The German Political Paedophile Scandal

The Lib Dems at their conference ignore their Paedophile past.

Meanwhile, in Germany just before their national elections…

Jürgen Trittin

Jürgen Trittin

The platform belonged to the Göttingen branch of the Alternative Green Initiative List (AGIL), a forerunner of the current Green Party, and was uncovered by political scientists Franz Walter and Stephan Klecha of the Göttingen Institute for the Study of Democracy. The organization was hired by the Green Party in May to investigate the party’s affiliations with pedophile activists in the 1980s.In an essay for the left-leaning Die Tageszeitung newspaper on Monday, Walter wrote that Trittin, at the time a student who was running for city council, was one of five members of an editorial board that signed off on the election manifesto. The document called for sex between minors and adults to be made exempt from punishment, so long as it involved neither violence nor the threat of violence.

As Walter explains, it was not uncommon for the AGIL to take over the platforms of minority interest groups.

Jürgen Trittin told Die Tageszeitung that the researchers’ findings were correct. “It was simply taken for granted that we adopted one-to-one the demands of various fringe initiatives, such as those of the ‘Homosexual Action Göttingen,'” Trittin said. “The responsibility was mine and it’s a mistake I regret.”

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    That’s CRAPitalism for you…

  3. Principle5000

    Very Disgusting

    Seems More like Demonocracy than Democracy