Ex Pope Denies Child Abuse Cover-Up

Of course, he’s now holed up in a palace in Vatican City with immunity from prosecution…

Is there anyone who believes him ?

Incense or Smoke ?

Incense or Sulphur ?

Former Pope Benedict has denied that he tried to cover up sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests, in his first direct published comments since he stepped down.

The comments came in an 11-page letter to Italian author and mathematician Piergiorgio Odifreddi, who wrote a book about the problems facing the Roman Catholic church before the pope resigned in February.

“As far as you mentioning the moral abuse of minors by priests I can only, as you know, acknowledge it with profound consternation. But I never tried to cover up these things,” Benedict, who now has the title emeritus pope, said.

Excerpts of Benedict’s letter were published in La Repubblica on Tuesday with the former pope’s permission.

The Guardian


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4 responses to “Ex Pope Denies Child Abuse Cover-Up

  1. “Is there anyone who believes him ?”

    Tony Bliar maybe, thats the only one I can think of.

  2. john carey

    i refer you to my earlier comments regarding Leon Brittain which you barred – I don`t like him (ex Pope) the same way that I did not like Brittain – ok?

  3. CSA never happens in the roman catholic church..didnt you know?