Private Eye’s 1979 Cyril Smith Story

The story followed the article in the Rochdale Alternative Press.


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  2. THE truth always gets out,free Rusty and Robert Green

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  4. Emmanuela Ilomuanya

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  5. I might be totally wrong on this however, as the various strands of all these investigations seem to spread ever wider one connection does seem to be that which is a connection too far and they are desperately trying to stuff that particular genie back in the bottle. That genie being, in London anyway, Sidney Cooke. It’s as if, behind the scenes whenever the connection to Cooke and his associates is made, then that investigation is deemed “over and done with”.

    We know from police sources that, on the arrest of Cooke the investigation was ended and although the police had names in the frame associated to him names such as Savile’s they were curtly told. “That’s it investigation over, we don’t need anything more, we have all we need”. Note the reluctance to even mention Savile and young boys even though, one of the most detailed known incidents was reported by his own relative and involved multiple males and young boys. I think we can safely say, as Savile was one of the half dozen names the Cooke investigation turned up that would be deemed as “Affecting the public interest” that is why we have heard nothing and I suspect that’s why, if true, Cameron and his cronies are bricking themselves and desperately trying to “clean house” and begging/threatening legal firms into non action over it.

    Consider this, currently along with myself, some 20-25% of the population are republicans. We have an aging monarch who will be replaced by a character many think of at best, a tad flaky and at worst and absolute pest when it comes to any sort of modernisation. So, at a time where those in charge are aware that, a call could come through any time to announce a change of monarch they have them connected closely, despite their protestations to the likes of Savile and now it would seem, again despite protestation to the opposite by friends and family, Anthony Blunt involved in the most depraved of activities and both protected by, in effect, “Royal Patronage” and a bunch of faceless suits who are desperate to avoid what they view as a, “constitutional crisis”.

    Oh yes, they will hand over the dead, the once seriously famous, the hangers on and maybe even the odd ex minister, they will not do a damned thing that might see a significant rise in the number of republicans in this country. The whole smokescreen of fearing a “Gay Witchunt” is exactly that, simply total blather to hide the true reason they are still seeking to keep a lid on this. The fact that the trail, in the end, leads back to Sidney Cooke and Sidney Cooke leads to Savile, and several other members of “great and good” sic.

    Forget all the crap about “Satanism and various cults”. These people were sadists, nothing more, dressing the whole thing up, when it suited them, in the sort of schoolboy fantasies of the likes of Denis Wheately peddled. That’s all, they dressed up murder as something it wasn’t, for no more reason than to “scare” any possible witnesses who might, finally balk at the goings on and break ranks and try to tell their stories. I’d also suggest the following that. Sidney Cooke and “Scorpio” are one and the same. People, even when trying to hide stuff, just aren’t that imaginative and that includes the likes of the intelligence services. Given “SC” are Cooke’s initials, then it doesn’t take a genius to work out that he and his little sicko crew, might well have been known by the code word of “Scorpio”. In cod astrology Scorpios are meant to be the sign most prone to “sexual deviance” and given the largely unimaginative minds, of many involved in the intelligence community, then I suspect there’s a strong case to see Sidney Cooke’s crew and “Scorpio”, as one and the same.

    Cyril Smith was a bully, and yet, from the evidence available,, a really rather sad person. Someone who was drawn to indulge his secret passions and yet, in the scheme of things, “a bit of a saddoe”, one who couldn’t control his urges and yet was seemingly, unable to give vent to their full expression. in other words, the perfect fit as a patsy. A bloke who, whilst what he did was wholly abhorrent and total betrayal of people’s trust, wasn’t really anything like a Premier league sicko. So fine, let’s out him and in doing so, add this note of slightly black comedic farce to the mix. The farcical mental image of this slavering monstrousity breaking toilet seats, refusing to pay for the damage and spanking “bad boys”. After all, ,he was, in the mind of the public, physically repulsive and his seeming and let’s be honest here, implied impotence, paints a picture in the contemporaneous public’s eye of someone who was actually, a bit of a, however sick, sad joke.

    Plus, there’s a hint of a “Brucie bonus” in that, he was a Labour turned Liberal politician so hey, who cares what the public thinks of them?

    Personally, I am almost certain the smoking gun is there amongst the names of the users of Elm Tree. That smoking gun is a name that links Peter Righton to Sidney Cooke and Savile. That name links it all back to the age old secret peccadilloes of the powerful. The idea that, when one obtains power, part of the “fun” of that power is abusing those who simply cannot fight back. for no other reason than you can. Oh, we’ve tried our best to institutionally civilise that behaviour ro the point where, it mostly sees its’ expression in the poor old person on the street being ripped off financially right left and centre in the name of competition however, there is rump that still needs to push it that bit further. The part that many of the general public will never be able to wrap their heads round is this. That some of those who abuse kids do so, not because it’s their particular thing. They do it because it the ultimate expression of them being “special and above the law”. For pities sake, the hoi polloi can indulge in drug fueled orgies, travel the world, stay in the most exclusive hotels, do anything we can and no-one really bats an eyelid, they can’t however,, use the vulnerable as toys, at times kill them, have them killed, or hand them over to those who will kill them for their own pleasure and walk away from it as if it never happened. All that in the knowledge that, because of “who you are” then, if it ever does reach the public’s attention then your name or credible evidence of your involvement, almost certainly won’t.

  6. Anon

    The other article about the break-ins is also interesting.

  7. martin Did have a run in with Lord David Steel in the past over a bank robber called Pete Hain was this DPP actual Cyril Smith best friend so he knew he was untouchable ?

  8. martin age Now is 71 as that articel is 10 years old who name appears in the Private Eye article Barry Cox is a labour supporter and a former reporter by trade.

  9. Terry

    Upon reading the Private Eye article, I can see that it was then easy to dismiss this as ‘insufficient evidence’ and ‘their word against his’.

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