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No Woman No Cry

To a friend, from a friend.

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BBC Pay £4Million In Compensation

So, the BBC pay more out to pay for ‘golden handshakes’ than to victims of abuse of the serial paedophile Jimmy Savile ?

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A compensation package worth £4million could be paid out to 120 victims of disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile, it has been reported.

The exact amount is expected to be finalised when high court judge Dame Janet Smith publishes the results of her inquiry, which is looking into the culture and practices at the BBC during the years of Savile’s abuse, later in the year.

It is believed the amount will be less than the £4.1million the corporation’s annual report revealed was paid to its senior managers, swollen by controversial ‘golden goodbyes’ for bosses forced out over the handling of the Savile affair.

Daily Mail


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The New Privatised NHS : Wait five hours for a patient transport ambulance

Westminster Confidential

Medical Services Ltd is not a name instantly recognised by the general public. Their website claims they are the nation’s leader in the providing integrated patient transport and is bulging with testimonials from a grateful public.
The Anglo- Danish company (Falck a Danish private fire and ambulance company has just paid for a 45 per cent stake and put a director on the board) claims to be Britain’s biggest private ambulance provider, operating in London,Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and North West England.
It is well placed to make a lot of money as the NHS is progressively privatised,having according to its latest company accounts,a turnover of £29m, gross profits of £7m, and operating profits of £577,000.
However its PR appeal does not live up to reality. I am in the position of caring for my wife Margaret, who suffered a stroke while we were on holiday.
As previous posts on this site…

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Downton Abbey New Series

As many might already know I’m forced to watch Downton Abbey by Mrs Gojam a big fan of Downton Abbey when it’s on.

Though I think it will start to go downhill from here (see my Open Letter To ITV during the last series)

To celebrate the imminent start of the new series, I’m posting this picture of Hugh Bonneville, with a horse, though I can’t tell from this angle whether it’s a ‘cock’ horse or not.


For me, Hugh Bonneville brings a certain gravitas to the role of Lord Grantham the Downton patriach, which may have come from his time reading Theology at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Hugh’s devotion to wife Lulu is so strong it is understood he is known to fellow thespians as the Ryan Giggs of the showbusiness world, after the famously family-orientated footballer.

Daily Mail

Anyway, enjoy the new series.


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‘Nursery Rhyme’ Actor Has Super Injunction

If anyone wants to email me the name of this man I’d be grateful.


A renowned British actor whose sex life is already protected by a High Court super-injunction has been questioned by police over separate claims that he seduced a girl of 15.

It is alleged that the married star of TV and films asked the girl to put on her private school uniform before a meeting during which he plied her with alcohol.

The victim, now 39, also makes the bizarre claim that the actor recited the nursery rhyme Ride A Cock Horse To Banbury Cross during sex.

She said she had originally been reluctant to report the incident to police but changed her mind last autumn after the Jimmy Savile allegations made her ‘see things differently’.

She said: ‘I’d always felt partly responsible for what happened, but [the Savile inquiry] made me realise that I wasn’t responsible – he was, he was the adult.’

The woman, a civil servant and mother of three who lives in the South West, was told by the Crown Prosecution Service that it was ‘entirely satisfied the sexual assault took place as you described’.

But the actor – who denied the claim when questioned by police and who cannot be named – escaped prosecution for allegedly having sex with an underage girl because the law that applied at the time meant any charge had to be brought within a year of the incident taking place.

Daily Mail


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William Henry Smith School, Brighouse


“It has taken much longer, and been much harder, than it should have been to get to where we are now. It has been a long fight and we have now got some form of justice. But we are not going to get proper justice. That would have been the locking up of the staff responsible for what happened to us. Nobody did anything about it.  It is just a small victory and does not help me with what I have been through.”

 Former pupils of special school win big payouts over 1960s’ abuse claims

Compensation, which could run into six figures, is to be paid to former pupils of a residential boys school at Brighouse who claimed they were physically and sexually abused.

An out-of-court agreement has been reached between solicitors representing the former boarders and lawyers and insurers of the school, following allegations of historic abuse dating back to the 1960s.

