Spot The Cabinet Minister.

Which one is the Cabinet Minister ?


OK, I know that readers of The Needle are well informed and I’m sure you all spotted it was Danny Alexander [first person second row], the current Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

However, if you took that image to a primary school and asked a group of eleven year olds the same question, does anyone believe that any one of them would have singled him out ?

This is not a frivilous question, I’ve seen much written by many commentators bemoaning the fact that it appears that only television celebrities are being identified in historic child abuse investigations and not powerful politicians.

The conclusion that many then leap to is that this is indicative of an establishment cover-up but not one person has pointed out that there could not have been one young girl or boy in the country who could have failed to recognise Jimmy Savile during the 1970s and 1980s or forgotten that they had met him, so ubiquitous was he on children’s television, and how unrecognisable and instantly forgettable politicians are to children.

Here in lies a big problem for the police now engaged in investigations into historic child abuse which implicate politicians. It may have been difficult for anyone to forget having met Cyril Smith, given his physical appearance, but for most children the majority of politicians are grey men indistinguishable from anyone else. Throw in extremely difficult and stressful circumstances, perhaps even drugs and/or alcohol, and the passage of time, and one can start to see how problematic it can be.

That does not mean that there has not been a cover-up. I’m as confident as I can be that there has been one but in the case of the Elm Guest House, for example, I believe that the cover-up to have taken place in the 1980s. It is my earnest belief that Operation Fernbridge has no intention of covering anything up. I expect that they are as frustrated as anyone, more so even, at the apparent paucity of substantiating evidence, the lost files, and destroyed documents.

Given the high profile of those alleged to have been involved and the inevitable public backlash if there were to be even a whiff of a cover-up, I believe that those who are part of the Operation Fernbridge investigation will be at pains to demonstrate that they have run down every lead and turned over every stone.

But they must also be aware by now that regardless of however meticulous they are and however conscientious they are they will never be able to satisfy everyone.

As Exaro News clearly stated in a trilogy of tweets yesterday, which I reproduced, contrary to any rumour that has been circulating there is no indication that Operation Fernbridge is to be closed down but eventually at some point in the future perhaps in a year or so’s time that investigation will come to a close. When that happens Fernbridge will publish  a report. It is unthinkable that that report would not be made public with the understandable redaction of witnesses’ personal details. At that time, we will all be able to judge if there has been a cover-up and when and who is responsible for it. I’m confident it will be clear to most that Operation Fernbridge will not be responsible.

But if that does not prove to be the case then be assured I’ll point it out.


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  3. is there something about that area in barnes?
    regarding criminal offences (violence robbery etc ) of late i read this from met police report on richmond

    “The offences in Mortlake and Barnes Common tend to occur around Sheen Town Centre, on Sheen Road and the area surrounding Mortlake station and the offences in Barnes tend to take place between the Barnes station area and Rocks Lane. Many of the offences in these areas tend to take place during commuting hours”

    is it the area?


    Proud Sponsor of Rocks Lane “SAVILLS”

  5. sorry about this but this caught my eye just of those ‘weird ironic’ moments i guess..

    “…get involved at rocks lane”

    “…let rocks lane take the strain”

    hidden extras?

    “…fun and games at rocks lane”

    “Swings and roundabouts at Barnes”

  6. @gojam from what i gather police photos taken at the time of the monitoring of EGH also were destroyed or went missing as did neighbours statements about the ‘goings on ‘ at that place..after all why was there a raid? complaints from neighbours? or ‘something else’?

  7. “At that time, we will all be able to judge if there has been a cover-up and when and who is responsible for it.”

    then we would be in a time warp, endlessly repeating ourselves..

  8. @gojam my understanding was that the home office guy picture was shown to victims at EGH where they easily identified him as being at the whats the problem?

  9. Anon

    Trying to decipher this. So the connected who were abusing at Elm will not be brought to justice, not because of the police operation failing but due to another institution blocking justice.

