Operation Outreach: Letter To Former Duncroft Pupils


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Dear Former Duncroft pupils

I apologise that this letter has not appeared on this forum until now.

“Anna Raccoon” has kindly agreed to allow us to post this letter on her site.

I am posting this letter on the forum on behalf of Surrey Police and Barnardo’s as we are trying to trace all pupils who were at Duncroft School for Girls, Staines in the 1970’s.

Surrey Police and Barnardo’s are working together in order to find out what happened at Duncroft during the 1970’s and to offer support to any former pupil who might have been a victim or witness to abuse. Surrey Police are continuing to investigate this period when Jimmy Savile was visiting to establish as complete a picture as possible.

If you are a former pupil I would like to give you the opportunity to make contact with the Police or Barnardo’s and describe your experiences there. It is important to stress that it is not the intention of the police or Barnardo’s to cause you any distress by making contact. Please be assured that the welfare of victims is the primary concern of both Surrey Police and Barnardo’s. This is a search for the truth and you will be believed.

If you feel that you have some information that you wish to tell police please contact us on any of the below methods:-

By email:- operationoutreach@surrey.pnn.police.uk

We request that you provide your name at the time you attended Duncroft, together with any name you may be using now. Your date of birth and current contact details are also required. This will assist us in dealing with any information we receive.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Barnardo’s.  Making Connections is the part of Barnardo’s which manages the archive of personal child care records, and provides a comprehensive access to records service to all adults who were formally in the care of, or adopted through the organisation. Barnardo’s takes all allegations of abuse very seriously and the Making Connections team will provide you with support following any disclosure of abuse.

Barnardo’s Making Connections team can be contacted on 0208 498 7536; makingconnections@barnardos.org.uk or by writing to Making Connections, Barnardo’s Head Office, Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex IG6 1QG.

Support is available for those who suffered abuse whilst a child and in care and we would encourage you to contact the below agencies if you feel this support would be beneficial to you.

NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children):-

0808 800 5000

NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood):-

0800 085 3330 – from landline or Virgin, Orange or 3 Mobile

0808 801 0331 from O2, Vodafone and T Mobile

Yours sincerely

Matthew Durkin

Detective Inspector

Deputy Senior Investigating Officer, Surrey Police

The Raccoon Arms


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7 responses to “Operation Outreach: Letter To Former Duncroft Pupils

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  3. ruth bennett

    it was abuse enough that we were sent there in the 1st place. i was there for about 2 years in the late 60’s, aged 13/14. i spent a lot of time locked up and had to take largactil/Thorazine every day. Appalling thing to do to a child. i don’t remember jimmy saville, but i didn’t like him, so had he come to the school i either would have avoided him or was possibly in the
    (newly kitted out) padded cell. Looking back i know that i had/have ADD, but they just called it ‘out of parental control’ in those days

  4. unlimitednow

    Anna Racoon is a child abuse debunker and has written two articles attacking child abuse whistle-blower and ex Duncroft girl Andrea Davison.

    The fact that the Police support her blog is enough reason not to speak to Surrey Police as they cannot be serious about investigating what happened at Duncroft. The only people to read Anna Racoons blog support Jimmy Savile as does Anna Racoon AKa Susan Mundy.

    • Woman on a Raft

      Anna Raccoon DOES NOT speak for the abused Duncroft girls, she has allowed threatening posts on her blog and VERY inaccurate information. She says she was at Duncroft 10 years before Savile visited and it was an approved School. Anna Raccons Duncroft was VERY different to the Duncroft Savile visited, many staff and most teachers had changed. The ONLY thing she has is a group of OLD 1960’s girls posting, those who were abused have been accused and abused by the Raccon website.
      If people want the truth they should read other forums, where posts are allowed without her interfering and allowing threats towards abused pupils. She has got a selection of old approved school pupils who are upset that Duncroft has been linked to abuse..there are NO girls allowed to post on her site as they know the truth. Anna Raccoon only knows the headmistresses version and can not even empathise with later residents of Duncroft.
      Avoid Raccoon’s site if you want facts.