Judge Mental ! Rodney Jameson QC

“This is, in the classic sense of the word, a tragedy – that somebody with your ability, and the good in you, was not able to control successfully instincts that led you to commit these offences.” Rodney Jameson told school teacher Richard Oldham after he had pleaded guilty to 6 counts of sexual assault on two young boys.

It’s a good example of why the judiciary shouldn’t all be culled from public schools where they teach the classics.

Anyone have a photo of Rodney Jameson ?

A primary school teacher who filmed young boys on a phone as they changed for swimming lessons has been jailed for six months.

At Leeds Crown Court, Richard Oldham, 32, pleaded guilty to voyeurism, as well as six counts of sexual assault against two boys.

Oldham, now of North Tamerton, Cornwall taught at several primary schools in the York area from 2004 to 2012.

The judge, Rodney Jameson QC, told Oldham he had “demons to wrestle with”.

He told Oldham “I’m confident you’re man enough to do it. This is, in the classic sense of the word, a tragedy – that somebody with your ability, and the good in you, was not able to control successfully instincts that led you to commit these offences.”

He said the six-month jail sentence would be “a very severe punishment” for Oldham, who was described in court as a “gifted teacher”.

‘Predatory paedophile’Oldham, who admitted a total of 17 offences relating to making and possessing indecent images of children and voyeurism, was given a sexual offences prevention order and banned from working with children.

Speaking after the sentencing hearing, Det Sgt Adam Normanton, from North Yorkshire Police, described Oldham, who had more than 2,000 images of children on his computer, as a “predatory paedophile”.

He added: “When questioned by the police he dismissed the evidence of the children and tried to distance himself from the catalogue of child images on his computer including the videos he himself had recorded.

“He tried to portray himself as the model teacher in fact he was the opposite. He was every parent’s worst nightmare and prison is the right place for him.”

Joe Cocker, from the City of York Council’s safeguarding children board, said: “Richard Oldham has betrayed the trust of his pupils, their parents, his colleagues and profession.”

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  2. jubei

    “not able to control sucessfully” (?!) What exactly does that action entail? Arguably, research shows either a full frontal labotomy or going undetected is the criminals’ only defense against his/her nonce instinct. Sounds like this judge can empathise.

  3. LJMT

    Two thousand downloaded child porn pictures, photographing young children changing, and molesting some does NOT equate to a tragic flaw but something much much worse.
    Don’t blame a classical education when he doesn’t understand the definitions which arise from that properly!

  4. iwantthetruth

    09 November 2007
    Todmorden News

    A former Todmorden man has been named as the probable killer of Lesley Molseed by the lawyer defending an Oldham man standing trial for the schoolgirl’s murder. Ronald Castree’s defence counsel Rodney Jameson QC told Bradford Crown Court that there was “an overwhelming possibility” that the man who sexually assaulted Lesley and stabbed her 12 times was convicted paedophile Raymond Hewlett, who was living in Todmorden in the mid 1970s.


    And Raymond Hewlett was put in the frame for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May, 2007

  5. iwantthetruth

    It would appear that Jameson has always been blind to horrendous rape and child sex abuse crimes:

    19 May 2006

    Prison officer admits sex attacks

    A senior prison officer who was jailed for life for raping five women has admitted seven further sex attacks on young girls.

    John Hall, 35, was convicted of the five rape charges, as well as one charge of attempted rape and two assaults in March. He appeared at Leeds Crown Court on Friday, where he pleaded guilty to three charges of kidnapping, two charges of attempting kidnapping and two indecent assaults on teenage girls, the youngest of which was 12 years old.

    Hall had attempted to kidnap the girls in West Yorkshire, while wearing his prison officer’s uniform.

    According to psychiatric reports, Hall was not mentally ill but was found to suffer from a “deep-seated feeling of inadequacy”.

    Rodney Jameson QC said that Hall had lived an “industrious law-abiding and thoroughly useful life”, in spite of “this desperate defect in his character”.


  6. Six months? The victims of priest abuse in Ireland were trhreatened with 2 years if they broke the illegal gagging order by talking about the abuse they suffered.

    How much longer do we have to suffer these crap judgements by paedo loving judges?

  7. ian borman

    so now we are being told that the police could not nick cyril smith as he said he would bring down the whole liberal party with him, thats is the same as jeremy thorpe saying he would bring down the 3 main parties

  8. I’m sorry but how can anyone who does this shit be described as a good person, what the feck is going on with these Judges, simply beggars belief.