Elm Guest House – “Mary Moss” files

In the interests of accuracy, and to protect the reputations of innocent people, I would like to set the record straight about certain things contained in the “Mary Moss” files placed online last year.

These were mostly handwritten notes made on a daily basis concerning NAYPIC’s investigation into complaints from young people in the care of Richmond of abuse at Grafton Close Children’s Home, and elsewhere, including the Elm Guest House in Barnes from 1977 to 1982.

Unfortunately, being just notes, they have no real context.  I will try to provide that.  Amongst the documents is a list of boys names. These are VICTIMS not abusers.  These were the names of young people who had complained to us, were strictly confidential and should never have been made public.  Due to the unfortunate circumstances around the police raid on Mary Moss’s home, these were released online.

Also included was a list compiled by me of all the people who had stayed at the guest house in 1981/82.  I know some people feel differently, but in the interest of fairness I will point out again, this is a list of guests NOT abusers. There is no evidence to support that – it was a preliminary list I compiled but I had not yet verified the identity of any alleged abusers.

Also, you may be aware of the claims made by both sides as to the nature of the raid on the guest house in 1982. The Kazirs, their legal team and supporters have always maintained the raid was carried out by Special Branch under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. However, the authorities, including the police have always maintained that the raid was carried out by local police in response to complaints by neighbours, under vice legislation.  The only hard evidence was a “notice to detained persons” Carol said was given to her by the police. This was backed up by her solicitor. I gave this notice to the Coroner at the Inquest into Carol’s death.

In trying to ascertain the truth, I carried out some extensive research for NAYPIC and managed to identify about 20 police officers who had taken part in the raid. My hope was to find a friendly one who would come for a quiet drink and I could ask him, or her, what they had been told about the reasons for the raid at the briefing.  Unfortunately, Carol died and as you can imagine no-one was willing to talk to us.

So in the documents is a list of police officers who carried out the raid.  There is no suggestion at all that any of these officers were involved in any way with anything that had gone on at EGH or Grafton. They were just ordinary, mostly decent coppers doing their job.  I hope this is clear.
The only two senior MPS officers who are alleged to have been involved at Elm are named in the documents.  These are Commander Richard Tresstrail then head of the royal protection unit and Paul Henry, a senior officer in Special Branch.

I hope this provides some context to the “Mary Moss” documents and clears up some of the misunderstandings around them. I do think it is important to make absolutely clear that many innocent people have been unwittingly caught up in this as well as guilty ones. I hope this clarifies things.
chris fay


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  4. ex-officer

    I hope the documents I have recently passed to the Needleblog will be posted online subject to the redaction of some peoples names and addresses. These letters and e-mails clearly show that the authorities had no intention of opening this can of worms – the papers from 1999 show that. The ‘authorities’? they range fron Downing Street to Specialised units in the Metropolitan Police Service. I would also remind ‘readers’ about comments made in front of witnesses about officers in the Police destroying files vital to Fernbridge and Fairbank. Fortunatley there are a lot of honest officers in the Met and the SS’s who have not destroyed file but have done the reverse.

    • Holly DeWinter

      Those documents sound important. Interesting that the Guardian today announced a partnership with the New York Times, though which they will continue to publish their stories concerning the Snowden files because of America’s strong freedom of speech protection. They’re saying Britain does not offer the same liberties, as evidenced by the recent events at the airport and the Guardian’s offices.

  5. discovery77

    I understand perhaps the need to clarify – I recall an earlier post by gojam I think saying as much more or less about context being important.
    However @bishop brightly, you do the icke forum an injustice calling them ‘rabid nuts’, we brought the docs on there to a much wider audience and we have always acted-or most of us have- with the best of intentions. Am quite affronted – there has been much wider, and wilder, erroneous speculation elsewhere.

    • @discovery i think we are all frustrated by it all really we are more orless on same side wanting justice for the victims and when you keep seeing celebs being nicked and not the VIP mob at EGH it gets irritating

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  7. Reblogged this on David Hencke and commented:
    This is another significant post from Chris Fay, who has campaigned tirelessly to bring sexual abusers of children to justice, about a document on Elm Guest House in Barnes which has led to fevered speculation on the internet about a cover up of prominent figures who could have sexually abused children there. What he is saying here is that the victims are genuine but do not automatically assume that all the adults who are alleged to have stayed there are abusers. This does not mean that on going investigations under Operation Fernbridge will not lead to further arrests.

  8. bobchewie

    @martin i presume you have the right people eg ages etc…??

  9. Bishop Brightly

    “People have been working 24/7 since mid-January assuming
    things were very different. ”

    Only because you jumped in link a bunch of rabid nuts on the Icke forum!

    Others begged for a sense of proportion considering they were purely notes, but you all chose to ignore it!

    The basic facts however remain.

    Politicians, Police and Judiciary are implicated in abuse at Elm Guest House.

    The owners were at the very least, tolerant of that abuse taking place.

    A company with several named directors ran the show.

    NONE of these people of interest have yet been pulled in for questioning.

    So putting everything else aside – there is a cover-up still going on.

    • bobchewie

      @bishop well said mate btw i have some stuff for you concerning the ‘gay couple’ you wrote about

    • chris46

      Well said mate!!! Thanks, You are absolutly right and I wish people would understand that!!

    • Taj


      Please get your facts straight.

