Paedophile-friendly Judges vs Society?

Following Gojam’s recent posts on “Judge-mental”, I was struck by a link Martin posted. There has been much discussion lately about paedophile judges and paedophile-friendly judges. This is in response to widespread concern about paedophiles being freed or given ludicrous light sentences for offences most of us would consider to be heinous crimes. When we dare protest at this, we are dismissed as “online nutters”.  We are told how important it is for judges to be “independent”.  They are in possession of all the facts and we should leave sentencing to them!  Really?!  What about accountability to the public? But paedophile-friendly judges are nothing new. They have been doing this for decades.  It is not just the British public who have been expressing concern at the lenient treatment of these evil people.

The link Martin provided was to an article in the Sidney Morning Herald, dated July 1st 1983. Under the headline, “It’s British Justice, but is it just”?, we find the story of Judge David Tudor Price of the Old Bailey. Just a couple of months after presiding over the trial of Carol and Harry Kazir, Judge Price allowed a convicted paedophile to walk free.  He had been convicted of 300 (yes 300!) sexual offences against a 7 year old boy! He had 3 previous convictions for sexual offences against children.

So it has always been! Judges on the whole do seem NOT to consider such offences as serious – look at Ovenden, et al!!
On behalf of all us “online nutters” I say this has got to change. The horror and disgust of the overwhelming majority of the British people MUST be heard.

Maybe that great defender of children, Mr Kieth Vaz MP, chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, who said it was everyone’s duty to speak out against the abuse of children – Yes! – would be better concentrating the minds of his committee towards its duty as the law makers.  How about some recommendations for MANDATORY prison sentences for those convicted of CSA offences?  That is the only way most of us will be convinced that the law does treat these offences as serious and paedophile-friendly judges will no longer be able to abuse their power.

This week at the Old Bailey, Judge David Tudor Price let a man who admitted 300 charges of sexual molestation against a boy of seven go free, saying the prisoner had agreed to have medical treatment.  The man, a 34-year-old porter, had been convicted three times previously of sex offences against children, but had never received a sentence.

After the hearing, the boy’s father said: The judge must be cracked.  It’s him who wants medical treatment.  Or else the British system of justice is up the spout.

The Sydney Morning Herald 1st July 1983


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  1. Anyone wishing to supply us detailed files of corrupt judges/CAFCASS officers and their crimes against women and children for database inclusion via underground blacknet systems, are most welcome. For those needing immediate assistance, please check out the following organizations/movements: Parents Against INjustice (PAIN), (Families Need Mothers),,

  2. @chris64 thanks mate aftre me proving that ovenden was guilty as sin just recently (does the attorney general know about my new findings ?) not only that as you know i have come across exactly that – paedo friendly judges fact on their side as opposed to being utterly stupid …

  3. I have been saying this for over a year now, mandatory sentencing with even harsher sentence with recidivists, also i feel that any assets held by the perp should be sold to provide assistance to victims as the system we have is wholly inadequate. The right message needs to be sent as the message right now is that you can and will get away with it, until the fear of being incarcerated for a long proportion of your life outweighs the desire to offend then it will not only continue but it will grow and grow.

  4. nuggy

    oh youve reminded me of something there ill try and find the link agian

  5. Sam

    The obvious conclusion is that the majority of judges are either pedophiles or were once victims themselves; child abuse is rife in public schools, so it’s likely that a great many judges have repressed their own abuse stories and project sympathy onto pedophiles rather than face their own traumas.

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