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Four women suing Rotherham Council over child sex abuse claims

Vulnerable girl, 14, made pregnant by violent criminal, 24, sues council for ‘failing to protect her’ after social services claimed they had no power to stop sex abuse

  • Married father-of-two Arshid Hussain allegedly groomed dozens of girls with the full knowledge of the authorities
  • ‘Jessica’ was just one of around a dozen girls who believed he was their boyfriend
  • Police found the teenager hiding, half-naked under Hussain’s bed but arrested her and let him go
  • With permission of the authorities he was allowed to collect her from foster care and even attend doctor appointments with her
  • Today Deputy Leader of the Council Jahngier Akhtar, who is related to Hussain, resigned over allegations that he helped the coverup

‘Jessica’, a girl of 14, claims that she was sexually abused by a violent criminal but the authorities did not intervene

The girl, known only as ‘Jessica’ claims she was abused daily by a 24-year-old man after social services failed to accept that she was a victim grooming.

On one ocassion married father-of-two Arshid Hussain was even caught with the half naked schoolgirl under his bed but shocking documents released today reveal that police arrested her and let him go.

Now ‘Jessica’ is one four women suing Rotherham council over ‘systematic failures’ to protect them from ‘sexual abuse by predatory men when they were children’ according to their lawyers.

South Yorkshire solicitors Switalskis said they are working on behalf of the women who want to take legal action against the council because of the abuse they suffered.

Today in a stunning development Rotherham Council confirmed that Deputy Leader of council and vice chair of the police and crime panel Councillor Jahngier Akhtar has stepped down over allegations that he knew about the relationship.

The Times alleges that at the time Mr Akhtar, who is related to Hussain, not only knew about his relationship with a child but also that he set up a ‘deal under which a violent offender (Hussain) agreed to hand a missing child to police after being assured that he would not be detained’.

Daily Mail 23/08/13


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Elm Guest House, Mary Moss Files – Clarification

I am sorry, in my efforts to try and clarify some of this for people, I seem to have sown confusion. Please accept my apologies, my head is so full of this stuff that it is sometimes difficult to remember what was written down and what is still in my memory.
There are only 3 of the documents that I wanted to put some context and clarification to. All the documents are here.  The rest are exactly as they are and I stand by what I wrote back then. These are the 3 documents and my reasons for comments:

Document 6. It was drawn to my attention that some people though it was a list of abusers. I only want to clarify absolutely that this is a list of VICTIMS that should never have been made public. They are victims!!

Document 103. This is a list of police officers who carried out the raid. It again was drawn to my attention that some people thought these names were involved in abuse at Grafton or EGH. They were NOT. See my previous post.

Documents 104/6. This is a list of names I scribbled down from the registers, whilst the person I was with was talking to Carol. This was the very first time we had acess to them. They were just names and include by the way, victims!  As you can see from later docs we did go on to identify many of the abusers and also the aliases that were used, not just for the Guest House but also the use of the “facilities”.

I hope this clarifies the position. I sought only to protect victims and eliminate innocent people! I stand totally by everything else. It is ONLY that last list I wanted people to be cautious of, everything else is okay.

Once again I appologise for any confusion caused.
chris fay

A compilation of press-cuttings on Elm Guest House and Richmond can be found here


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Elm Guest House – “Mary Moss” files

In the interests of accuracy, and to protect the reputations of innocent people, I would like to set the record straight about certain things contained in the “Mary Moss” files placed online last year.

These were mostly handwritten notes made on a daily basis concerning NAYPIC’s investigation into complaints from young people in the care of Richmond of abuse at Grafton Close Children’s Home, and elsewhere, including the Elm Guest House in Barnes from 1977 to 1982.

Unfortunately, being just notes, they have no real context.  I will try to provide that.  Amongst the documents is a list of boys names. These are VICTIMS not abusers.  These were the names of young people who had complained to us, were strictly confidential and should never have been made public.  Due to the unfortunate circumstances around the police raid on Mary Moss’s home, these were released online.

