The Boy Business


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  1. There is good news about the child victim featured in “the Bjorn tapes” – he was not murdered! Nick Davies reported this very welcome news in April of 1998; “Following the story in the Guardian, which was linked to an ITV documentary, Dutch police traced Bjorn’s accent to an area in the north of Holland, where they combed through files of reported child abuse – and found him…” !!
    For several years, I had been convinced that there was proof of Russian mobsters involved in child porn production having created and sold a genuine snuff film. I had even stated this, in some online discussions of this topic – that these Blue Orchid child porn perverts had filmed the murder of a boy in a video titled “Theif’s Punishment”. Much to my surprise and great relief, I eventually came across a Russian news story wherein the victimized boy in that video testified against Victor Razumov aka “the punisher”, in court – meaning that the boy was still alive!
    I don’t know what to think about Edward. He seems very sincere and no doubt has good intentions.

  2. if you watch the peter righton documentary at a certain point the narrator mentions he knew ppl in the there its clear as day begging the question why was this not followed up..??

    btw the cops in the boy business are same ones in “the hunt for britains paedophiles”
    who arrested julian levine and co…

  3. @gojam ironic as i have just been watching this again…btw ive made a post connected to EGH am not sure but i think i am reading the word ‘snuff’ in connection with amsterdam and a victim taken there.

  4. Anon

    “nothing to see here” – standard police response to snuff

    I wonder if Edward is still alive?