Exaro On False Fernbridge Rumours.

I just wanted to draw people’s attention to these tweets from Exaro News.


Exaro Tweets

I just wanted to say that I think I might know the origin of this rumour and I also know the original source, which misinterpreted, led to this rumour and I can say categorically that the source material bears little resemblance to this rumour and even more so as it gets passed from person to person like Chinese whispers.

It is a great shame if, as Exaro state, some victims are coming across this.

It’s not as though this isn’t an emotional roller coaster already for those that find themselves caught up in this without false pessimism.

I am not suggesting the rumour is malicious but it is false and I hope that people will set it aside.

I’m confident that news will soon come from Operation Fernbridge which will lift spirits.



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5 responses to “Exaro On False Fernbridge Rumours.

  1. Monika

    Perhaps Vatican could order punishment for McS: “to live a life of prayer and penance and offer a mass (and ‘counseling’) every Friday for his victims”. And Diocese could buy him a nice (p)easy (c)ottage in…lets say…Newmarket? ;-P

  2. ex-officer

    I was told on Saturday by a fleet st chap that Op Fernbridge was shutting (not winding) down. On Monday he retracted his earlier belief. Are we being prepared?

  3. tommmy boscombe


    This explains who is behind the teaching of homosexuality to 6 year old kids
    in our schools

  4. nuggy

    dark ops going on here i think