Savile Victims Still Coming Forward.

The Daily Mail reports today that victims of Jimmy Savile are still coming forward, this after police tell the BBC that Savile abused over 1,300 people.

So why, given all the evidence, are there people out there trying to defend Jimmy Savile ? What is their game ?


Anyway, on the 29th October they plan to walk around Roundhay Park in Leeds to show their support for Jimmy Savile. I expect it will be a damp squib but in the event that this does go ahead, I wonder if there are any readers of The Needle living in the Leeds area who can take some photographs of these idiots ?

The NSPCC is still receiving calls from victims of Jimmy Savile a year on from the TV documentary which exposed the serial paedophile’s reign of terror.

Police say there the former BBC broadcaster abused at least 1,300 people over 54 years – but the children’s charity said more were still coming forward.

The charity revealed that publicity over the scandal has led to an overall surge in the number of child victims of sexual abuse and rape contacting the NSPCC.

Over the past year, the number of referrals from the charity’s helpline to police and social services has almost doubled – up 84 per cent – in response to publicity surrounding the scandal.

In June and July this year, almost 600 calls were referred – up from 323 over the same two months the year before.

Daily Mail


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13 responses to “Savile Victims Still Coming Forward.

  1. And even set up blog defending ovenden

  2. LittleME

    Would I be allowed to take these kn@bheads photos? I don’t want my 10mins of fame on the front page of the Daily Mail!

  3. a nazi

    they think hes innocent they have a right to express an opinion dont they.

  4. a nazi

    i would guess would be taking some photos themselves.

  5. LJMT

    Clearly not a grammar and punctuation Nazi then, Or indeed a Nazi at all, as a Nazi would say that people do not have the right to express an opinion.
    Probably just a matter of the dressing up box, I guess, and an enjoyment of holding power over people that causes you to call yourself a Nazi. You need to find a lot of better ways..

    These people may think of themselves as heroes in their own domain. In their small sealed bubble world of like-minded individuals they may think their position entirely rational. However once they band together and walk round the park I would imagine that they will face a battery of rotten tomatoes and revulsion and many assertions that they are undesirable unpopular outsiders. They may find not much time to take photos and far far too many people against them to even try to catalogue or attempt to frighten.

    • Simon Bolivar

      HA ! Well said LJMT.
      Nazis want to destroy everyone’s right to democratic free speech EXCEPT their own, or that of anyone they support..such as child~haters like Saville & his supporters.
      Plus, Nazis are too busy hitting the weaker class members to bother learning grammar, punctuation & spelling etc : >

  6. not surprised somehow

    yeah pedos are proud, of course they will march and publicly proclaim the righteousness of their child molestation. It’s horrible but I’m not terribly surprised, they have all their people in place – have had for a long time and now they will go public with the ‘righeousness’ of child molestation. Soon they will introduce the normalcy of child molestation in storylines in your favourite tv shows and films (well it’s already started) and your favourite celebrities, your favourite football teams will endorse it.

  7. Simon Bolivar

    Yes you are correct. These are sinister developments which are also happening in other areas of society, for
    ” Hell is empty and all the Devils are here..”

  8. With regards to Savile I will say this to those in denial. Some 23 years ago I was working on project in a facility partly owned by one of those people one might term a “national institution”. Savile’s name came up in a conversation and said “national institution” commented on how they would not appear with Savile, nor take part in anything he was involved in that might seem like they supported or endorsed him. When asked why,, said person stated how,, their current producer when younger and somewhat fresh to TV in the 70s, had walked in on Savile as he was having sex with a quite obviously underage girl. After a brief moment of embarrassed silence, Savile calmly turned round and told the person to “Fuck off, can’t you see I’m busy?”

    That person made a complaint to their line bosses and were told it would be dealt with and that was that, nothing more was ever said or done.

  9. Mark Hunt

    Perhaps they should visit the sites of the Ripper murders while they are at it. Most of them are close to Savile’s lair.

    What a bunch of apologists!

  10. Anon

    My gut feeling = misguided 4chan regulars that think this is amusing.

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