Also included was a list compiled by me of all the people who had stayed at the guest house in 1981/82.  I know some people feel differently, but in the interest of fairness I will point out again, this is a list of guests NOT abusers. There is no evidence to support that – it was a preliminary list I compiled but I had not yet verified the identity of any alleged abusers.

Also, you may be aware of the claims made by both sides as to the nature of the raid on the guest house in 1982. The Kazirs, their legal team and supporters have always maintained the raid was carried out by Special Branch under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. However, the authorities, including the police have always maintained that the raid was carried out by local police in response to complaints by neighbours, under vice legislation.  The only hard evidence was a “notice to detained persons” Carol said was given to her by the police. This was backed up by her solicitor. I gave this notice to the Coroner at the Inquest into Carol’s death.

In trying to ascertain the truth, I carried out some extensive research for NAYPIC and managed to identify about 20 police officers who had taken part in the raid. My hope was to find a friendly one who would come for a quiet drink and I could ask him, or her, what they had been told about the reasons for the raid at the briefing.  Unfortunately, Carol died and as you can imagine no-one was willing to talk to us.

So in the documents is a list of police officers who carried out the raid.  There is no suggestion at all that any of these officers were involved in any way with anything that had gone on at EGH or Grafton. They were just ordinary, mostly decent coppers doing their job.  I hope this is clear.
The only two senior MPS officers who are alleged to have been involved at Elm are named in the documents.  These are Commander Richard Tresstrail then head of the royal protection unit and Paul Henry, a senior officer in Special Branch.

I hope this provides some context to the “Mary Moss” documents and clears up some of the misunderstandings around them. I do think it is important to make absolutely clear that many innocent people have been unwittingly caught up in this as well as guilty ones. I hope this clarifies things.
chris fay


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Fly Me To The Moon

Friday Night Song


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What is ‘evidence’? -2

Gojam’s post reminded me, at the heart of all this, there are victims.  We must not forget them.  It is important, yes, to bring people to account for their actions, no matter how high up in society they may be, but we cannot forget what victims want.

All my experience has taught me that mostly they just want their voice to be heard.  It is not how some like to present it, as some sort of chase after compensation!

They seek an acknowledgement that what happened to them did happen and it was wrong.  I am really grateful that Exaro have now opened up their website to all.  To all who seek the truth I would urge them to look there and read the VICTIMS’ stories for themselves.  This is not about politics, power or money – its about justice!!!
chris fay


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I believe that it is on the 4th of September that John Stingemore and Tony McSweeney are due to be arraigned.

The press will be out in force but it will not be because they expect that there will be new revelations arising from this mundane judicial procedure.

Oh no…

It will because they expect victims to turn up. They will corner anyone  in the public gallery.

If you are a witness then I would sincerely suggest that you do not yield to temptation to look your abuser in the eye, watch him standing in the dock.

You will have future opportunities and if you value your anonymity  you’ll  keep clear of that lions den.

Friendly advice from someone on your side.



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The Big Hairy Distraction, The BHD

Make no mistake, Dave Lee Travis is an odious man but regardless of how much of a dickhead he is, no man deserves to be tarred with ‘Yewtree’ brush who has not abused children.

There are others too, Jim Davidson may be an unfunny arsehole but the allegations levelled against him were never to do with children, nor were the allegations  that his friend faced.

I’m not defending DLT, I know what kind of man he is, I know that he had no respect for women and it could be said that he abused his position. He was a typical 1970s man.

For a long time I’ve been worried that these people have been laid out on the media sacrificial alter, big names, cheap headlines and real child abusers, and I’m talking about the abuse of 9 and 10 year olds, are overlooked.

Let’s be clear, there have been no arrests in connection with the Elm Guest House, not one, and what happened there was far in excess of anything DLT and Jim Davidson were accused of.

The Stingemore, McSweeney charges and the Harry Kasir arrest are not connected to Elm Guest House.

There have been no arrests in connection to Elm Guest House, mark that fact and mark it well.


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