Op Fairbank: Exaro Reveal New Leads Concerning Ex-Minister

“Detectives have opened two new lines of enquiry in their investigation of a former Conservative cabinet minister over historical allegations of child sex abuse.

“Exaro has established that police are examining claims that the ex-minister is one of six former Conservative MPs who frequented gay brothels in Amsterdam three decades ago to have sex with boys.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit is also investigating a claim that, around 30 years ago, a boy in care in London was driven out of town to a property where he was sexually abused by the same ex-minister.”

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  1. kd

    What do we know about Thorn Garth?
    There’s next to nothing on the net that I can find.

  2. From yesterday’s Popbitch… FYI: Then again, tabloids haven’t totally
    cleaned up their act post-Leveson. Some
    victims of one of the Yewtree arrestees
    have been approached so often that a
    court order has been sent out to stop it.

  3. gw

    Brief google turns up this from The Tap: http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/list-of-childrens-institutions-where.html

    West Yorkshire Archive Service has 1 box on Thorn Garth containing:
    “stock account 1954-1961, account for boys’ pocket money 1959-1980 and inventory 1969-1973” according to:

  4. Gojam I’ve been following this story about Elm for a year like others.

    Why on earth hasn’t the “ex minister” been arrested yet? Are the police still collecting evidence?

    • gw

      If I can offer my 2p…

      I’m not privy to anything but my gut tells me that the EGH stuff has been a tough nut to crack. Given what happened in the 80s this doesn’t really surprise me. They went after him with the over-the age of consent rape allegation however the CPS advised them to drop it – as referenced in the exaro article. Don’t forget this all took place sometime ago and was a conspiracy in the literal sense. I was told by a fairly senior broadsheet journalist back in February that this would be “very big news in the summer” so on that timeline things don’t look tooo bad.

    • circumnambulating

      When they’re not donning aprons, white glove and gilt chains, yeah. In their spare moments.

  5. martin


    Thorn Garth School (Closed – Aug. 31, 1990)
    310 Leeds Road
    West Yorkshire

  6. martin

    The Currently location for the above address is now called THE LODGE, LEEDS ROAD, IDLE, BRADFORD BD10 9AQ and IMMANUEL COLLEGE

    • kd

      Looks like it is, or rather it was, on an area of land called Simpson Green. I’m amazed how little there is on this place.

      • tony

        just to let you know, i’m now 47 years old, i was at thorn garth in 1980, i was 12 years old, many times abused there by one night staff member, untill one night he took me to a room down the landing, put me in a room with a chubby old man with brases to hold up his trousers, the next day 2 of us absconded, and i begged social services not to send me back, they moved me to another care home in ilkley, the police are aware!

  7. ex-officer

    Real problem that is coming to light and it disturbs me. No its not the Police – they are doing the right thing – but something is not right. You see I have a good memory and notes. Lets say there is something seriously wrong.
    Sorry. I did not think I would ever doubt but thats the price we pay for a transparent justice system.

  8. hi I was a child who was raped at the age of 8 yrs old and due to my mothers drinking was put in st lenards in the 70s I was ment to be kept safe there my dave dattner and alan prescott used to take me to the swimming pool and abuse me there so me and my sister would run away we was either found at home with our father who kept me safe or we was found walking the streets of kings cross soho or east london when they was sexually abusing me they would tell me its our secret and no one would believe me just like he man who raped me when I was 8 but police kept taking us back there and I was abused again and agan thro out the 70s I became very disturbed child and was placed in a boarding school for uncontrolabe children by this time I trusted no one and kept meeting my sister and running away I need anyone who can help me tell my side of the sexuall abuse in st lenards childrens homes please contact me thaank you s m

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  10. Bishop Brightly

    Which takes us to the company who organised the Dutch venture, mates with the rawro scum.

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