The claims were made against staff working at the William Henry Smith School, a residential special school in Brighouse, in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Alan Collins, of Pannone Solicitors in Manchester, who represented 30 former pupils, confirmed an agreement had been reached with the school’s insurers and lawyers to give them compensation for their experiences.

Mr Collins said: “This case has been going on for many years. The people I represented have been, or are to be, compensated in respect of their allegations of physical and sexual abuse in the 1960s and 1970s.

“The allegations involved a range of staff. If they are true, the abuse was endemic at that time.”

Telegraph & Argus 19/08/13

See also William Henry Smith School here.


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Quarrier’s Village


24 February 2011

Shona McInally was so devastated by the abuse she suffered in a care home that she has tried to kill herself FIVE times.

Traumatised Shona was seven years old when she was sent to the Quarriers home in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire.

The youngster suffered gang rape and beatings during the five years she spent there.

Now, Shona is one of 98 victims who took part in the Time To Be Heard forum, which allowed them to tell an independent panel about their horrendous experiences.

And yesterday, she bravely waived her right to anonymity to tell The Scottish Sun about the abuse she suffered.

Shona, 44, said: “I was physically and mentally abused.

“I was gang raped and there were attempts to murder me, with the full knowledge of my house mother.

“I was told I wouldn’t leave alive and I believed it.

“The fear it installed in me was huge and it got to the stage where I didn’t think that I would leave Quarriers alive. Even now I still don’t have the courage to go back and visit.”

The abuse of vulnerable youngsters at the residential unit shocked the nation when it was exposed in the 1990s.

And Shona has struggled to come to terms with the cruelty she endured.

The 44-year-old mum-of-one became a social worker to help other kids in care until she suffered a breakdown.

She said: “When I was 39, I had major surgery and when I came round in intensive care it felt like I was strapped to the bed, although I wasn’t and it opened a floodgate.

“I had to be sedated as I thought they were trying to kill me and when I was allowed home I tried to kill myself.

“I was taken to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital where I made another four attempts to kill myself.

“It completely traumatised my son.”

Shona was invited to take part in the Time To Be Heard pilot forum — a project commissioned by the Government in February 2008 to help victims come to terms with their experiences by sharing their stories anonymously — and it has helped her cope with life again. She said: “Time To Be Heard was integral to my recovery process.

“It was great to be able to talk about stuff that I felt was so traumatic for me that at points in my life had the power to make me want to die.

“Without it I would have been dead.

“There are days if I’m struggling with what happened, I look at the scars on my wrist and see them as hope.”

Time To Be Heard included confidential interviews with surviving abuse victims who were residents at the institution from 1950 to 1995.

Many spoke about the lack of affection, belittling and punishments they were subjected to while staying at the unit.

The report — released yesterday — wants the scheme to be rolled out across Scotland giving kids in residential care the opportunity to speak out anonymously. Recommendations on how to improve care will be put to ministers.

Tom Shaw, former chief inspector of education in Northern Ireland who chaired the panel, said: “For many, the most important benefit was feeling their experiences have been acknowledged.”

The Sun 24/02/11

“The greatest thing you can give a survivor is acknowledgement, not sympathy but acknowledgement.”  TTBH participant

Details of Time to Be Heard can be found here

Following Time to be Heard, a National Confidential Forum was established which can be found at Survivor Scotland.


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For Laurence, keep burning bright.


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MPs demand new BBC report on Jimmy Savile abuse scandal

Nick Pollard 1

The chairman of the BBC’s £3 million inquiry into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal is under pressure to correct his report after revealing he may have been misled by the corporation’s executives.

MPs are demanding that Nick Pollard, who headed an inquiry into why BBC2’s Newsnight shelved an investigation into Savile, publish a new version of his report so he can provide details of his concerns.

Their intervention follows an appearance by Mr Pollard on Radio 4’s The Media Show last week in which he admitted senior staff may have misled his inquiry.

Daily Mail 18/08/13


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BBC bosses ‘not credible’ on Savile

Nick Pollard 2

BBC executives may have deliberately misled the official inquiry into the Jimmy Savile scandal, its author has claimed.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his £2.4million report was published, Nick Pollard admitted he failed to get to the bottom of the affair because those involved repeatedly claimed they were unable to remember key events.

The former Sky News chief told Radio 4’s Media Show he thought the excuses were ‘not completely [credible]’.

