A Politician In A Pickle Over Child Abuse

Campaigner Teresa Cooper confronts her MP and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government , Eric Pickles, and he advises a survivor of historic child abuse  to “Adjust your medication!

“Arrogant, Ignorant, Selfish and Rude”

Listen carefully to this exchange and decide for yourself.  Is this man part of the caring Coalition?


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30 responses to “A Politician In A Pickle Over Child Abuse

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    • Em

      Thanks Hun. I will have a read through.

    • Em

      After reading that i’m shocked and disgusted. What a complete moron he was. It is scary that these sort of people are considered ‘professionals’

    • Liz727

      I could only get half way through this before I was completely sick to my stomach. Well, I can see why this man committed suicide. He was totally deranged.

      • gw

        if by “deranged” you mean “suffered from a central nervous system disorder” then you are on the money. I have challenged zoompad to give evidence of Gardner’s alleged pedophilia but she’s yet to offer me anything other then accusing me of being one of “them”!

        FWIW I don’t think PAS is valid and its absence in the DSM supports this.


  2. nuggy

    here we are the pickels papers he tried to stop this being published made all sorts of threats.


    • dpack

      thanks nuggy a very interesting read
      having asked a few questions and had a look around my opinion is that the cuts/sell off/outsource disaster at bradford council 1998 to 1990 (and onward)was politically motivated.
      it had a nice payoff for some.
      a loss immediately with reward later(or not) for others.
      a move to westminster via the brand new pentacostalist members of the brentwood and ongar conservative selection committee for one.
      the council based infrastructure of bradford was left in tatters and there were probably some missed opportunities for prosecutions.

      my observations on the chap are that he has been described as one of thatcher’s bright young things ,he has been teflon coated in regard to awkward questions and that he seems a product of his time and political culture.

      writing his biography might be an interesting work for those who study such matters.

  3. Principle50000

    Makes my Blood Boil with Rage

  4. yep there are certainly some very twisted people when it comes to serious matters such as these…

  5. PLEASE publish the letter Teresa. PLEASE!

  6. Robert

    what do you expect from this man, child abuse as we are finding out now runs deep into government.The lid is slowly being lifted from the tin as we see popular figures from showbiz being taken to task, but i feel this is to appease the public. lets have a thorough investigation into child abuse in Westminster, as was asked for in the house. what are they afraid of.

  7. Pickles response is clearly that of a simpleton, one wonders if his current over-feeding on arrogance, self-indulgence and hypocrisy would lesson his ‘break’ size and improve his all round (very all round) disability in aligning with truth & integrity.

  8. Richard Wise would have helped me, but they murdered him.

  9. Em

    We pay his wages, and this cheeky twat is telling someone to check their medication.

    Eric Pickles, The ‘man’ with no empathy, I pity you.

    • Eric Pickles is in Jack Frosts book “The Gulag of the Family Courts”, right at the start. Jack Frost said Eric Pickles had tried to help him when his wife was falsely accused of having MSBP (invented by paedophiles, as was PAS). I now think Jack Frost was tricked by Pickles. I think Pickles pretended to help him, and pretended to be threatened.

    • nuggy

      maybe we should all remind him of that.

  10. gw

    on the one hand its only an excerpt so we don’t really have the full story from both sides. I don’t know what preceded what we hear but she does raise her voice and become more combative, whilst he stays fairly civil until making that comment imo .

    …On the other hand, he does have ‘priors’! Calls someone a “little shit” then pops off for a curry!


  11. chris46

    Wow, some hymn sheets never change, eh! All together now, abuse? what abuse?

  12. Anon

    The adjust your medication slant is fast becoming the response when some uncomfortable truths are pointed out.

  13. nuggy

    no surprise really theirs loads of scandal on this guy if you care to look

  14. steve

    Typical response from a fat pompus pious pratt,they realy just don’t care about any one except them selves

  15. its pickles localism bill i have issues with as well..he is such an arrogant twat….how dare he say things like that to someone..