Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge Telephone Number

How many witnesses does it take to get a conviction?

Obviously, it varies, but I’m guessing if I were asking a policeman that question he’d probably tell me that you simply can’t have too many witnesses.

There is a reason for me pointing this out. At some time in the future, it could be a year from now or even two years, but at some time Operation Fairbank and the historic abuse operations that have arisen from it will become inactive (investigations technically never close). Now, that certainly isn’t going to happen before the trials of the three people already charged and, if there are more arrests, the date will get pushed back, but it will happen at some point.

The Metropolitan Police’s Paedophile Unit has around 25 police officers and eight of those are working on Operation Fairbank-related historic investigations. They’ve not had any increase in resources over this last year despite the widely reported increase in victims coming forward nationally and their primary focus must always be to intervene in cases where a child is in danger right now. I don’t believe anyone, regardless of how passionate they are about seeing justice for those making historic allegations, would question that the protection of children today, right now, must always be their priority.

It is simply naive to think that The Met are going to keep a dedicated team, one third of the Paedophile Unit, looking at historic allegations indefinitely.

So, this really is it. Operation Fairbank exists to try to bring to justice those who may have escaped it for the past 40 years. I cannot foresee that there will ever be a dedicated Met police operation looking at these matters quite like this one ever again.

What I’m trying to get around to saying is this; if you are a witness with information that can help, or a victim of abuse related to Elm Guest House or have any allegation of a similar nature which relates to a VIP, whether that is an MP, member of the House of Lords, or anyone in a position of authority then if you do not contact Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge/Cayacos with that information while these investigations are still active, it will be far harder to get justice afterwards.

I’m acutely aware that there may be victims of child sexual abuse who have moved on with their lives, they may be married and perhaps their spouses are unaware of what happened to them as a child. They may read The Needle and they may be hoping that the person that abused them will receive the justice that they know that person deserves but they are unwilling to come forward themselves. To these people I would say that I’m confident any communication you have with this dedicated team would be treated with delicacy and respect for your current situation.  It may well be that you could provide the final piece of the jigsaw that sees the person who abused you put behind bars.

It may be that a victim of child sexual abuse feels that previous trouble with the law means that the police will not take them seriously. To these people I want to say that I can assure you that that is not the case. You will be listened to and accorded the same courtesy as anyone else.

It may be that you are a vital witness or that you possess crucial evidence, or that you have information that Operation Fairbank need to complete the picture. To these people I want to say, please do not assume that someone else is going to provide that information. Please step forward and help.

To help you in this I’m going to supply the Operation Fairbank telephone number- 0207 1610500

I’ve had this number since the beginning of the year. I’ve only passed it on to two others in that time and I’ve only called it myself twice. If you ring that number you will be asked to leave a message and someone will call you back. On the couple of occasions I’ve called a very nice female detective, whose name I will not make public, has called me back. Please be aware that this team are very busy but they will call you back.

Here is the telephone number for Operation Fairbank again – 0207 1610500

If you are a victim, a witness, or someone with vital information please give that number a call.

One note of caution, the police don’t need your theories or your speculation, please do not call them unless you really do have valuable information.

Now, I know that not everyone feels comfortable talking to the police and so I want to give two other telephone numbers. Both NAPAC and the NSPCC are recommended contacts if you feel you can not contact the police directly, or if you wish to talk to someone in confidence before talking to the police.


NAPAC provides the only national freephone support line for adults who have suffered any type of abuse in childhood. Because of the large volume of calls we are sorry that many people are unable to get through. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to call you back which also means that any answerphone messages cannot be answered.

Call 0800 085 3330 for free from landlines, 3, EE, Vodafone and Virgin mobile phones.
Call 0808 801 0331 for free from O2, EE and Vodafone mobile phones.

Telephone support line opening hours:

Email support – Please send your emails to support@napac.org.uk





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  3. mrsWorried

    Oh forget it – not part of your inner circle obviously, wont comment again – carry on

  4. mrsWorried

    WHY? Are you encouraging people to contact the nspcc? Please all, read this and then think about how much you trust this “charity”

  5. James Davies

    Reblogged this on Gotelee PI Blog.

  6. liz davies

    Thankyou Gojam for this excellent support and advice to those who could be helpful to the investigations. I do feel that we are at a turning point. The backlash is clearly evident particularly from those academics who are currently very actively promoting the moral panic arguments without reference to survivor accounts or available evidence. These are gaining ground in trying to discredit evidence of abuse networks by saying that these are being exaggerated in the media and by the public. However the opposite is the case as it has actually been very difficult to get well investigated and informed mainstream media coverage of organised crime against children.
    See http://moralpanicseminars.wordpress.com
    for more detail of what is being said by some of these academics and how insulting this perspective is to victims, survivors and whistleblowers. Of course these same academics are teaching a generation of students. I just hope some of their students will read your blog and think for themselves.

    • anon

      Liz I had no idea of this. This is not good news for those who will be influenced by it. There is a balance between helping frightened people come forward and supporting them and suggesting that things are being exaggerated. It is of particular concern as you say that they are training the future generations of social workers. I would like to clarify this is what I meant by my comments above and make a distinction between the two. The idea that people are either obsessive or exaggerate are pervading way too much of late on too many levels. Presumably there are graduates already out there with this taken on board?

  7. anonymous

    I would like to endorse everything Liz Davies has said ( yes it is the real Liz Davies )
    Only victims matter nothing else
    There are unfortunately too many distractions and too many agendas
    This can be a watershed moment
    We have to trust Fernbridge to do the best job they can and we need the mainstream media and the socia media to keep asking the questions
    There are still too many good people out there with key information and evidence who are choosing to remain silent . WHY. It’s a lot easier for you to come forward than it is for a victim
    I am still waiting for a reply from David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband to my Open Letter. Plan B needed if nothing comes of it.

    • prefer to remain anonymous

      I think there are so many reasons people won’t come forward its impossible to ever answer. What does not help at points though is fear. Because if fear is a trigger it will keep them silent. There is too much fear surrounding the entire abuse to begin with. So there needs to be some balance restored for which I am grateful to the needleblog. Grateful to the above posts. Please don’t let fear win anymore. Be brave and even if you cannot face court your info could help. Dont let them win anymore.

  8. prefer to remain anonymous

    Hear hear. Information can be just as important. New guidance helpful as even if a victim is not able to go in the court to give evidence – their information should still be looked at to see if it helps join dots. It can only take that one vital thing to unravel so much more.

  9. Bandini

    I have no idea if the comment below is from the ‘real’ Liz Davies or not, but as it ties in with the gist of this article I’ve included it:

    lizdavies6:40pm on Sun, 20th October 2013 Report This Comment

    I exposed the Islington child abuse scandal in the 90s and there were cover ups of course – now well documented. However, I have worked with many dedicated and skilled police officers over the years in investigating crimes against children and networks of abuse. It is really important not to confuse the police Chris Fay is speaking about with those who are now striving to investigate these historic and current issues. Operation Fernbridge team at Scotland Yard is a small team of highly committed officers who need all the help they can get. I know it isn’t easy at all but victims, witnesses and whistleblowers need to contact this team and help them to gain the evidence for prosecutions and to protect children who are currently at risk.

    From The Express article

  10. Gojam, have you seen all the natter about the Savile interview with the police being redacted to remove Savile’s references to the royal family? Seems the Sunday People is challenging the decision and demanding to know why it was “in the public interest” to redact such references.

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