Paedophile Alliance: An Uncomfortable Past for Gay Rights

It would be welcome if a British newspaper did a similiarly honest analysis of the same situation in the UK during the 1970s and 1980s.

But for now here is an excellent article in Germany’s Spiegel Online International.

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In the 1980s, gay rights groups in Germany formed an alliance with pedophiles who advocated the legalization of sex with minors. It’s a dark period few care to talk about now.

In July 1981, the gay interest magazine “Rosa Flieder” published an interview with Olaf Stüben. Stüben was one of the most infamous paedophiles in Germany at the time. As a writer for the leftist newspaper Die Tageszeitung, he openly advocated for people to accept paedophilia as healthy and moral.


In the magazine interview, Stüben is asked why it should be acceptable for adults to have sex with children and youths. He talks of quickies with young boys, and declares it backwards to maintain the taboo around inappropriately touching children. “Childlike innocence is an invention of the bourgeoisie of early capitalism,” Stüben says.

The interview in “Rosa Flieder” was not a one-off lapse. On the contrary — in the 1970s and 80s, numerous gay-oriented magazines brazenly promoted sex with children, even running pictures of naked boys. The magazine “Don” presented five sympathetic reports on the experiences of paedophilic men. The headline read, “We’re not child rapists!”

In recent months, many in Germany have been discussing the extent to which the Green Party in the 1980s allowed itself to be manipulated by paedophiles. The party came under such intense pressure that it hired political scientist Franz Walter to look into its own history relating to the issue.

Yet it’s now clear that the gay movement in Germany must also come to terms with this chapter of its history. Anyone who searches through archives can find ample evidence of the alliance between gay rights organizations and pedophile activists. If pedophiles got into trouble with the law, they could rely on legal advice from a group called “Gay Lawyers.” Many politicians in the Green Party also made sure that calls for legalizing sex with children had an audience.

A Beneficial Alliance

Nowadays it seems puzzling why gays would get themselves mixed up with people whose sexual obsessions were downright illegal. The tolerance for pedophiles was fueled by several different sources. For one, many gays at the time knew all too well what it was like to be discriminated against by the state. Consensual sex between adult men was officially a criminal act up until the end of the 1960s. Only in 1969 did lawmakers in West Germany dismantle the infamous “Paragraph 175” of the German Criminal Code. At the same time, the sexual revolution was breaking out, and many men finally had the courage to come out of the closet.

Thus many gays didn’t want to be the ones to judge others for their deviant sexual inclinations. In a climate of general tolerance, the movement lost its moral compass. The gay movement did not distance itself from men who acted on their desire for children; rather, it took them under its wing.

Then there was the remarkable idea that underage boys should not be denied the chance to have sexual experiences with grown men. Even today, the Association of Lesbians and Gays in Germany (LSVD) claims on its website that in the 1980s, the only men who spoke up were those who had enjoyed sex with adults in their youth.

For the paedophiles, the alliance with the gay movement was nothing but beneficial. They had a platform from which they could formulate objectives.

The gay movement helped pedophiles in entirely practical ways. In the pamphlet “Justly gay. Legal advice for gays,” there is a one-and-a-half page “argumentation aid.” It’s an instruction on how men who are charged with child sexual abuse can best escape punishment.

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  1. Mickey1

    British journalism is really terribly awful. Since following the McCann case since 4/5/2007 I have been totally disillusioned with anyone reporting truthfully, accurately and without bias. Disgusting xenophobic articles about Portugal, it’s police and the people have filled the tabloids while most of it has been regurgitated press releases by their PR bloke. I never read newspapers any more, relying on twitter and blogs from people I trust, with a spread of online news sites for comparison. Anyone wanting facts should read and your eyes will beopened.
    Rant about journalists over
    I’ll read your story now

  2. nuggy

    you are Antony bennit and i claim the 5 pound reward.

  3. Sabre

    Red Danny Cohn-Bendit was not untypical of Left/Anarchist/Green activists in the 60’s and 70’s. Incubus deemed anyone pointing this out a spook and/or fascist.

  4. WHAT ABOUT MARTIJN organisation then bloody hell snuff movies all ok with them too..??

  5. HI This is a crude google translate about olaf struben..

    the Pädolobby
    23, January 2011 · by country

    So slowly becomes clearer why the massive abuse of pupils left school reform pedagogy Odenwaldschule could be hushed up and kept secret for so long: One of the abuser was later a journalist and co-founder of the tight left mag TAZ . Eppellsheim writes in the newspaper : “There was pedophilia as a victimless crime .” Dietrich Willier , the name of the Pädokriminellen , also wrote for mirrors, time and star.

    Willier was one of the perpetrators of mischief driven to the educational reform school: The school was the paradise of pederasts who cooperated and links to other Pädokriminellen talked far beyond school . For decades could safely pass of children Gerold Becker and the other perpetrators. Far more than a hundred victims were left behind. Dietrich Willier has at least nine children being abused – as it stated the final report on sexual abuse at the Odenwald School . However, it is likely many more victims.

    The “taz ” eventually contributed significantly to the nationwide distribution of the theses of ” pedophilia ” movement in , tried to legitimize pedophilia ideology : with continuation lines. Pederasts were spread open their demand for sex with children . The newspaper sympathized with ” pedo groups,” among others, with the Nuremberg “Indian community ” . 1979 appeared in the ” taz ” , an article under the headline : ” victimless crime ” . Author Olaf Stüben announced: ” I ​​love boys” . Such was dealing with a crime that destroys children , torturing her soul , a lifetime does not let go .

    And the roots of the movement pädokriminellen :

    Their early adopted the so-called ” pedophilia ” movement in the sixties in the gay movement . The ” General homosexual working group” called for in the seventies that ” sex between adults and children ” would go unpunished . Then the Spontibewegung the subject took . Thus in 1977 the magazine to read ” beach paving “: ” If we see ourselves as people who fight against all oppression , then it is also true for pederasts . . . . We do violence to the children even if we do not respond to their sexual needs. ”

    From : “Children were part of his life ” , FAZ

    For more than ten years was known that the Odenwald boarding teachers have abused their students , writes the time in March 2010 , but was hushed up more successfully . ” Educators uninformed about prosecutors untraced , journalists reported . Why? ” .

    Yes , why only . Evt . because the pedophiles and gay lobby is well connected . And because the abuser of OSO are politically left- homosexuals, not members of the Catholic Church.

    [ 1] file system Odenwaldschule
    [2 ] The abused Republic – the Left and the sex with children
    [ 3] The pädokriminellen cliques
    [4 ] The Green Antje Vollmer learned of the abuse in 2002 at the Odenwald School – and did nothing. Volker Zastrow in the FAZ

  6. Matthew Chiglinsky

    It seems like homosexuals should be more prone to pedophilia than heterosexuals, since they don’t understand the real purpose of sexual reproduction and confuse vain sexual desire/pleasure with “love”.

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  8. clairethinker

    Why is anyone surprised about the gays and paedos being in together? It is just the same here in the UK and in America, in Italy and in fact all over the world. Look at Holland, Look at LGBT groups everywhere, Its the same.