The Politics of Kincoras Child Sexual Abuse – a Beginners Guide

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1985 Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Childrens Homes and Hostels by WH Hughes, WJ Patterson and H Whalley [1] aka The Report of the Hughes Inquiry into Kincora, the best known of the Kincora Reports was released by The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland) in response to a FOI request [2] at the end of August, about which I write this blog post [4]

This post is somewhat of a departure from other posts which have been about the release of institutional child sexual abuse Inquiry reports under Freedom of Information requests. This post tries to put that Report into some sort of context.

Although the Hughes report was shocking enough, revealing horrific long term child sexual abuse- it was limited by its terms of reference to looking at the social services, which stopped it looking at wider paedophile rings and the roleā€¦

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  3. Fear Feirsteach

    I know you focus primarily on child-abuse but if you truly wish to know how sinister the British state is you need look no further than former BBC correspondent, Anne Cadwallaher’s newly-published book, British Collusion in Ireland, or for a first-hand account, former RUC sergeant John Weir’s avadavit.