Paedophile MP Cyril Smith: Possible Questions for Jenny Tonge and Tim Razzall

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Sir David Williams, former lb dem leader of Richmond Council - pic courtesy: Sir David Williams, former lb dem leader of Richmond Council – pic courtesy:
The Met Police’s official acknowledgement to Channel Four’s Dispatches programme that Cyril Smith visited the notorious Elm House guest house in Barnes in south-west London – which is alleged to be used by paedophiles raises serious questions for the Liberal Democrats.
So far attention has been centred on former Liberal leaders, David Steel. Nick Clegg and Sir Menzies Campbell,the latter who was shown (possibly unfairly) to be heaping praise on Cyril Smith at his funeral.
But the real Liberal Democrats who should be quizzed are Baroness Tonge, Lord Razzall and Sir David Williams on the scandalous affair that allowed Cyril Smith to sexually assault young boys.
They were the Liberal members of Richmond Council in the aftermath of highly publicised police raid on Elm Guest House and responsible – along with the previous Tory administration –…

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4 responses to “Paedophile MP Cyril Smith: Possible Questions for Jenny Tonge and Tim Razzall

  1. GMB

    From David Henckes blog 22/9/13
    ex-officer says:

    September 24, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    The Politicians at eLBruTy knew all the abuse at Grafton Boys Home. One of the Lib-Demagogue councillors took the bait from a disgrunted officer and replied on the Richmond Watchdog Forum – Councillor Cardy in 2001, yes 2001, confimed online that Stingemore had been convicted in 1983 and that boys were taken from his Grafton carehome to a brothel in Barnes. Well placed councillors also knew about the porn ex-councillor Tony Mollet was found to have on his council laptop before he resigned as a councillor and a governor of a local primary school, despite the facts know to many Councillor Elengorn defended him by saying it was adult porn…yeh we know better as stated in the emails from Robert Hancock (late of the DAvid Lewis Foundation – now thats a story) and Richard Mellor
    More? what about the a social services officer who was forced out of his employent at Richmond in 2001 after he was found to have extreme images of children on his council PC after colleugues and BT officers complained. What did the Richmond plods do…nothing, as they have always done when protecting their fellow masonic travellers from Cole Park Lodge.
    Snow White and her two dwarves may have collective memory loss but many decent people do not have that problem.

  2. GMB

    Jenny Tonge and eL BRuTey have a lot of questions to answer and so do their friends in government and health. Look at what happend at Greville House. To quote an ITN journalist (2013) ‘it is worse than Winterbourne’. Just if you are wondering why they have not aired Greville and Grafton in detail, I understand they are waiting to kill two birds with one stone as I am as well.

  3. tommmy boscombe

    I was many years in the liberal party and this had nothing to do with Jenny Tonge but with David steele and Jeremy thorpe, both who his from us people like cyril smith and there were several

    • Hi Tommy,

      Jenny Tonge was Chair of the Social Services committee at Richmond when Louis Minster was fired ermm ‘resigned’.

      Jenny Tonge has talked to Op Fernbridge. So you are wrong, there are questions to ask.