    I am sure the secret services could produce a bounty of evidence but might not be so willing. Surely once the backlash from Kincora starts they will have no choice but to come clean?

  10. kd

    The DCI in charge of Op Hedgerow and the Colin Peters & co trials stated that Grafton Close featured in that case too. Colin Peters himself was listed as a visitor to Elm GH. The accusations against the Peters ring dated back to 1982. That case was said to involve VIP’s. In fact it was described as “more powerful than the mafia”.
    My point is that over 140 boys between the ages of 10 and 15 made statements then. 650 victims, 140+ recorded statements.
    Unbelievably, at the time of the Peters trial the excuse for not following up re the VIP’s was that the police had no time.

    How many of those boys mentioned Elm, or mentioned VIP’s? Perhaps the SAME VIPs? Has Fernbridge re-visited these statements?

  11. Bishop Brightly

    Carole gave the photos of portly Tory and others to the police. Do you reckon they were just destroyed?

  12. Topsy

    It is not just those who were abused who could provide incriminating evidence with regard to politicians and other so called VIPs as I am sure you are aware. The missing documents fiasco also needs thorough investigation and officials held to account where found to be complicit in covering things up, whoever they might be!

  13. nuggy

    you probably wouldn’t recognize someone who abused you if you dident know them and in twenty or 30 years there appearance is bound to change.

    • @nuggy some people are still recognisable after time and unless they have changed their name -surely that would be an obvious clue..

      • Verity

        Yes, and there are other means of identification, eg :
        ~ voice recognition
        ~ body marks such as distinctive scars, moles, tattoos, etc
        ~ mannerisms, habits & distinctive other traits which are peculiar to that individual/perpetrator
        ~ even distinctive smells..
        ..and of course the numbers ”666” emerging into view even as the profound stench of sulphur glowers over the horns & forked tail…

  14. GMB

    I still believe what I posted on the 19/9 under an open letter to David Cameron. I too believe the officers in Op Fernbridge are straight and determined but who is far above them?
    To convince me the OP F. is going places I would love to know answers to the following questions:
    1. Has the noble Lord been interviewed by Op F.
    2. Was he asked about the other place?
    3. Has Op F. asked MI5 for the files they hold on on Elm at Thames House?
    4. What response if any was forthcoming from 5?

  15. nuggy

    very good point you have raised there.

  16. tommmy boscombe

    Both Cynthis Payne and Lindie St Clair who supplied girls to government ministers and MPs refused to supply teenage boys.
    Its true to say that kids cannot remember too well who abused them but so many have identified a black footballer, a big fat man etc
    but many boys have said they were blidfolded, this can only be so they could not recognise a celebrty

  17. Or, how could you possibly recognise someone from a time when there were only 3 or 4 TV channels, unless you lived in Reading of Coventry and these people were endlessly on our screens at every tea time and news bulletin or on the then definitive “Question Time”. How would one recognise these people when, it a time when most people bought a daily newspaper or at least read one and even The Sun was still running actual news that featured some of the rumoured main culprits photos time and time again, not just a salacious gossip column.

    To try and equate the number of people who recognise the current shower of faceless gonks, when anyone who watches Pointless will be able to point out how 20 odd people from a hundred seem to be able to name virtually all of Thatcher’s main ministers yet, less tan 10 from a hundred can name any of the last half decade because, they have lost any meaningful interest in their shenanigans and simply don;t trust the MSM to tell the truth and the state and fame of politicians during the 70s or 80s is a classic piece of bullshit.

  18. kd

    I appreciate the problem however if they were instead asked “which of these men in these photos sexually abused you?” the odds I’m sure would be significantly better in terms of them subsequently pointing to a photo and saying “that one”.

    • If the police had photographs to do that then I agree but I’m not aware that they do.

      If there were photos and I’m convinced there were, Chris Fay has seen them, then they disappeared when Carole K died.