged between 11 and 16.

Norwich Crown Court heard the offences took place between 1979 and 1999.

Souter, who worked for BBC Radio Norfolk in the 1980s, was a Venture Scouts leader, a mentor to young people and was allowed to adopt a child.

The court heard Souter, who also worked for Radio Clyde, used his local celebrity status to abuse his victims.

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9 responses to “22 Years For Michael Souter

  1. paul

    this is souters company,notice the pic of souter and max Clifford. its a small world

  2. Principle5000

    Better than 2 Years or a Suspended Sentence but still Capital
    Punishment is the Best Punishment for Physical Sexual Abuse of

    Equally for Advocating ” Legalisation ”

    As For ” Judge Mentals ” Sack Them

  3. I can’t help feeling the sentence has been wrongly reported – 22 years is way off the mark for offences such as these. Maybe the reporter muddled up concurrent with consecutive – not the first time a mistake like that has been made.

  4. Sabre

    Beware there be plenty of Judge Mentals sitting in the Court of Appeal !

  5. Anonymous

    At long last a sentence that fits the crime
    Makes original sentences on Hall and Ovenden a mockery and even the increased sentences are nowhere near enough especially as Ovenden continued to plead his innocence and still shows not one ounce of remorse
    This is the kind of sentence Peter Righton should have served for the total abuse of his national childcare status which gave him and his ring of paedophiles access to the most vulnerable children of all – those in the care system
    Now lets hope this trend continues and when the living are brought to justice ( instead of the safe option of exposing the dead ) they pay for the life sentences they have given some of their victims with the sentence that the crime deserves

  6. For the first time ever I am saying ‘Well done Judge’. Justice can be done. Lets hope this Judge is given a lot more cases concerning child abuse victims. I hope Michael Souter rots in prison.