Exclusive on Exaro: New police leads in ex cabinet minister paedophile investigation

Westminster Confidential

The Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge is following new leads in their investigation into sexual abuse allegations involving a former Tory Cabinet minister.
The investigation is now looking at new allegations involving links to gay brothels in Amsterdam and a now closed residential school with some special needs children in the North of England near Bradford. It is also looking at allegations from a boy in care in London who was taken out of town to a house where he was sexually abused by the same minster.
The full story by me and Mark Conrad is now on the free to view Exaro Newswebsite .
The disclosure should quell unfounded rumours that Operation Fernbridge is being run down and closed.
The main reason for this fear is that a line of investigation involving the ex Cabinet minister has hit a problem. A complaint dating from the 1960s by a young…

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21 responses to “Exclusive on Exaro: New police leads in ex cabinet minister paedophile investigation

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  2. allan smith

    one of many no doubt, the numbers of homosexuals visiting these boys
    is astronomical, why it was made legal is because of pressure by the homosexual lobby

    • The gay movement was infiltrated by paedos

      • green

        Ok, this may not be politically correct but it needs to be asked: what’s the difference between a gay man who likes boys and a paedo who targets boys? Are we supposed to believe that gay men who visited brothels, i.e. were promiscuous anyway and happy to exploit others for personal gratification, drew a strict line on the age of the sexual partners? Was the gay movement really infiltrated or did the paedos who liked boys have reason to feel at home there? Saying the movement was “infiltrated” could just be a way for some to try to distance themselves from activity that is now known about and frowned on.

  3. TFS

    What ever happened to Operation Ore?

  4. @Gojam can you please check your latest email from me please because if it the link is connected to who I think it is then there might be a confession in it..if I am reading it right…all the same again the coincidence factor is still happening…OK pls get back to me ..I’ve mailed Chris as well…

  5. “To illustrate this, I thought it might be interesting to give a brief historical account of the word ‘paedophile’ – or perhaps of my own personal experience of it.”

    To quote from the link..

    @gojam. Your thoughts please…

  6. Paul smith

    Things are never that simple, my father who died last year was a police constable all his life and never wanted promotion.
    He told us that London care homes were sending boys in taxis to parties in
    several places but mainly Brighton to be used in sex games. He said they were protected by AIPAC which is some jewish group witha lot of clout, he said many policemen were angry at this but could do nothing

    • @paul smith yep sounds familiar Brighton parties shows up in other blogs and investigations and CHE conference and an attack on a six year old boy by paedos..

    • Hopeful

      You just look stupid with your anti-Jewish stuff, and don’t do justice to the victims by making their suffering part of your distorted world view.

      • Hi Hopeful.

        AIPAC is a Jewish group.


        I’m very careful to keep anti-Semitic comments from here and as far as I’m aware Paul Smith hasn’t posted before and so it’s not appropriate to suggest that he’s always posting Anti-Jewish stuff.

        If I took a censorious view about Christian groups, no one would be able to discuss child abuse in the Catholic or Anglican church

        Child abusers come from all religions and none.

  7. Mbeni

    I’ve had dealings with Exaro and would never deal with them again on any subject. Naive and reckless people with an over inflated idea of their own abilities. They are at the margins of news and I’d not trust them 1 Angstrom.

  8. Bishop Brightly

    Great news. Tricker and his web of companies to fund the “Dutch venture”, linked to RAWRO and all funded by fat paedos.

    The police do finally seem to be showing they are on the right track. Our fat Tory ex minister was involved in a lot more than elm guest house.

  9. Paul smith

    The pro-socialist website aangerfan has been covering child abuse
    ina way which condones it, they have taken a pro homosexual stance, regular contributors to the site say their comments have been altered and slanted to be in favour of child abuse

  10. Bishop Brightly

    In unrelated questions wasn’t Leon Brittan involved in AIPAC?

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  12. Principle5000

    Establishment Figures should Not be Allowed to Get Away with Child
    Abuse Pure and Simple