Two men arrested in Operation Yewtree inquiry

Two men have been arrested in Operation Yewtree, Scotland Yard’s investigation into historical cases of sexual abuse.

The Metropolitan Police said the men, aged 64 and 74, were held at separate addresses in south London on Tuesday.

They were arrested on suspicion of sexual offences and taken into police custody, the Met said.

Operation Yewtree was set up following the Jimmy Savile scandal. The men were held under the strand of the inquiry police have termed “others”.

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13 responses to “Two men arrested in Operation Yewtree inquiry

  1. mazda1

    Well said Green. Naming suspects can also encourage people to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ & get their 15 mins of fame. Sadly there are people out there who make false allegations & these types of accusations seem to be the only cases where no actual evidence is required just one person’s word against anothers. Unfortunately in the past children who were genuine victims were not listened to but now in the current climate the pendulum has swung too far the other way & people can be arrested & convicted with the only ‘evidence’ being someone’s say so. Even language used is biased. Accusers are referred to as victims frequently. They aren’t victims until it is proven a crime has been committed against them. Innocent until proven guilty?!!

    • Vast majority of child abuse victims have taken what has happened to them to their graves, because they are so traumatised. Victims are finally finding the courage to come forward to try and get justice and closure and I say good luck to every one of them. Paedophiles pick on kids, who are terrorised into silence, have nightmares for the rest of their lives and are left feeling dirty, instead of the pervert. Paedophiled are manipulative, devious, extremely good liars and filth. Most of the time there is just them and their poor victim, so obviously it is the kids word against theirs. Paedos hold down normal jobs, can have lots of friends who have no idea what this person is really like and they worm their way into families and care homes and pounce when they think the time is ‘right’. Every child has a right to a childhood they want to remember and every victim has a right to ‘justice’. Even our government has been covering up for these monsters. It has to stop and it has to stop now. Enough is enough.

  2. Gavin

    It’s quite obvious if you think about it (location in particular) – and he is not being named as he is ‘holier than thou’ and has been throwing stones around his glasshouse fairly recently, shielded by his sexuality.
    This character has become very much a ‘Godfather’ figure in the realm of Radio media and, unlike most of the names dragged into this sham of an operation, does indeed have very high up (and ‘right on’) connections
    The police are deliberately mischief-making when they announce arrests like this – and it is not the former BBC ‘star’ and resident of Devon who’s name is being tossed around Twitter like confetti much to the delight of the mainstream media.

  3. Mike Mundy

    Once the name is known, other victims will come forward.

    • Hopefully that will happen. The more traumatised victims that find the courage to come forward, more will follow. When a paedo has finished with one victim they go onto the next. That’s why, apart from getting justice for yourself, it’s so important to report them.

  4. gw

    64 year old is a BBC “star” – “instantly recognisable” says Daily Mail – Liberty says decision not to name “chilling”

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  6. nuggy

    theres no need to name.

    genuine victims will know the names anyway.

  7. Martin

    These arrests man aged 64 years old man and a 74 years old man maybe Linked to Operation Yewtree arrest on a 80 year old man from the same area of South London on August 12th 2013 this person was a ex-photographer according to my source and these Two new suspects maybe have links to the TV or Radio Industry in the past likewise when both Wilfred De’ath ex Tv producer and former producer Ted Beston were both arrested early this year by MPS ( Yewtree ) both suspect in this case were released without charge after been on police bail for approx 5 months and it wouldn’t surprise me that another Yewtree suspect arrested on April 4th 2013 aged 65 year old man from Somerset was also involved in the TV or Radio business this suspect as of 16th October 2013 was also released without by MPS ( Yewtree ) wish Yewtree would name names as this would help possible new victims to come forward concerning possible sex abuse in the past to avoid possible future historical sex cases as when the CPS in Lancashire named Stuart Hall in the media new victims came forward in that event which lead to him been charged and convicted of sex abuse from the past.


    and other police operation stop hiding people names linked to sex abuse cases and be open to the general public and the media as this would be useful to possible victims that are scared to come forward.

    • Agree with you. I personally feel very few paedophiles stick to one ‘victim’. When they have finished with one, they go onto their next ‘target’. There is no magical ‘cure’ for these monsters & the only way of stopping them is jail or death. Naming names will hopefully give other victims the courage to come forward. So many poor, vulnerable, traumatised, terrified kids have taken what has happened to them to their graves. The whole country needs to stand up for what is ‘right’, help change the future and make sure this isn’t going to happen to their child. Naming names will help more victims to come forward and change the future, as there will be less evil paedophiles out their getting their hands on innocent kids. These sexual deviants are monsters who destroy lives. They leave kids traumatised. They take away their childhood. Lets put every last one of these low lifes where they belong – BEHIND BARS FOR LIFE!

      • green

        Names shouldn’t need to be named for victims to come forward. Knowing that police are investigating Savile, those connected with him, and other abuse cases should be enough to give them the courage to contact the police. Naming names does, however, make the story more exciting for bystanders, while making mob justice seem somehow justified to those who carry it out. A man has been burned alive in Bristol after being (wrongly) accused by his mob neighbours of being a paedo ( He had already been targeted for vandalism for some reason before they started a paedo rumour, but they’ve still been reported in the press as ‘vigilantes’ who ‘mistook’ him for a paedo. Perhaps those who like hanging, drawing and quartering suspects online before they’ve even seen a court room will see these people as have-a-go heros who were just doing their bit in the great paedo hunt, and the victim as a martyr to the cause.

  8. eviltorypervert

    why do you keep picking on my friends.

  9. Thousands to go ………………… Lets get them all and let kids out there have the childhood they so richly deserve. Paedophiles destroy kids lives and our weak government have a tendancy to let them walk. The tide is turning and its now the time for every kid in GB to be put FIRST. Keep human rights for humans, not filth!