Daily Mail 16/08/13


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Judge(s) Mental!


Soft-touch judges are letting thousands of child sex offenders off with just a slap on the wrist.

Out of almost 7,000 paedophiles found guilty of sexual activity with children, a shocking 2,862 avoided prison – more than 40 per cent.

Most were given community sentences while 605 received suspended sentences and 41 got only a FINE. Another 1,700 sex offenders got away with police cautions last year, according to Government figures.

Those given cautions are more likely to face jail in future after guidelines to give victims the right to challenge police decisions through the courts were unveiled last week. But the muddled system was attacked by Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

He said: “A lot of the judiciary don’t understand the catastrophic nature of the crime and the damage it does. If more of them understood, they would say, ‘If you commit this crime you are going to jail for a long time.’”

Sunday People 18/08/13


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Place Your Hands

Friday Night Song


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Judge Mental! Judge Samuel Wiggs

600 child abuse images, but education official walks free from court


A FORMER education official who downloaded more than 600 indecent images of children has walked free from court after receiving a suspended prison sentence.

Robert Ian Finlay, 53, of Barnes Crescent, East Howe, had earlier pleaded guilty to 17 offences committed between January 1, 2009 and January 10 this year.

Sentencing at Bournemouth Crown Court, Judge Samuel Wiggs handed him an eight-month spell in prison, suspended for two years.

He told him: “There is no public interest in sending you immediately to prison.”

Indecent pictures of children are rated between one and five with level one images said to be the least serious and level five the most serious.

The charges related to 328 level one images, 23 level two, 156 level three, 86 level four and eight level five.

Jane Portman, executive director for adults’ and children’s services at Bournemouth Borough Council where Finlay worked at the time of his arrest, said today: “While we are surprised with the suspended sentence we do accept the judge’s decision.

Bournemouth Echo 16/08/13


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Adam Nowicki jailed over child abuse files accessed by others

A man who distributed child abuse images and videos to more than 160 others across the world has been jailed for three years and four months.
Dundee Sheriff Court heard that Adam Nowicki collected almost 12,000 pictures and more than 700 videos over the course of more than four years.
He then stored them on his computer in a file that allowed other paedophiles to access them.
He told social workers: “Some children are sexual”.
The court was told Nowicki had accepted 162 requests from other web users to view his collection, which included pictures of children under the age of six.
Fiscal depute Douglas Wiseman added that of the huge haul of pictures and videos found, 1683 pictures and 397 videos were at level four of the scale used to measure such images – depicting horrific sexual abuse of children by adults.
A total of 211 of the images and 52 of the videos were at the top level, level five, including images of sadism towards children.

BBC News 16/08/13


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Calls for an independent inquiry into Fort Augustus & Carlekemp schools

Ten monks are now accused of physical abuse, four monks and a lay teacher of sexual abuse, including rape, and three headmasters of cover up.

Fort Augustus Abbey 2

Scotland’s leading children’s charity Children 1st called for a full inquiry into the scandal.
Chief executive Anne Houston told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme an internal inquiry would be unacceptable.
“They (the Catholic Church) must open their doors and they must pass on any and all information they’ve had both to the police investigation but also to someone who’s independent who can set up that kind of inquiry.

The NSPCC has also called for an independent inquiry.

With police investigations in both Scotland and Australia, there is mounting pressure on Fr Chrysostom, the last monk alive accused of sexual abuse, to be extradited back to the UK.
Ian Dobinson, senior lecturer in criminal law at the University of Technology in Sydney, told the BBC that the extradition of Fr Chrysostom was a distinct possibility.
“There is no apparent obstacle to his extradition assuming he is of good health and there is no other apparent obstacle and that the Scottish authorities are able to present their case before the court,” he said.

A third Australian monk has been implicated in a suspected paedophile ring at a former Catholic boarding school in the Highlands.
In a BBC programme, Australian monks Fr Aidan Duggan and Fr Chrysostom Alexander were exposed as paedophiles.
Now Fr Fabian Duggan, Fr Aidan’s brother, has been accused of sex abuse.
The BBC submitted allegations to Fr Fabian and the Sydney Catholic church last Friday. He died the same day, aged 83.

