The Big Hairy Distraction, The BHD

Make no mistake, Dave Lee Travis is an odious man but regardless of how much of a dickhead he is, no man deserves to be tarred with ‘Yewtree’ brush who has not abused children.

There are others too, Jim Davidson may be an unfunny arsehole but the allegations levelled against him were never to do with children, nor were the allegations  that his friend faced.

I’m not defending DLT, I know what kind of man he is, I know that he had no respect for women and it could be said that he abused his position. He was a typical 1970s man.

For a long time I’ve been worried that these people have been laid out on the media sacrificial alter, big names, cheap headlines and real child abusers, and I’m talking about the abuse of 9 and 10 year olds, are overlooked.

Let’s be clear, there have been no arrests in connection with the Elm Guest House, not one, and what happened there was far in excess of anything DLT and Jim Davidson were accused of.

The Stingemore, McSweeney charges and the Harry Kasir arrest are not connected to Elm Guest House.

There have been no arrests in connection to Elm Guest House, mark that fact and mark it well.


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  2. Anon

    Does this mean that MWT will make his Fernbridge documentary as he threatened to the Indy?

  3. nuggy

    if the evedence against these politicians is as strong as you say gojam and the cpswont do anything how about a private prosecution.

    • Sabre

      Doomed to failure unfortunately !
      Establishing a prima facie case before a district judge or a successful bill of indictment before a High Court Judge is a difficult enough task for counsel with evidence collected by the police and forensic analyses carried out by expert servants of the State.
      The police and the CPS are not obliged to disclose material to private prosecutors without an order of the court being served upon them.
      The CPS is however obliged to disclose material to the defendants should a case be committed for trial.
      The CPS has the right to take over private prosecutions either to proceed with the prosecution themselves or to discontinue it.
      The CPS informs The Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division ( spooks – this is where we came in remember?)
      The CPS will discontinue prosecutions if they judge that insufficient evidence exists, however, given sufficient evidence they will still discontinue on many grounds including vexatious prosecution, interference in the investigation or prosecution of other offences, defendant has already been cautioned, defendant has been granted immunity.
      Remember that it is rarely deemed to be in the Public Interest to prosecute
      Offences that the general public are interested in seeing prosecuted.

  4. Bishop Brightly

    All the names right here so that even the most stupid plod could join the dots.

    But then this is not about joining the dots, it is about protecting David Cameron, Nick Clegg, William Haig and Ken Clarke from their association with Sir Leon Brittan.

  5. scoobuss

    “I’m not defending DLT, I know what kind of man he is, I know that he had no respect for women and it could be said that he abused his position. He was a typical 1970s man.”

    What has having no respect for women got to do with anything? people should be allowed to decide who they should respect or not, I would say I have little respect for many women, but I am one person out of how many? The women I meet and sit with long enough are usually in authority and as detached from my and most other people’s suffering as virtually all successful people by any standards. I have liked women but you do not have to be a woman to be respected after all contempt begets contempt. I anyone expected me to respect them on face value then they can piss off. This post at least looks like someone it trying to sweeten up the women or maybe this sight is for women who want to feel they are more deserving of respect than men just because they are women. The person most deserving of respect is one self. If a person has no respect for others ask why don’t just label that person disrespectful because you could be part of the problem and maybe the cause.

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  7. nuggy

    your right supposed to be investigation in child abuse not sad old gits.

  8. gw

    a sinking feeling in my stomach when I read the last two paragraphs. Do you have any idea why? (assuming you are able to disclose?)

    • chess

      Harry Kasir, not Elm-connected? Re your last paragraph, why no arrests, I wonder? Ah, another whitewash.