Apologise Eric Pickles!

The exchange between child abuse campaigner Teresa Cooper and Minister of the Crown Eric Pickles is a sad indictment of the indifference with which many politicians  deal with victims of child sexual abuse.

That someone who sits in the heart of government could disparage a survivor of child abuse with the playground taunt of “adjust your medication” is astonishing.

In my view, Eric Pickles should issue an immediate unreserved and public apology to Teresa Cooper.

If he does not do this then I suspect he will soon be an ‘ex minister’.

Below is the transcript of the conversation and below that the audio recording of the conversation.


Teresa Cooper: you need my signature for…

Eric Pickles: you’ve consistently…  you change your na [unfinished word]… you’ve changed your views…  You give me different stories.

TC: Different stories?

EP: and before I act I need your signature

TC: different stories.. its been proved publicly

EP: [aside]sorry about this

VOICE: no .. its okay

TC: we’ve got all this stuff its been proved publicly and its you – you tell different stores – nothing has changed on the Kendall House abuse? – only you have ignored it.  You have ignored.  You have ignored it.

EP: just, just, adjust your medication

TC: no you…. I am not on medication right, but you need to be, you ignore child abuse and people should know about it.



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15 responses to “Apologise Eric Pickles!

  1. steve

    should be sacked,as shown his true colours

  2. Em

    He would only apologise if this was in the msm, it wont be, so he wont say diddly squat.

  3. nuggy

    im hoping he wont apoligise then everyone will see this government in its true light

  4. oh i misread i thought the headline was apologize TO eric pickles..
    as it seems some people are unhappy that we have had the temerity to complain about this fine upstanding noble esteemed and considerate portly gentleman who tirelessly works for us without a single complaint and should IMHO be knighted and inherit the earth as a deity…

  5. Principle50000

    Totally Disgusting Absolutely Lousy

  6. Galileo


  7. chess

    Eric Pickles is an arse.

  8. Topsy

    I agree with chess. What no Trolls on a Saturday night? Must only be paid Mon to Fri.

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