BBC News 15/08/13

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Dave Lee Travis charged with 11 counts of indecent assault

D L Travis

The Crown Prosecution Service has today authorised police to charge David Patrick Griffin – also known as Dave Lee Travis – with 11 counts of indecent assault, contrary to section 14 of the Sexual Offences Act 1956 and one count of sexual assault contrary to section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said:

“We have carefully considered the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police Service as part of Operation Yewtree in relation to David Patrick Griffin, who was initially arrested on 15 November 2012 over allegations of sexual offences. A file of evidence was passed to the CPS on 31 July 2013.

“Having completed our review, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Griffin to be charged with 11 counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault. These date from 1977 to 2007 and relate to nine complainants aged between 15 and 29 at the time of the alleged offending.

The charges are:

  • One offence of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged 18, in 1977.
  • Two offences of indecent assault relating to a girl, aged 15, in 1977.
  • One offence of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged 19, in 1978.
  • One offence of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged between 26 and 28, on a date between 1981 and 1983.
  • One offence of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged 18, in 1983.
  • One offence of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged between 19 and 20, on a date in 1985.
  • One offence of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged 22, in 1990.
  • Three offences of indecent assault relating to a woman, aged between 26 and 29, from 2000 to 2003.
  • One offence of sexual assault relating to a woman, aged 23, in 2007.

Crime & Justice 15/08/13


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BBC Scotland staff accused of sex abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal

Sex beast Jimmy Savile

BBC SCOTLAND has admitted several staff have been accused of sex abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the Daily Record can reveal.

But the corporation have refused to reveal the exact number involved or details about the offences they are alleged to have committed.

They described them as a “very small number of individuals”.

They declined to say whether any of those involved are still on the payroll at BBC Scotland, which has 1250 employees.

The startling disclosure that sex crime claims have been made against its staff north of the border now threatens to engulf BBC Scotland in the Savile scandal which has rocked the London headquarters.

It is unclear whether the allegations have come to light because of victims contacting the BBC in Scotland or through internal inquiries by the corporation.

Police Scotland refused to comment.

Politicians last night urged the publicly-funded BBC to give more detail about what exactly its staff in Scotland have been accused of and how many are involved.

The SNP’s culture spokesman Pete Wishart called said: “There has been a lot of public concern following the revelations at the BBC and the best way to restore confidence in the organisation is through taking an open and transparent approach on this matter.”

The revelation comes through Freedom of Information request asking if BBC staff in Scotland have been the subject of sex abuse claims since the Savile scandal broke.

The request for Scottish statistics was submitted after the BBC in London said in May that 150 “allegations of a sexual nature” had been made been made against 81 BBC employees since October last year.

Daily Record 14/08/13


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Operation Pallial: Fifth Arrest.


A fifth man has been arrested on suspicion of historical sex abuse at care homes in north Wales.
A 62-year-old man from Wrexham is being questioned on suspicion of a serious sexual offence and indecent assault of two boys aged 14 and 15 in the 1980s.
The arrest was made by officers involved in Operation Pallial which is looking into recent allegations of historical abuse in the care system in north Wales.
To date one man has been charged.

BBC News 15/08/3


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And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own backyard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

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Former headmaster resigns over Fort Augustus abuse claims



Father Francis Davidson resigned from his current post following an investigation into abuse at the school where he had been a headmaster

A former headmaster of a scandal-hit Catholic boarding school has resigned from a senior role at a Benedictine college of Oxford University.

Father Francis Davidson is accused of covering up child sex abuse during his time at Fort Augustus Abbey School in the Highlands.

He is quitting as monastic superior of St Benet’s Hall.

He was responsible at the Oxford college for the welfare of student monks.

Fr Davidson’s resignation follows a BBC Scotland investigation into physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus and its preparatory school in East Lothian, Carlekemp.

Since the programme was broadcast on 29 July at least 30 more ex-pupils have come forward alleging abuse at the schools between the 1950s and 1990s.

It brings to about 50 the total number of alleged victims who have spoken to the BBC.

In total, 10 monks are now accused of physical abuse; four monks and one lay teacher of sexual abuse including rape; and three headmasters of cover-ups.

BBC News 14/08/13


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