Primary School Head Teacher Standing Trial

Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard


A primary school head teacher fondled a teenage boy and offered him hundreds of pounds if their ‘relationship changed’, a court heard today.

Andrew Howard, 46, is alleged to have showered him with presents and outings and asked the schoolboy to say he loved him, Winchester Crown heard.

The offences were said to have taken place at Howard’s home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and in a car after Howard was said to have confided in the boy, then under 16, that he was gay, the jury heard.

Howard, who was in charge of Velmead Junior School in Fleet, Hampshire, but is now suspended, took the youngster to football, cricket and tennis games and even bought Olympic tickets.

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2 responses to “Primary School Head Teacher Standing Trial

  1. tommmy boscombe

    my next door neighbour is a poof and he said Peter tachell the campaigner for the promotion of homosexuality, will help him.
    i hope he goes to prison and thats where all those who bugger boys should be