Madeleine McCann


Some have criticised the McCann’s for leaving their children alone while eating with friends.

“If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Caesar answer’d it.”

I can not feel it in my heart to make a hard time even harder for parents who have lost their daughter under such distressing circumstances.

If you are really interested in the truth, then you’ll help to identify people of interest to Operation Grange, including the person in the e-fit above.

If you have information please call 0500 600 600


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  2. CD

    You really need to read Goncalo Amarals book “The Truth of The Lie”. Rico Sorda, the Jersey blogger describes the Maddie case as mirror image of the Jersey investigation – trash the original investigation. But the evidence still exposes the truth, as shocking and as unpalatable as this may be. Review the Gaspar statements, statements of Yvonne Martin (social worker), examine the findings of the cadaver dogs. There is massive cover-up going on, a whitewash. The tip of the iceberg of what may be another establishment child abuse cover-up.

  3. LJMT

    @pendantic. Lots of people thought the same, and “The Daily Mail” had a small piece saying anyone who thought that was a horrendous internet troll and layabout with nothing better to do with their time than pass malicious rumours around the internet. I keep on meeting people who instantly thought the same. And so did I. So did my husband. I guess we are all this malicious group of 100 horrid internet trolls. But the police put these pictures out for people to identify them!!
    We are supposed to believe that the new timeline is cast iron certain, and that 1 or more people carried a four year old girl through a window visible from across the way without either being seen or leaving a mark on the window. Quite some feat. Confusing? Or what?
    No, you’re not the only one!

  4. PendanticGeek

    Is it me or does the e-fit on the right look like Mr McCann?

  5. Confused

    Hi Gojam I agree with you people and glass houses come to mind……

    In my own confused way it seems to me like another cover up like the ones you mentioned last week in terms of high profile trials distracting us from the real issue.

    Let’s not beat up the McCanns nobody more that them knows the fallout of their decision that night. Hold up your hands all of you who have never left your children. They were very close by and checking regularly.

    Whilst everyone is beating them with a stick we are side tracked from the suggestion that this was planned and they were being watched this is the real issue. Some of the sightings of men hanging around were prior to them arriving in Portugal. What is that all about I wonder is there something else here?

    Something does not add up – do not get sidetracked by propaganda. That’s what you all say on here all the time so why is it different in this case?

    • john carey

      they were babies and no i have not left my `babies` unattended at home or abroad for the simple reason it is wrong not just a little wrong a great big large massive wrong ok?

      As stated previously if I did that `crime` would lose my other babies and expect to because I have been criminal in neglecting my babies to go on the piss.

  6. Topsy

    Let us hope that Madeline is found safe and well. The question I have is why is the taxpayer funding much of this case? This is described as ‘unusual’ by the media but they do not seem to pursue this question. I do not believe other families who have lost children in horrible circumstances receive such generous financial help.

  7. Why did kate refuse to answer 48 questions by police. Why do they insist dog evidence is no good? What about the gaspar statement? They are liars to the extreme.

    • john carey

      also Gerry`s dad was an MP – also he is (was) part of a quango regarding effects of nuclear emissions/power etc etc on people – Gerry likes emissions – no disrespect I LOVE A DRINK but even I would not leave 3 babies on their own – something is dodgy!

      my `bench plate` for a parent who is looking for their child was that poor woman who was mother to the child killed by Hindley and Brady scoured the hills to her death trying to find her sons grave.

      Mc Canns nasty people – end of story!

      • nuggy

        there seems to be a whole load of people who run around the internet spreading disnfo about this case and i have to wonder what there motives are.

  8. OyiaBrown

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  9. green

    It’s good to see that you’re taking this stance, gojam. It’s difficult to understand why so many people seem to derive such pleasure from kicking others when they are down. I hope the McCanns find their daughter.

  10. paul

    gojam check this out.its LOBSTER 32 robin ramsays old magazine just seen it on scribd

    read page 33,section on hints from ministers,about our old friend leon. very interesting,if someone has got the guardian,observer and private eye issues mentioned in the footnotes that would be very interesting and revealing

    • paul

      gojam this is the quote from page 33 of lobster 32
      “The then Home Secretary, Ieon Brittan, was so unhappy with
      the performance of MI5 that he threatened a drastic reorganisation.
      Reliable press sources believe that the Security Service
      retaliated by spreading rumours about Brittan’s sex life, even
      producing anonymous fliers containing these allegations.”

    • nuggy

      yes i remember reading on similar lines along time ago its was to do with the killing of that wpc outside the Libyan embassy.

  11. TheDogsDontLie

    The source of the sighting already identified the man in 2008 by his distinctive posture and walk. Two forensics dogs agreed. Or were they lying. When old news has to be recycled as breaking news, and testimony has to be overlooked to make the illusion work to a peculiar narrative, something is very wrong. The prime suspects have failed all rigors of investigation, have no credibility, and any search beyond that glaring truth is simply bread and circus.


    I think it was a bit funny how the man offered to go and check on kids for the Mcannes,and didunt see anything as the two men went at the same time,how come they werent mentionend ,plus the two females when the two men go and check,i think that was a distaction.I think somebody in that group eating the meal isunt taleing the truth,lets pray Madeline is SAFE…..