Sheridan Report 1982 (Post Kincora Assessment of Northern Ireland Departments Care Home Supervision)

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The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland) has released a copy of the Sheridan Report [2] in response to a Freedom of Information Request [1].

This appears to be a post Kincora Hughes Report Assessment of Northern Ireland Departments Care Home Supervision.

My preliminary assessment is that in the aftermath of Kincora, it appears that the DHSS from Britain assessed the Northern Ireland equivalents handling of the supervision of childrens homes and hostels and this is the report.

I try and release reports as quickly as possible so that others who the reports mean more to, may read and study them so this may not be entirely correct. Any corrections or additions gladly received.
There is much information held in Northern Ireland and if anyone would like to help apply for some of this information, please contact me.

Please note that victims of abuse may be…

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5 responses to “Sheridan Report 1982 (Post Kincora Assessment of Northern Ireland Departments Care Home Supervision)

  1. dpack

    thanks cathyfox ,on the surface this report seems a sensible if limited response to abuse on a local scale by individuals or a few colleagues in the care system however it does not address many issues that have since come to light.
    it is both of it’s time and the authors seem in many ways to be intending to protect the system from claims of neglect of care rather than preventing it.

    the reports i would most like to read are the one maurice oldfield prepared,the report on the need for blunt’s “total” immunity,the report into mc keague’s death,the report on 14 det/fru/police involvement with mc grath/mckeauge and the full histories of quite a few shady types who seem to be connected somehow over nearly a century.
    i dont think a foi request would help but registry will probably have them

  2. I tried to post a report from cabinet meeting about kincora which suggested security had been compromised using blackmail. I don’t know what happened to the post