      People willingly chipped in to help, giving whatever free time they had available. Most of these people are highly intelligent and articulate and not remotely “nuts”. Your opinion to the contrary is a foolish and personally biased judgement.

      “Considering they were purely notes” containing extremely explosive content.

      What we have here now is a rushed re-writing of history, a rapid back-peddling.

      The latest Needle post is a desperate attempt at damage limitation.

    • Sweetcheeks

      I hardly think it fair to state the Icke forum jumped in like a bunch of ‘rabid nuts’. We are not professionals, we did the best we could given the limited knowledge at the time. Many good people gave up their time, with the best intentions, to try and get these papers out. This is what we believed Mary Moss wanted, a time to end the cover-ups once and for all.
      We would never have intentionally named victims and for that we are sorry. However, our intentions were honourable and continue to be. We are all on the same team.

    • gw

      Agreed. To be honest I am suprised that this needed clarifying. It was apparent that there was a stark difference between Guests (eg a popstar) and Abusers (eg a cabinet minister) let alone abusers and victims.

  10. Holly DeWinter

    @chris46 Chris you must have some knowledge of how many ‘looked after’ children from Grafton and elsewhere were ferried to&fro Elm Guest House, however many times a day/week/month. I’d suggest there’s a pretty direct correllation between whatever number that is, and the number of Elm House visitors who were there to perform illegal abuse on them or just ‘enjoy’ witnessing it being performed. The number of victims and occurrances of abuse is bound to be significantly greater than the number of victims’ names on the list you compiled, for those boys were only the ones who complained to you at the time — it would not be outside the bounds of reason to suggest that list of victims could be only a tiny minority. They were the only ones who could contain their fear of terrible reprisals, make their complaint to you, and somehow escape before they were ‘disappeared’, ‘lost in the system’, or perhaps treated to one of the captain’s famous boating days-out. Each and every one of these victims’ abusers had names, and whether those names are famous or not, it’s in the public interest for the police to apprehend the owners of these names for questioning, and potentially charging, subjecting them to a fully public trial, and appropriate sentencing. Now. Not some time in the future after more of them live out their lives in uninterrupted freedom and comfort. Now.

    • chris46

      I could’nt agree more. We were well aware that the victims who came to us were only the tip of the iceberg. Also that although we had identified some of the abusers at EGH and aliases used by others, there were many we had’nt identified. Bear in mind often the only times NAYPIC got to meet young people was when they were “on the run”.I lost count of the number of times we were accused of “harbouring” and had the police turn up!!

      • Holly DeWinter

        Chris I appreciate your discomfort with seeing these names in your handwriting exposed to the wider world, and clearly it’s not ideal. But everyone with more than two working brain cells who saw that list realised those were victims’ names and gently set that page aside mentally. For me, it was like reading a list of names of victims of other outrageous scandals like Hillsborough or Costa Concordia or Bhopal or Deep South lynchings, or any number of other incidences that have been covered up again and again to close ranks on people/businesses/institutions who are evidently ‘preferred’. I won’t be the only person who saw that list of names of persons unknown to us and found themselves suddenly burning up, shaking with anger, and tearful, at the poignant realisation of the real, live, sensitive, vulnerable individuals targeted by the machinations of these disgusting horrible men and their psychopathic whimsies. The whole story was re-framed by the appearance of those names.

  11. bobchewie

    maybe some well known types just dropped for tea and cakes and nothing happened and its all a fuss about nothing at all and we should get on reading about x factor and benefit scroungers and how the economy is picking up rather well..

  12. bobchewie

    @chris can you clarify something..i now have yr updated list stuff..and on reading it doesnt suggest that there were just visitors and nothing else….far from it..am confused…..

  13. bobchewie

    @chris if you watch the documentary ‘the hunt for britains paedophiles’ operation doorknock (julian levine being one suspect) it showed that using anti terrorist police on raids was standard practice.

  14. TJ

    Well, after seven months, it’s good to have that cleared up then.
    People have been working 24/7 since mid-January assuming
    things were very different.

    Just being notes of no real context they are not got to be any use as evidence.

    Then we have lists of “guests NOT abusers”, many, who, nevertheless
    were noted as being “known and suspected abusers of children”, “the
    “names of men allegedly involved in the sexual use and abuse of boys from Grafton Close”, boys “systematically buggered by **** and other older boys”, and those involved in the manufacture and distribution of
    pornography and in providing a phone sex service. “Selected boys” were sent abroad on “holiday”. Finally, one punter who was a “regular guest at Elm Lodge, (was) into kids & had kiddie porn”. Not your average B&B clientele. Not by a long shot.

    To little too late. It’s rather like trying to close the stable door once the horse has bolted.

  15. nuggy

    im thinking there must be a policeman involved in this somehow and a fairly senior one,

  16. nuggy

    i think its a bit iffy that there was hardly anybody there when they raid took place somebody in the know must have tipped them off that the raid was going to happen.

    • chris46

      Yes, Gary Walker (Sinn Fein) tipped Carol off the day before the raid. That is why there were only 5 people there on day of raid, 2 of those undercover policemen!!

      • nuggy

        yes but how would he know who told him the only thing i can think of is one of the cops must of done.

  17. nuggy

    isn’t it true there under cover police officers there they should really know who was a guest and who wasn’t.

  18. Hi Chris,

    I’m very pleased that you’ve made this clarification.

    I only hope that readers take a careful note of what you’ve written.

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