Stuart Hall Faces Questions Over New Rape Allegations.


Former broadcaster Stuart Hall and ‘Icon of the Youth of Today’, who was jailed earlier this year for sex offences, is being questioned over new rape allegations.

Detectives are preparing to question jailed broadcaster Stuart Hall over dozens of new rape allegations.

A woman has told police that Hall raped her regularly over several years when she was a young teenager.

The alleged victim is thought to be a relative of friends of the disgraced presenter.

Hall, 83, could be re-arrested in prison and, if charged and convicted, he may never be freed.

Hall was jailed this year for 15 months after admitting 14 charges of indecent assault on girls aged between nine and 17 between 1967 and 1985.

At the time, a single rape charge was not pursued and was left on the file.

His sentence was later doubled when the Attorney-General appealed after some of Hall’s victims complained he had been dealt with too leniently.

Prosecutors will have to decide if more expensive and time-consuming court action is in the public interest.

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  2. sickening, he should be locked up for the rest of his miserable life.

  3. Dave

    What does Labour peer Lord Pendry make of these further allegations?

  4. @gw yeah I heard about that, he even mentioned it but gave very little in response nor was the questioning adequate. he was asked on TV

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  6. Good Lord, who could you mean?