Sexuality: Nature V Nurture


I’m very much on the Nurture side of the debate.

What do you think ?



At the moment, however, I suspect that rather than biology being destiny, our sexual preference is shaped by a combination of early experiences, peer pressure, opportunity, circumstances and fate. Do the heterosexuals reading this ever wonder how they ended up straight, especially since so many of you will have had crushes on or even sexual contact with someone of the same sex at some stage?

Why do the majority of the gay rights lobby get so nervous when some of us speak of being gay as a positive alternative to heterosexuality? Is our sexuality really something genetically imposed on us that we have no control over? Why is so much effort put into locating a gay gene and not a paedophile gene? Are we seen as even more dangerous than child abusers, or is it that it some of us have so little pride in who we are that we behave as though we are born with a kink in our nature?

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  2. A straight man does not lust after other men. You could have the most handsome man standing nude next to him in the shower after football and he’s not interested. He’s not going to get turned on and he certainly isn’t going to have sexual attraction feelings for that man – no matter how good looking he is. Not only is he not interested, but the idea of being sexual with another man disgusts him. It works exactly the same way for gays. Only a nude woman standing next to them isn’t going to turn them on. Being gay and bisexual are no more alike than being straight and bisexual.

    The problem is that a high number of bisexuals are not honest about their sexuality. All those married men who claim to be straight, but cruise around parks, go to public toilets or spend their time on gay dating/social network sites like gaydar. It’s the same in the gay world. Lots of people who famously claim to be gay (Elton John, George Michael etc) are actually bisexual men who just happen to prefer other men. People talk about Alfred Kinsley and homosexuality, and this very strongly puts the picture in everyone’s head that the guy was gay. No he wasn’t gay, he was a married man having regular sex with a woman and had 4 kids. You can’t interchange the words homosexuality and bisexuality, they do not mean the same thing. A bisexual lying next to the wife in bed is still a bisexual. A bisexual lying next to another man in bed is not suddenly gay, he’s still bisexual.

    Child abuse is a totally different thing. Studies show that a lot of abusers were victims of abuse themselves. Just like the closet gay who is homophobic, they will scream and shout the loudest against that particular subject and direct the attention onto some innocent group. A heterosexual didn’t rape a woman, a rapist did. A heterosexual or homosexual didn’t abuse a kid, a child abuser did. They say “he who shouts the loudest has the most to hide” and I honestly think there’s a lot of truth in that.

    • “They say “he who shouts the loudest has the most to hide” and I honestly think there’s a lot of truth in that.”
      I sort of agree partially, but also remember that rabbits deer and other prey animals also scream very loudly when carnivores pounce on them to gobble them up, also victims of abuse do not all become abusers themselves, God be praised, some manage to break the chains and exit the circle of abuse, thats something the devil is not pleased about at all.

      Most paedophiles nowadays (thanks to them following the evil advice of people like Ralph Underwager to be bold) are remorseless and they have no pity in their hearts for their victims and they will lie to their back teeth that black is white and vice versa, they dont care how much distress they cause as long as they cover up what they have done, they will not repent, if they wont repent they will follow their mentor to hell, which surely is where that wicked man and his wicked friend Richard Gardner are right now.

  3. PendanticGeek

    We are all born with a predilection for a range within the spectrum of attraction to male and female which changes in degree and focus over our lifetimes according to experience.
    Imagine this as a graph with attraction to male at one end of the X axis and attraction to Female at the other; the Y axis ranges from sex mania at the top to homocentrality at the negative end with asexuality being the 0 point. One could add a Z axis to complicate this which gives the age range you are attracted to.
    At any one point in time a person’s range of sexual behaviour occupies a space on this graph some occupy a vast swathe of it, others will be a singular point.
    Paedophilia is not a sexuality per se it is a specific form of psychopathy that can be linked to abuse in childhood; a failure in sexual development or trauma. It does not change focus on this Z axis as the person develops and remains fixed upon or reverts to children. Paedophiles often fail to see or misinterpret the signs of harm in their victims which would point to a delusional aspect in some cases. It can reasonably be assumed that those that do see the harm they are doing are deriving pleasure from the harm in some way; I would define these as sociopathic paedophiles.
    It is the strong link between their psychopathy and their sexuality which leads paedophiles to have such a high rate recidivism; attempts to reform paedophiles are on a par with attempting to consciously change your own sexuality.

    I am not a professional in this fieldand these thoughts are based on a small amount of personally gathered anecdotal evidence and in conversation with a person who worked on paedophile cases in the courts from the 70s through to the 90s.

    • “I am not a professional in this fieldand these thoughts are based on a small amount of personally gathered anecdotal evidence and in conversation with a person who worked on paedophile cases in the courts from the 70s through to the 90s.”

      Who was that?

  4. Paedophilia is not a “sexuality”, it’s a morbid addiction, often as a direct result of learned behaviour via the abuse of the victim turned perpetrator. You might as well ask is there a “rape” gene, as paedophilia is exactly that. To equate paedophilia and being gay as similar, is a pernicious piece of sly bigotry.

    As with all those addicted, those suffering from said addiction will go to great lengths to “rationalise and intellecualise” their addiction. Sexual pleasure that is non morbid in nature. is probably rooted in a person’s aesthetic nature, ie related to that they find “wholesome and empowering”.. A sexual deviance such as paedophilia is based usually, on self hate Equating being gay to being a paedophile is the sort of crap cheap shot fundamentalists use as they believe anyone who is gay hates god and therefore, must hate them self.

  5. susan applebly

    it is not true that heteros get crushes on same sex people, this error was instigated by kinsey to promote homosexuality as wa sthe carnaby st unisex thing. psychaitrists joyce fleming henry rey and others have disproved this, what gets me is how heterophobic the media is just now !

    • I had a crush on my teacher at secondary school when I was in my first year at Secondary School. When I say a crush though, it wasn’t sexual at all, it was very strong admiration. Perhaps thats how Kinsey got away with promoting his subversive theory, I thought that was what was meant by schoolgirl crush, nothing more.