I believe that it is on the 4th of September that John Stingemore and Tony McSweeney are due to be arraigned.

The press will be out in force but it will not be because they expect that there will be new revelations arising from this mundane judicial procedure.

Oh no…

It will because they expect victims to turn up. They will corner anyone  in the public gallery.

If you are a witness then I would sincerely suggest that you do not yield to temptation to look your abuser in the eye, watch him standing in the dock.

You will have future opportunities and if you value your anonymity  you’ll  keep clear of that lions den.

Friendly advice from someone on your side.



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3 responses to “Arraignment

  1. Kim Fuller

    Should the victims and witnesses be using the services of Witness Service, they should be able to access the side door of the courts, the victims and witnesses should have also, been given the opportunity by the Police Liaision team to have a screen placed before them whilst they are in the witness box and not be looked upon except by the Judge. If they have not, been advised, I strongly suggest to get this matter actioned now.
    The victims and witnesses should also have been given the opportunity to access the video room, and not access the court room itself.
    Further, should they have accessed the services of Witness Service, whether the victim or witness chooses to go in court or the video room and would like the witness support volunteer to be present, the witness support volunteer has to be seated away from the victim and or witness and not look at them.
    There may be a room available for victims and witnesses to wait, away from the public, this room should be secure and for court staff and witness service to access only.
    However, the main simple rule and tempted though they may be, they cannot discuss the trial when they are in this room.
    You dont know who could be standing/seated next to you. And the whole case could be thrown out.

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