Elm Guest House, Mary Moss Files – Clarification

I am sorry, in my efforts to try and clarify some of this for people, I seem to have sown confusion. Please accept my apologies, my head is so full of this stuff that it is sometimes difficult to remember what was written down and what is still in my memory.
There are only 3 of the documents that I wanted to put some context and clarification to. All the documents are here.  The rest are exactly as they are and I stand by what I wrote back then. These are the 3 documents and my reasons for comments:

Document 6. It was drawn to my attention that some people though it was a list of abusers. I only want to clarify absolutely that this is a list of VICTIMS that should never have been made public. They are victims!!

Document 103. This is a list of police officers who carried out the raid. It again was drawn to my attention that some people thought these names were involved in abuse at Grafton or EGH. They were NOT. See my previous post.

Documents 104/6. This is a list of names I scribbled down from the registers, whilst the person I was with was talking to Carol. This was the very first time we had acess to them. They were just names and include by the way, victims!  As you can see from later docs we did go on to identify many of the abusers and also the aliases that were used, not just for the Guest House but also the use of the “facilities”.

I hope this clarifies the position. I sought only to protect victims and eliminate innocent people! I stand totally by everything else. It is ONLY that last list I wanted people to be cautious of, everything else is okay.

Once again I appologise for any confusion caused.
chris fay

A compilation of press-cuttings on Elm Guest House and Richmond can be found here


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14 responses to “Elm Guest House, Mary Moss Files – Clarification

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  2. david lambert

    Elm house was affiliated to two other homes one of which was in Long Sutton lincs, this came under the jurisdiction of the west lynn care home at the time.
    previous to this it wasa large B&B where transvestites would go and live the week as women, many of them engaged in sexual activity with each other, the
    old lady who owned this is stil alive, and says jimmy saville was a regular visitor

  3. david lambert

    i was myself a rentboy for some years, not ina grand way like boy george but at public tiolets etc, just to pay my way, luckily i was accepted asa postman and got out of it, but i knew every bit of gossip in the homosexual arenas

    • john carey

      David Lambert I am glad that you took a different career path and became a postman – anything is better than walking the streets.

  4. Now that we know the names of the victims of the abuse isn’t it time we were told all the names of their abusers? Its about time MI5 was stopped from using their secrecy powers to cover up institutional child abuse, those secrecy powers are supposed to be for protecting the military secrets of this country, not covering up crimes political and military top brass have committed against vulnerable children.

  5. nuggy

    can i ask why you have waited so long to mention this fact chris.

    and did Mary moss know this when she put it on the internet i would hope she did not

    • chris46

      Hi mate. I did,nt. I always assumed people would realise these were victims names and treat that with respect. It is only in the last few days that I discovered that some people were treating their names as being abusers. That is not right, I wanted to set record straight. As to all this being published on line, it was NOT my doing!! But I have done my best since to protect victims and innocent people. What else would you want me to do?

    • gw

      imho he shouldn’t – it was fairly obvious. Gojam also wrote about this some months ago.

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