What Is ‘Evidence’ ?

Each ‘number’ represents a person who has given evidence to the police regarding abuse at Elm Guest House.

Evidence, not tittle tattle.

Although only 17 are listed, my understanding is that the total number of people is around 25.

Names have been redacted but I think it may be time to give you an idea of the scale of the evidence that the police have in regards to Elm Guest House, just in case they forget  how ‘evidence’ is defined in a dictionary.

1. Grafton Close

2. Grafton Close

3. In care Surrey CC, Rodney Road

4. In care Surrey CC, Rodney Road

5. Ward of court, Grafton Close

6. Grafton Close

7. Teddington Park

8. In care East Sussex CC

9. Grafton Close

10. Grafton Close

11. Grafton Close

12. In care of Richmond, 12 years old, foster home

13. Grafton Close

14. Details redacted

15. Details redacted

16. Details redacted

17. Grafton Close


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6 responses to “What Is ‘Evidence’ ?

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  2. Former Branch Officer Barnes & Richmond Branch (B10) of the GMB Trades Union

    The shooting season has been extended by a few weeks! there again if EGH does not figure on his charge sheet it will be rather convienient for the Met aka Fernbridge and their paymasters who were alerted to the Elm well after written whistleblowing went to Hilary Armstrong, David Blunkett, John Prescott, Councillors @ LBRuT, GMB Southern Region, Kingston CID, Richmond CID, the IPCC, Special Standards Directorate of the Met, the Heads of the GMB Trades Union, the Head of the Local Govt Ombudsman for London…and we kept all of the replies and receipts…tick tock. Lets hope there is plenty ammunition as this is going to be a Turkey Shoot!

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  4. Bishop Brightly

    Beginning to think that the Police are being well controlled.

  5. gw

    Thanks for this gojam – reassuring

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