Tory Vice-Chairman Alan Lewis Arrested Over Historical Rape Allegation


Here pictured talking to the Prime Minister


A Conservative vice-chairman has been arrested on suspicion of rape, relating to an alleged offence more than 40 years ago.

Alan Lewis, 75, was arrested by Greater Manchester Police after a woman claimed she was attacked in the late 1960s.

Mr Lewis was appointed vice-chairman for business relations by David Cameron in 2010. He has been released on bail.

A party spokesman said: “This is an ongoing police matter so we are not able to make any comments.”

Mr Lewis is a successful entrepreneur who owns the Crombie clothing chain, and is one of nine Conservative Party vice-chairmen.

In 1990, he was made a CBE for his services as chairman of the Confederation of British Industry’s initiative to prepare British businesses to the single market.

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16 responses to “Tory Vice-Chairman Alan Lewis Arrested Over Historical Rape Allegation

  1. nuggy

    omg there dropping like flys.

  2. So, if one were to read between the lines, this is not the “ex cabinet minister” referred to by the Independent earlier this summer?

  3. Tecumseh

    ”…and be sure your Sin will find you out…”

  4. nuggy

    vote tory for a good rogering against your will.

  5. kelvin ballsacre

    what is surprising is that the accusation is from a woman, most are from men

  6. helen johnston

    I had to cover for a ladies materiny leave at the BBC some years ago, and i heard about this man then, i also herad that it was common knowledge about Michal Barrymores liking for young boys, and the jimmy saville saga

  7. GMB

    About a month ago I was tipped about a Tory madarin being arrested during the Tory Conference for abuse that happend in Yorkshire. The well placed source did not have a name. We both thought it could be somebody else. Perhaps the tip was about Lewis but could it be the another beast. Manchester is just over the hill, so perhaps my tip was not ‘a load of crap’ as an MP said. Any thoughts? Nothing nasty please I am still getting over the Lab conference!

  8. GMB

    PS re. Kelvins post: You would be suprised to hear not all are young boys…there were girls homes visited/supplied to this crew as well.

  9. I see “Miss Whiplash” has picked her moment. Those who lvie by the media often die by it as well. 2 current tory top bods involved a tory lord and ex tory top bod, one will have to go because of the cocaine accusations.

  10. helen johnston

    I was a social worker and kelvin is right most cases dod invove boys bya fair way, why this is so has puzzled me greatly


      Because there are more poofs* than lesbians.
      *and they include the happily married ones!

      • scoobuss

        that’s not true, and i am bothered that only male paedophiles are being exposed. There are also talent scouts who went round the children homes and some of these were women all were journalists in my personal experiences. Children did this too and also went around the schools too and they were mainly girls, why is that? well when people think of a paedophiles they think of men. women for that alone are the worse offender.

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