Stingemore And McSweeney At Crown Court Tomorrow


These two will appear before Southwark Crown Court tomorrow at 9:30am.

I am still recommending that important witnesses who value their anonymity do not attend themselves.

Last time it was at the Magistrates Court. The two didn’t even enter a formal plea and the entire proceedings were over pretty quickly. I expect the same thing again this time. TV cameras filmed all those who entered the court even though no TV station carried a story on the arraignment.

It’s not just because the press will be there precisely because they want to see who turns up, it could actually cause a problem for any future trial if two former residents of Grafton met in the public gallery of the court. Stingemore and McSweeney’s lawyers could try to suggest to a jury that any conversation might have been to corroborate or concoct their stories.

I didn’t go last time and I will not be going this time as I don’t think it will be worth it. Regardless of whether the two enter a formal plea or not they’ll be other better opportunities.

I can wait, I hope you all can too.


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  2. 99PerCent

    … except for his sudden unexplained (to me) departure!

  3. 99PerCent

    A John Stingemore used to be my Scoutmaster in the ’60s. … I suspect it was this guy. Wish justice would move along quicker for the victims sake.

    • Have you talked to the police ?

      • 99PerCent

        I gave the info I had to Tom Watson, by email, I live overseas. As a Scout, I saw “my John Stingemore” at least once a week over a few years; apparently it is probably the same guy. Apart from a very strange “initiation ceremony” (at which I did not see him present) on a summer camp I didn’t experience, nor hear of, anything untoward.

  4. bobchewie

    irony always never ceases to amaze me:

    Exclusion of Exhibitions Promoted for Private Gain from Certain Exemptions Under the 1909 and 1952 Acts
    Clause 2
    debated on 9 Jul 1982

    Mr Harvey Proctor (Basildon)

    “The BBFC said that the original amendments would create substantial loopholes and it feared that they would be used by video clubs, restaurants and bars and by disreputable bogus cinema operators. The board raised the important point that there would be no restriction on children seeing films in such establishments. It is possible for children, even those under 14, to go into such establishments and the current law would not prevent children seeing X-rated video films.”

  5. bobchewie

    such tragic testimony from a victim of EGH..

    “The former guest house in Barnes, south-west London, is now the centre of a police investigation into an alleged child sex abuse ring in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Police are examining claims that children from the Grafton Close Children’s Home were taken to the guest house to have sex with men.
    During a police raid on a property in central London last month detectives seized a list of names of high profile alleged visitors to the guest house. (we have listed all the names below)
    Yesterday the victim, known only as Dave, said: ‘The people responsible have blood on their hands. I shouldn’t think my brother is the only one to have taken his life because of this. I’m speaking out now because I want justice done for me and for my brother. What went on was absolutely disgusting.
    ‘When we told the staff at the care home what was happening at Elm they used to say: “They are friends, they are good people”. No one was listening to us. It’s taken 30 years for anyone to listen.’
    Dave, who now has young children of his own, told how he and his younger brother were taken into care after their widowed mother killed herself following years of depression. They were sent to Grafton Close Children’s Home in Hanworth, west London, in 1978.
    Dave was 13 when minibus outings to the Elm Guest House began. ‘We were told we were going to the “good house” for a party,’ he told a newspaper.
    ‘It wouldn’t be more than a handful of us at a time. When we got there it was a huge house.’
    He said the children would be escorted through reception without signing the guest book and taken to a back room where parties were held. ‘There would be easy-listening music playing, sort of mellow stuff, and loads to drink,’ Dave said. ‘Sometimes there would be two adults there, other times more. They laid on tables with beer and cider. We would have races to see who could drink it first.
    ‘They used to make us dress up, make us put on outfits like fairy costumes meant for girls, then play games of hide-and-seek with the adults looking for the kids.’
    When the children were ‘found’, they were forced to take part in appalling sex abuse.
    Dave added: ‘There would be flash bulbs going off when someone was taking pictures.
    ‘I can remember all the adults had posh accents. They used to say things like “He’s cute, he’s nice”. They would pick out the pretty boys, especially the ones who looked young for their age.’
    Last week Dave was visited by two officers from Scotland Yard’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating the case.
    Dave’s testimony echoes that of former child protection worker Chris Fay, who says he was shown photos of children dressed up at ‘Kings and Queens parties’ at the guest house. One photograph is said to show a former Tory Cabinet minister in a sauna with a naked 14-year-old boy”

  6. bobchewie

    “McSweeney officiated at the 1990 wedding of boxer Frank Bruno and his former wife Laura, and was the ‘part-time’ chaplain at Norwich City Football Club.”

    Frank Bruno a friend of jimmy savile (now claiming savile used him with regard to broadmoor / peter sutcliffe ) is also a freemason..

  7. bobchewie

    “Father Tony McSweeney was ordered not to go online as part of his bail conditions”

  8. chess

    Sound advice.

  9. Good advice.
    I would like to get to this though and will try to get the train to London for this tomorrow. I wasn’t a resident of Grafton Hall, I was at Chadswell Assessment Centre so that wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t care if they do film me again as they’re already snooping round me all the time anyway, so a bit more snooping wont make any difference.

  10. Hopeful

    Am I imagining it or was there a piece that’s been removed from the website ?

    Am sure I saw a letter to David Cameron from the source who tipped off Tom Watson.

    Why was it taken down Gojam ?

    • iwantthetruth

      It was there up to late evening yesterday – and I commented on it. I also forwarded the link to my MP, so I also would like to know why it was taken down.

      Cheers Gojam!.

    • Former GMB Branch Officer

      I have never had contact with that particular PM on abuse issues.