Why a Whitewash Won’t Wash

It is not hard to see why many believe thatwhitewash 2 the outrageous behaviours and cover-ups that were common in the past continue today.
Just consider these three examples:

The late (Sir) Jimmy Savile
The late (Sir) Peter Morrison
The late (Sir) Cyril Smith

Will Police Operations Fairbank, Fernbridge, and its sibling investigations into abuse dating back over 40 years
be ‘different this time?’

One could be forgiven for thinking that it will be more of the same and ‘business as usual’. It seems that little, if any, real investment has been made to resolve these crimes and eradicate child sexual abuse:

The fact that only 25 police in total are working in the Met Police’s paedophile unit, despite an increase in victims coming forward over the past year.
The fact that only 8 officers (from the 25 above) are working on Operation Fairbank.
The fact that many witnesses are being screened by charity-based organisations which are now at breaking point.

Where are the signs of real care and concern from our government and authorities?
Where is the determination and most importantly, where is the investment?

Will it really be ‘different this time?’

The definition of a fool is said to be someone who expects that doing the same thing over and over again will produce a different result.

For it to be ‘different this time’, something major needs to have changed.

That major change could lie in this paradigm shift: Historically, the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been quite compliant to government requests. For example, although ‘D’ (and now ‘DA’) notices are only advisory, it is usual for MSM to comply with them. But this compliance also seems to extend beyond the formal notices, and into the realms of the Gentleman’s Club. Such cosiness is a tradition that spans many decades. The reward for loyalty might even be some gong or other awarded to the higher echelons in the press organisations.

Today, Alternative Media don’t necessarily share those aspirations. Many thousands of bloggers are very alert to what is really happening and their sites are already serious competition for MSM. It’s not just the blogs, of course, there are the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and the Internet Chatrooms and Forums.

Out there is a whole new world of social media and alternative news that the establishment is only now trying to gets to grips with. Wikileaks illustrates the changing of this paradigm.

So how successful would a ‘cover-up’ be today?

Survivors and witnesses would have ready mouthpieces for their stories on the alternative news sites, as would the police or other officials and would-be whistleblowers who knew the truth. Blogs would be scrambling to tell the full story and places like Twitter and Internet Forums would be on fire.

Assuming that MSM played their traditional role there’d be no leakage there. But, would they continue to play by the old rules?
MSM’s life blood is being threatened by these internet upstarts (in fact some journalists have already jumped ship into these alternative news channels).
How long would it be before the first MSM caved and broke ranks with the old guard? Maybe it’s happening already?

So, is a cover-up possible?
Yes, of course it is, but is it as likely to stick? I doubt it.

Remember that there are thousands upon thousands of ordinary people who are utterly revolted by the crimes of abuse against children committed both in the past and the present. Included in these many thousands of people are serving police officers, judges, barristers, care workers and journalists, to name a few, and they also want to see these evil creatures brought to justice.

There is a ground swell of feeling that has been thoroughly misjudged by people who should know better. Throwing out another dead paedophile for the public to feast on isn’t going to wash anymore.

‘It may be that you are a vital witness or that you possess crucial evidence, or that you have information that Operation Fairbank need to complete the picture. To these people I want to say, please do not assume that someone else is going to provide that information. Please step forward and help.’
The Operation Fairbank telephone number- 0207 1610500

Stepping forward to add your voice as a witness is the way to avoid a whitewash.

Call 0800 085 3330 free from landlines, 3, EE, Vodafone and Virgin mobile phones.
Call 0808 801 0331 free from O2, EE and Vodafone mobile phones.


Call 0800 800 5000

Operation Fairbank
Call 0207 161 0500


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21 responses to “Why a Whitewash Won’t Wash

  1. prefer to remain anonymous

    Please dont think those in authority are not listening. The new guidance has done more than most people realise. Lots of gaps have been closed and info that could be witheld from police and was on legal grounds now cannot be. This was actually down to the rules in place for a long time. But this has clarified things for everyone. And opens up the way for many cases again historic, current and future. Keep going – voices are being heard.

    • I hope that is the case, but every day I am reading about cover ups & Judges making extremely ‘dodgy’ decisions, where guilty paedophiles are concerned. So, understandably, I have very ‘little faith’ in our government and the so called ‘justice system’ that seems to be on the side of these monsters in most cases. No cure for these evil sexual deviants and I doubt very much there ever will be. No child is safe with even one of them walking the streets are they.

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        This has literally just happened. Itmeans that the cps can put info into criminal cases they have not been able to before. Plus the myths are at least addressed so if judges make decisions still using myth they will have to explain why. Now more than ever is the time to keep going. Keep making people explain decisions, judgements etc. And make sure they DO follow their own rules. Now they have them!

      • Hi Agree with what you have said above. I know there are some MPs doing their best for kids, just too few of them. ‘Cover ups’ aren’t going to work any more as far as VIP paedophiles are concerned, because victims aren’t prepared to keep their mouths shut any longer and the number speaking out is growing day by day. Doesn’t matter if it is someone earning ten pounds a week or someone people regard as a ‘VIP’, no one on this earth has a right to sexually abuse a child and get away with it. If the government carry on trying to do ‘cover ups’ of ‘cover ups’, then they are mistaken if they think victims & people that DO CARE about kids are going to crawl away, tail between their legs and keep quiet. They aren’t. This is the turning point in history and people that want to see kids having a childhood they want to remember are all going to speak out and nothing on this earth is going to stop them from doing just that.!!!

