Nick Davies: ‘A Paedophile Ring In Amsterdam’

As always with award winning journalist Nick Davies, you get investigative journalism at its best. As this article from The Guardian March 1997 demonstrates.

Three British men who lived in Amsterdam in the early 1990s have spoken quite independently of each other of their knowledge of paedophile “snuff movies”. All agree that they were made in Amsterdam by British paedophiles. Two of them name the same individuals, though neither admits to his own involvement. One of them appears openly in the Network First documentary. He has identified two houses where he says the films were made; he has named two Dutch criminals who he says were involved in distributing the films; he has given detailed descriptions of the boys in the films, described a club in Oslo where one of them was picked up, and he has identified a lake where he says their bodies were thrown. His allegations to Network First have been taken seriously by Scotland Yard, who have interviewed him twice at length, and by Dutch police who last month (March) launched a formal murder inquiry.

The origins of this extraordinary story lie in a small incident which briefly disturbed the calm of the British Embassy in Amsterdam on the morning of August 3 1993. The Dutch police called to say that on the previous night, they had found a young British boy who needed help to get back to England. The boy was telling a very odd tale. He said he had been held against his will in Amsterdam in some kind of brothel and that he had escaped by climbing out of a toilet window and running through the streets until he found a policeman. The British Embassy repatriated the boy and alerted Scotland Yard.

The boy’s name was Gary, he was 14-years old, he had grown up on a rough estate in the north east of England, he had never met his father and already he had spent years dodging in and out of trouble with the law. He described how several months earlier, he and his friend, Peter, also then 14 , had run away together and gone to London, sleeping rough in squats, begging and thieving for a living. Their main aim, he admitted, had been to get out of their heads, and so they had a contacted a man whom Gary had met once in the street, a helpful man who had given Gary his pager number and said certainly he could always get Gary drugs. His name was Warwick Spinks.

The Guardian


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  1. scoobuss

    i reported this to the police a long time ago when i went there and Berlin with thomas innes hardie/hardy Scotland. He asked me to go with him to Amsterdam and Berlin. yet he promised to show me around the sites in both Amsterdam and Berlin and did not in neither. One day I left our room and went to the trams when we were in a hotel in Berlin. I returned and said good morning to the receptionist and he looked at me strangely and then went to reach for the phone. I when i got to my floor and near our room a male prostitute left and i had spoken to him earlier. he was there with his mother he claimed to also work at tobacco factory in Hamburg, he looked under-age and he said he had worked there for a long time that would have made him older much older than he said, 19. I returned to UK but I reported it to authorities and Innes tried to say it was me and I was rigorously searched because Innes had claimed other things about me. A female airport police authority woman was bearing down on me and I said something like is that Stilton Dutch or Swiss cheese cos it’s off and making me ill. she backed off and said I was the victim here and they were going to hold Innes but I insisted on him returning and make his excuses here. I later went to Innes’ flat to arrange a trip to Geneva but he asked me to leave earlier and I was slow in leaving, when I left a male theme prostitute (drag) came in with a child prostitute. Elizabeth Brown and Tania Brown (formerly Arthur) took me around the doors to sell, one such place was a sweet shop near Finnies Motors to meet a pedophile. They are Gay Pedophile networks, Johanna Bedrichov and Pavlina Kapickova and Eniko Smith and Dora Nemith are in that Game. Go around the pole dancers shops/clubs saunas and see all the connections, plant self contained devices in these clubs especially gay clubs and you will know much much more. I know from personal experience from my family background and child and adult care and the religious and military establishments. Hotels too, here and abroad Jarvas Ramada too.

    The writing’s on the wall, in my room???!!!! ;-)

    [Edit full address given but redacted.]

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  3. @gojam on thos very subject i have re checked the MM list and if my eyesight is not failing or i am not reading the handwritten text this is what i am seeing..

    “Rusty” ( a victim ) -> (Br*ce D*vis) taken to Amsterdam.Was in care (Ted Howarths affair)-> SW was stingemore (Grafton)

    just above the “Br*ce D*vis” text i am reading ‘Pocs snuff / SnM

    now if am reading this correctly then it suggest that videos featuring the murder of kids was connected to EGH…

    i will check this..but as i say if am reading this right then this is pretty serious…also i gather there was some speculation at the time whether warwick spinks was involved….