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        There are also people fighting tooth and nail for kids. In parliament. They rarely get mentioned. Or noticed. Child abuse covers so many gov departments no-one knows who is responsible for the cross overs at times due to the multi-agency approach. Its now so complex and there is no-one fully bringing it all together. That Is part of the problem today.

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        What I would like to see is someone who has responsibility for co-ordinating all child protection issued across ALL gov departments too. So no-one can pass the buck. The everyone is responsible for child safeguarding is fabulous. I am happy this is stated on record. But there MUST be someone in a role to make sure there is no more passing the buck because no-one thinks its their departments job.

      • Totally agree with you. Someone who has responsibility for co-ordinating all child protection issues across ALL government departments is a wonderful idea. Everyone has a duty to protect kids, because they cannot protect themselves. They are very vulnerable.

        It’s not only people trying to ‘pass the buck’ when things go wrong. Our governments have also been covering up for known VIP paedophiles for decades and this must never ever be allowed to happen again. ‘Covering up cover ups, won’t wash with the general public or child abuse victims any more. I think they have had enough. No one has a right to interfere sexually with a child, no matter who they or anyone else thinks they are. Every child has a right to be ‘paedophile free’ and to be a ‘child’.

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        Currently dept of ed is meant to be responsible. You aska health related child prot issue and they will not be able to answer. But dept of health will not either. Unless its on a current document. Because although the approach locally is meant to be multi-agency with ss co-ordinating things – at gov level it does not apply in the same way.

      • prefer to remain anonymous

        This is going to be a tough one to crack but there are many who are not prepared to sit and take it anymore. But its finding the person who will listen and will act. Its finding the people who have influence to make changes that will equally help to expose things for what they are. This is where there is a balance between exposing the cover ups and making damn sure that there is something in place to stop it happening ever again. They are of equal importance I think.

      • Totally agree with your comments. There are so many kind, caring, decent people on the planet, that adore kids and want to protect them. The only way for ‘change’ is for more and more people to speak out and those in authority, who have the ‘clout’, can make it happen. A lot of people have ‘influence’ and we need those people to come forward and not take ‘no’ for an answer.

  2. I’m unsure if I’m allowed to ask for help…but going to anyway…..I’m a survivor of Quarrier’s Orphan Homes, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire. For me a long past hellish period, that aside I’ve done much to track, trace John Walker ex house parent who worked in Quarrier’s during the 60’s-early 70’s. Walker was given a glowing reference from Quarries which enabled him to work once again with young children in yet another Scottish institutional organisation. Strangely Quarrier’s have no personnel records of past employees, I’m also still (big sigh) unable (after some 30 plus years) to enlist the help of the police as I don’t have enough personal information on Walker therefore the task of tracing this serial paedophile would prove time consuming and difficult for any one not interested in truth and justice. Being an avid fan of truth and justice it doesn’t matter to me if Walker is no longer prowling our shared planet, his demise has no bearing on truth and justice and my ability to attain deserved closure. Apologies if I have been too forward in asking for help….and if allowed/forthcoming a humble thanks for help and advice.

  3. if anyone isnt sure about spartacus and coltsfoot press i just thought id share this with you all..


  4. amazes me that in my readings that spartacus was regarded as ‘experts’ on man boy ‘love’ hmm that would be the experts who were arrested and charged and convicted of crimes would it?

  5. Claire


  6. Anon

    I applaud the optimism but to quote the cig papers blog “if you loved 1984 you are going to love 2014”

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  8. Paedophiles have probably been around since the beginning of time. This is the first time in history that this ‘revolting’ subject is actually being openly discussed. Savile has opened the ‘box’ and every one out there has a ‘duty’ to make sure that kids have a childhood they want to remember! So many traumatised kids have ‘taken what happened to them’ to their graves, because they had the s… scared out of them. I’ve been reading about so many ‘cover ups’ recently and ‘dodgy’ Judges letting known paedos go, that I have got to boiling point. Poor kids in care, who haven’t got a loving family around them poor things, got at by people who should be caring for them and VIP paedophiles. This is sick beyond words. The amount of people that must have known about Savile & what has gone in care homes and kept their mouths shut, makes me want to vomit. Shame on every person who has ‘looked the other way’ or helped cover up for these low life sexual deviants, you are as low as the perverts.

  9. aliharris

    Heads Up ….The Police are still failing to follow correct procedure in these matters, sometimes saying that the course they will take is NFA. This is procedurally and legally incorrect, they are investigators not lawyers and therefore not competent at taking such decisions as to what is and what is nto relevant.

  10. after the embarassment over the dail mail using a fake photo on kenya terrorist story (spot the text vs photo competition always fun to play)) and bbc failing to cover the manchester protest recently i stated that the way things are going before long msm will become redundant.